BioWare’s futuristic Anthem struggled from the start. It had a complicated launch, and earned an unlucky popularity as a Future clone regardless of getting into manufacturing earlier than Bungie’s personal area shooter. 

These fumbles mirrored fairly harshly in Anthem‘s viewership numbers on Twitch. At first, tens of hundreds of players flocked to Anthem streams to see what all of the hubbub was about. After they found a mediocre and bug ridden providing that wasn’t anything like BioWare’s previous work, they bailed. The views ticked down from hundreds, to a whole bunch, to embarrassing double digits

There’s excellent news on the horizon for Anthem, nonetheless. BioWare introduced that it wish to attempt once more and actually make the sport one thing that followers will take pleasure in. There’s a huge overhaul underway that can be a lot larger than a mere replace or growth. Whenever Anthem 2.0 launches, it’s certain to draw some consideration on Twitch. Hopefully these viewers stick round this time.