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Watch Gandii Baat Web Series (Season 1, 2, 3 & 4) Cast, Episodes & Review




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With the lockdown of 21 days to battle the consistent spread of the novel coronavirus, people likely need some kind of entertainment in life. To be honest, we understand that. And, one of the best ways of passing time is by watching some web series. There are ample available on the internet, some free and some requiring subscriptions. If Gandii Baat has been the next one on your list that you have been meaning to watch, we would suggest that you take a quick look through this before watching it.

For your convenience, we are going to give you a brief rundown of every single episode of Gandii Baat season, tell you whether it is a worthy watch and even give you a glimpse at the star cast of the show. We will also show you how to download Gandii Baat web series with easy steps.

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Gandii Baat Web Series – Plot

If you don’t want your suspense or the story spoiled, we would suggest you skip to the review part that comes right after. We would not suggest you check this part out. But, if you want a logline of each episode and what it entails, read on further to find out.

Before anything, let us give a brief introduction to the series itself.

Gandii Baat is an adult web series with a tagline of “Urban Stories from Rural India”. The title of the series does translate to Dirty Talk and that is what they have tried to portray with each episode that you see in here.

The series has a total of four seasons at the moment, so let us take you through a quick rundown through all the available episodes and give you a brief intro about every single one of them. Know for a fact that every single episode brings you a new story, so nothing is repetitive or has a pivotal character. Every story has a different storyline and different characters but the one thing in common is that they are all based out of rural India.

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Gandii Baat Season 1

Gandii Baat Web Series Season 1 Episodes

  • Episode 1: Threesome
  • Episode 2: Tharki Buddha
  • Episode 3: Vasu Nag
  • Episode 4: Preeto Rani

Now, let’s dig into each episode of the Gandii Baat web series.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 1: Threesome

Gandii Baat Cast of Episode 1

  • Neetha Shetty as Gunja
  • Anant Vijay Joshi as Doodnath
  • Sonal Panvar as Roopa
  • Ashish as Almaari
  • Rohit Chaudhary as Naamvar

The first episode of the story entails a threesome plotline wherein Namvar finds his wife, Gunja sleeping with their neighbor. While he blasts out in anger in the beginning, he later relents and forces himself into a threesome later, joining the couple on the bed.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 2: Tharki Buddha

Gandii Baat Cast of Episode 2

  • Lovely Sharma as Kajari
  • Harsh Vardan as Raju
  • Rajesh Tripathi as Rajendra
  • Yamini Singh as Rekha
  • Naveen Pandita as Pradeep

Translating to “Pervent Uncle”, the story narrates the tale of Rajendra, who finds deep pleasure, convenience and comfort with the use of technology. His behavior does impact the life of his wife, son and even daughter in law in the long run.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 3: Vasu Nag

Gandii Baat Cast of Episode 3

  • Mrinalini Tyagi as Chakor
  • Kirti Choudhary as Rimjhim
  • Ripraj Chauhan as Jeeva
  • Deepika H Khanna as Imli
  • Saurabh Singhal as Rakesh
  • Anshuman Puskar as Nagnath
  • Kalyani C Chaitanya as Dhaani
  • Ashok Yadav as Hori
  • Nirban Goswani as Resham Singh
  • Sourav Bansal as Shiva

As weird as the plotline of this episode might sound like, it deals with the lack of satisfaction in the women’s lives in the village from their partners. Someone, the incidence of a mysterious snake fills up the void, claiming better dominance on the lives of the women.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 4: Preeto Rani

Gandii Baat Cast of Episode 4

  • Narayani Shastri as Preeto
  • Vijay Chandrna as Lucky
  • Rudra Kaushik as Chandiram
  • Vaibhav Shah as Gogi
  • Gourav Kumar as Suraj
  • Meenakshi as Soni
  • Bachan Pachera as Balli

It might come off as a lot progressive but this episode can be a bit disturbing to watch. Narrating the story of Preeto, she is a woman who not just rules and dominates her household but also the men around her. Alarmed by her dominance, charm, and position, her son-in-law, Gogi tries to challenge her but fails irrevocably when he tries to claim her womanhood.

