Gabrielle Union shared a significant message about respecting’your kids precisely as they are,’ later Dwyane Wade disclosed that his kid is transgender.

Gabrielle Union, 47, needs you to”Meet Zaya.” That is exactly what the L.A.’s Finest celebrity wrote over a movie of her stepchild whom she shares with spouse Dwyane Wade, 38, about precisely the exact same afternoon that the retired NBA star affirmed that Zaya is transgender about the Feb. 11 incident of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Like her husband, Gabrielle was nothing but supportive today that Zaya, formerly named Zion, goes by she/her pronouns. “She is compassionate, loving, whip smart and we’re so proud of her,” Gabrielle wrote. “It is Ok to hear, respect & love your kids just as they are. Love and light excellent men and women.”

Zaya represented Gabrielle’s message regarding acceptance in the movie her stepmom shared with Instagram and Twitter. From the clip, Zaya is riding in a golf cart with her daddy, Dwyane, also provides a significant PSA. “Just be true to your self. What is the purpose of being on this ground if you are gonna attempt to become somebody you’re not? You are not living on your own….be accurate, but do not care about the way of being you’re,” Zaya declares.

That directed Dwyane to introduce this question: Is it worthwhile to be your self,”When people are being mean and even if people are getting hurt because they are attempting to become themselves? And even through this, you still want individuals to be certain they live their truth?” Zaya invited others in her position to stay strong.  “I know that it can be rough,” Zaya admits. “Definitely. However, I believe you push , and be the best you. Notably more lately; it has become more demanding. Though there’s still lots of individuals around who are mad… But I believe that even in challenging times, you simply gotta push .”

Gabrielle’s inspirational attitude represented Dwyane’s while he started about Zaya to Ellen DeGeneres. “Zaya, our 12-year old, arrived home — I do not know if everybody understands, initially called Zion; Zion, born as a boy — arrived home and said,’Hey, therefore I wish to speak to you men. I believe going forward, I am prepared to live my reality. And I need to be referenced as her and she. I would like for you guys to call me Zaya,'” Dwyane shown on Tuesday’s episode. The prior Miami Heat participant was nothing but respectful. “After Zaya came home and said,’Call me Zaya,’ and’I am prepared to undertake this,’ I looked at her and said,’You’re a pioneer. It is our chance to enable you to be a voice,'” he remembered.

Dwyane also included that he and Gabrielle”are proud parents of a young child from the LGBTQ+ community, and we’re proud allies too.” Gabrielle demonstrated that by observing alongside Zaya in the 2019 Miami Pride Festival (Dwyane could not attend because of work).

“We take our responsibility and roles as parents quite seriously,” Dwyane continued telling Ellen. “When our child comes home with a query, when our child comes home with a problem, when our child comes home with whatever, it is our job as parents to hear this, to provide them the very best information we could, the best responses we could And that does not alter because sexuality is currently involved with it.” Dwyane also contains two sons, Xavier, 6, and Zaire, 18, as well as his kid, one-year-old Kaavia, his first kid with Gabrielle.