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Gandii Baat Season 2

Now, let’s dig into Gandii Baat 2. We have presented Gandii Baat 2 cast, episodes and reviewed complete web series. We have also included how to download Gandii Baat 2 at the end.

Gandii Baat Web Series Season 2 Episodes

  • Episode 1: Bi-S**ual
  • Episode 2: Jadui Mahal
  • Episode 3: Gibraltar
  • Episode 4: Love s33 and betrayal
  • Episode 5: Gudiya Rani

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 1: Bai S**ual

Gandii Baat 2 Cast of Episode 1

  • Anveshi Jain as Neeta
  • Flora Saini as Sajeeli
  • Aman Maheshwari as Vaibhav
  • Rahul Jaittly as Sagar

The story revolves around Neeta, who is devastated when she finds out about her husband’s involvement with Sajeeli. But, things do take a turn for even worse in the story when Sajeeli makes an impossible stake for Vaibhav to fulfill.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 2: Jadui Mahal

Gandii Baat 2 Cast od Episode 2

  • Sonam Arora as Roop
  • Maarisha K as Laachi
  • Vinod Thirani as Laal Chand
  • Coral Bhamra as Sapna
  • Sikandar Chohan as Sarpanch

Next up on the list of the episodes in the second season is the Jadui Mahal which is a mysterious fort in a village that no one dares to go inside. Taking upon the challenge, the village sarpanch decides to enter the fort and things change completely after that.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 3: Gibraltar

Gandii Baat 2 Cast of Episode 3

  • Pradeep Duhan as Bhushan
  • Leena Acharya as Mohini
  • Agni Pawar as Maahi
  • Nazneen Patni as Seema
  • Manish Nawani as Mahesh

The story tells you about the desperation of Bhushan who badly wants to get married to Seema. She is somewhat intimidated by her fiance’s personality. Unable to take the constant pressure, she decides to take things in her hands and teach him a lesson for life.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 4: Love S** And Betrayal

Gandii Baat 2 Cast of Episode 4

  • Abhishek Gupta as Dugga
  • Fahman Khan as Soma
  • Tripti Agarwal as Ojha Maai
  • Navneet Kaur as Sachi
  • Ruby Bharaj as Heera
  • Anil Bhagwat as Sukhiya
  • Shiv Kumar Sharma as Yatin

Next up is a story that narrates the life of Dugga, Sachi, Heera, and Soma, who take on life challenges and learn to distinguish between love and lust through some of the age-old traditions. It does have everything you need in one episode.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 5: Gudiya Rani

Gandii Baat 2 Cast of Episode 5

  • Vikas Verma as Kishan Singh Sandhu
  • Alpa Joshi as sukhi
  • Pari Goswami as Baani
  • Raakeshh Dubey as Avtaar
  • Naina Chhabra as Raashi
  • Sakshi sharma as Suneeta
  • Jayshree Bhalse as Pammi
  • Charu Srivastava as Champa
  • Virendra Singh as Randheer

The last episode of Season 2 narrates the story of a truck driver, Kishan Chand. Waking up after being unconscious, Kishan finds himself in a very weird room, unable to escape and only then does he realize that he has been kidnapped and married.

Gandii Baat Season 3

Now, we will talk about the Gandii Baat season 3. Its episodes and complete Gandii Baat 3 Cast (episode wise) for your convenience. Below is the Gandii Baat 3’s poster, have a look at it.

Gandii Baat Web Series Season 3 Episodes

  • Episode 1: Rajkumar
  • Episode 2: Harpreet Weds Harpreet
  • Episode 3: Sonam Le Li
  • Episode 4: Honeymoon On Wheels

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 1: Rajkumar


Gandii Baat Season 3 Cast of Episode 1

  • Jatin Bhatia as Lakhan
  • Neetu Wadhwa as Ramya
  • Bhavna Karekar as Kamal
  • Gautam Saugat as Old Man
  • Zafar Warsi as Pagal
  • Ranveer Pratap Singh as Deewana
  • Pallavi Mukherjee as Bicchi
  • Ankit Kumar Gupta as Awara
  • Pankaj Kansara as Village Boy
  • Stan as Angrez

It is hard to give a logline for this episode but it does include a host or a family of boat drivers who have a very weird relationship with not just the villages but the boat too.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 2: Harpreet Weds Harpreet

Gandii Baat Season 3 Cast of Episode 2

  • Lalit Bisht as Joginder
  • S.p.s Sandhu as Manpreet 1 Dad
  • Raman Dhagga as Harpreet 2 Dad
  • Rajinder Rozy as Harpreet 2 Mom
  • Sunny Sachdeva as Jaspreet
  • Sheeva Rana as Harpreet
  • Shiny Dixit as Harpreet 2
  • Bhawsheel Sanni as Puppy
  • Mridula Mahajan as Lajjo
  • Aabha Paul as Mami Ji
  • Farnaish Kaur as Manjeet

If you want to watch an episode that leaves your mind boggled, this is the one. This episode tells the story of Joginder who comes back home from Canada to attend his friend’s brother’s wedding. His name is Harpreet and he is getting married to a girl named Harpreet. The twist in the story comes when Joginder finds himself amid a few strange encounters with a woman named Harpreet.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 3: Sonam Le Li

Gandii Baat Season 3 Cast of Episode 3

  • Rushali Arora as Sumitra
  • Yajuvendra Singh as Netaji
  • Aasma Syed as Sonam
  • Tarun Dudeja as Vishal
  • Prashant Kumar as Pa Of Netaji
  • Sujail Khan as Tt
  • Akshay Kumar as Customer 426
  • Ajay Raman as Customer 427
  • Paras Randhawa as Sumitra’s Customer
  • Jay Kumar as Rohan
  • Akhil Vaidya as Station Master
  • Yogi Raj as Kasai
  • Anurag Mishra as Police Inspector
  • Uddhav Dharap as Announcer

The third episode of Season 3 is a very controversial one. It deals with a politician’s relationship with a prostitute named Sonam. Eventually, when the rat gets out of the bag, it creates chaos in the life of the politician’s family, causing a mishap on a train journey.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 4: Honeymoon On Wheels

Gandii Baat Season 3 Cast of Episode 4

  • Priom Gujjar as Sajan
  • Shikha Thakur as S**y
  • Zeeshan Khan as Love
  • Rishikesh Ingle as Vaibhav
  • Rohit Sharma as Bajrang
  • Romit Baweja as Deepak
  • Akansha Sharma as Sajani
  • Gehana Vasishth as Swati
  • Arjun Khurana as Vimal
  • Nehal Valodiya as Vimla
  • Kunwar Vikram Soni as Neeraj
  • Palak Singh as Laxmi

This is an episode that brings you chills and suspense because the story includes newly married couples boarding a bus for their honeymoon to a village that is supposedly haunted. There are also tales that buses vanish on the route on a certain day during the journey.

Gandii Baat Season 4

Now, we will talk about the most recent and last released season of Gandii Baat web series. We will talk about total episodes, Cast of each episode and in the end, we have mentioned how to download the Gandii Baat web series.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episodes

  • Episode 1: Betaab Dil ki Tamanna
  • Episode 2: Woh Saat Din
  • Episode 3: Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi Jisme Tum Chuna Laga Do
  • Episode 4: Pati Mera
  • Episode 5: Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 1: Betaab Dil ki Tamanna

Gandii Baat Season 4 Cast of Episode 1

  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Amar
  • Ashish Dixit as Prem
  • Saba Saudagar as Kanchan
  • Megha Prasad as Suman
  • Rohit Kumar as Brijesh

This is one of those episodes that don’t require a logline as you need to watch it to see it. Any mention of the plot will give away the climax, which is not something we want with our readers.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 2: Woh Saat Din

Gandii Baat Season 4 Cast of Episode 2

  • Yash Choudhury as Basant
  • Edin Rose as Vasudha
  • Nishikant Dixit as Mahipal
  • Puja Jha as Taara
  • Jay GB Patel as Ashok
  • Gunjan as Seema

The episode is a very different one than the normal in the sense that it has a different kind of storyline. According to folklore, it is said that a woman cursed a village in which men and women have to reverse their roles for seven days in a month. Two men who marry the local women in the village don’t want to follow the rules.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 3: Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi Jisme Tum Chuna Laga Do

Gandii Baat Season 4 Cast of Episode 3

  • Rishabh Shukla as Jayant
  • Garima Jain as Kamlesh
  • Ibra Khan as Megha
  • Arsh Merchant as Kamlesh’s Husband
  • Shashwant Jain as Nandu

As big as the title of the episode is, this is quite an eventful one. The episode narrates the story of a stand-up comedian named Jayant who despises his wife. Jayant, who wants to buy an almirah, meets Kamlesh, both of them becoming friends and then lovers. Upon buying and opening the almirah, Jayant finds the corpse of Kamlesh’s husband and she later reveals that she murdered her husband.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 4: Pati Mera

Gandii Baat Season 4 Cast of Episode 4

  • Salman Shaikh as Birju
  • Urmimala Sinha Roy as Priya
  • Jolly Bhatia as Rukhi
  • Vikranth Thakry as Mohan
  • Puneeth Dehran as Suresh
  • Kuldeep Singh as Guddu

The episode introduces a group of beautiful women from the city who visit an agrotourism spot. While the unemployed men in the village are drawn to these women, their wives have a whole different gameplan in their heads to earn money.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 5: Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

Gandii Baat Season 4 Cast of Episode 5

  • Mridula Mahajan as Kusuma
  • Aditya Singh Rajput as Savan
  • Sneha Mishra as Roopa
  • Rohit Mishra as Raghu
  • Sanjana Padke as Sheela
  • Liza Sing as Shilpa
  • Sharwani Goswami as Alka

The last episode of the show depicts the story of Kusuma who takes immense interest in s33uality but finds intercourse terrifying. Soon she meets a group of her lusty friends and finds ways to overcome her roadblocks and fears surrounding the same.

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Gandii Baat Web Series Review & Our Opinions

Now that we have the whole plot of the show out of the way, it is time that we do discuss the reality of how good or bad the series is. Well, if you are tired of watching those daily soaps and repetitive plotlines that Ekta Kapoor has fed you year and year, you will likely watch that over this one.

We are not saying every episode is bad but the majority of them are. There is nothing wrong with adult web series and healthy portrayal of s33 and fantasies but things are not like that with this one though. The entire show has mechanized s33 sounds that make you feel like biology doesn’t exist and don’t even get us started on the level of s33ist jokes that this show has. The worst part of this series that does make you want to click the back button is the obvious demeaning of the certain class of people, depicting things in a way that is not just stereotypically wrong but criminal like.

The series will make you laugh through throughout but not because of the plot or the dialogues but the kind of hideousness it packs in. The entire plot is extremely crude, uncordial and dehumanizing to a point that you can’t even describe.

How To Download Gandii Baat Web Series All Seasons?

Step 1) To download the Gandii Baat web series, the first thing to do is to download the ZEE5 or ALT Balaji app. To do so, go to the Play Store and install any one of these apps.

Step 2) Now, after successful download, open application and Register or Login to your account.

Step 3) After login, the homepage will open and you can find out it in the categories. If you can’t find it there, simply make use of the “Search” option and type “Gandii Baat” and hit enter.

Step 4) After the result, choose Season 1 and tap on episode 1. You can binge-watching right there or else you can download offline to watch it later.

Note: People use another method to download the Gandii Baat web series using piracy websites like OkPunjab, MoviesDa, Movie4me and more. We do not suggest this method as it’s a crime and is illegal to do so. If you want to enjoy, purchase the subscription and chill.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gandii Baat Web Series Download & Streaming Availability

1. Where can I watch the Gandii Baat series?

Gandii Baat web series all seasons are available to watch or download on ALT Balaji and ZEE platform. You can get started with SE01 – E01 right away.

2. Is Gandii Baat series a worthy watch?

If you want to spend your quarantine days sane, we wouldn’t suggest you watch Gandii Baat at all. If you have a lot of spare time and don’t care much about your sanity, sure, go ahead, be our guest but we actively wouldn’t suggest that you watch it.

3. How to download Gandii Baat web series?

In order to download Gandii Baat web series (all seasons), one needs to follow the guidelines mentioned in the article. After following it, you can watch it offline on your device.

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Disclaimer (Important)

Information shared here aims to make people aware of movie piracy. We do not support any activity related to pirated content. Sharing pirated content and watching it is a crime and clearly against the law. Users should always prefer to watch movies from official sources and theatres. We are just providing valuable information about the Moviezwap website. Also, downloading and surfing on any such notorious sites, various kinds of viruses, as well as malware, can infect the device.


Web Series

Paatal Lok Web Series Download Offline on App or Watch Online: Review, Cast & Plot




Paatal Lok Download for Free

Paatal Lok is a newly launched Amazon Prime web series. This is the creation of Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Filmz. This also happens to be her very first digital series production. The show was dropped on 15th May 2020 on Amazon Prime.

This investigative thriller is inspired by the ancient concept of Swarg, Dharti, and Paatal Lok. This series is all about corruption and other evil forces existing in society.

Paatal Lok is a series that highlights the bad aspects of humanity. The series is filled with adventure, drama, and mystery. The show takes you on a ride to explore the dark world of immortality.

It’s not even a day and the show has already received a lot of positive reviews and that too from top directors like Anurag Kashyap and others, who are all gaga over the show.

This is the first-ever web series of Anushka Sharma as a producer. It is written and directed by one and only Sudip Sharma. This is an Amazon Prime original and therefore, the show is currently on the platform. We will be sharing the Paatal Lok web series download & streaming availability.

Paatal Lok Plot Details

  • Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Directors: Avinash Arun & Prosit Roy
  • Number of Episodes: 9
  • Availability: Amazon Prime Video
  • Writers: Sudip Sharma, Sagar Haveli, Hardik Mehta & Gunjit Chopra
  • Release Date: 15th May 2020

Amazon Prime Video’s Paatal Lok Cast

The cast of Paatal Lok is the main element of the series. In this new series, you will get to see many of the known faces from the industry. Before you start watching the show, here is a quick rundown of all the familiar faces, starring in the show.

  • Jaideep Ahlawat as Hathi Ram Chaudhary

Jaideep Ahlawat as Hathiram

  • Gul Panag as Renu

Gul Panag as Renu

  • Neeraj Kabi as Journalist Sanjeev Mehra

Neeraj Kabi in Paatal Lok

  • Abhishek Banerjee as Vishal Tyagi

Abhishek Banerjee in Paatal Lok

  • Ishwak Singh as Imran Ansari

Ishwak Singh as Imran Ansari

  • Swastika Mukherjee as Dolly

Swastika Mukherjee in Paatal Lok

  • Jagjeet Sandhu as Tope Singh

Jagjeet Sandhu Paatal Lok

Pataal Lok was released on 15th May on Amazon Prime. The entire cast of the series is filled with ace actors. Seeing the cast of the show, you can expect the show to be a great hit.

Amazon Prime’s Paatal Lok Plot Details

Paatal Lok is one of the best crime thriller series that is released recently. The story focuses on a cop Hathi Ram. He gets the case of his life when CBI gets hold of 4 suspects who attempted to kill a prime time journalist. The suspects are handed over to the local police station where the case is investigated further.

Slowly, the series unfolds, and some unexpected details surface.

Paatal Lok Download

In the first episode, Hati Ram introduces Ansari, his junior to all the three Loks and their distinctions. He starts to co-relate these Loks with the existing class system in the country. He tells him that the Swarg Lok symbolizes the elite and rich people where any crime did can be subsided easily.

Then comes the Dharti Lok which symbolizes the middle-class people who get to live a comfortable life. But there are times when they are troubles by the criminals of the Paatal Lok. In the end, comes Paatal Lok which is a place that is hated by everybody. No one wants to live there. Here even the smallest of the crimes are reported and punishment is given. This lok represents the most deprived class of society, the poor people.

Pataal Lok Review

Paatal Lok comes with a completely different story and concept. It is not like your regular web series. This show was made to match the standards of Scared Games. After seeing the first episode of the series, it can be said that this one of the best crime thrillers ever made.

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Paatal Lok Review: Is It Really Best Crime Thriller?

This one of the best web series released on Amazon. There are minute details to note in every frame of the series. Missing them out can be a great loss for you.

This is an 18+ series because of the sexual violence and abusive language scenes. The series focuses on the dark side of the law and also establishes a strong relationship between politics, media, and crime.

There is a very minimal conversation between the characters. But their expressions and body language are enough to create the magic.

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Paatal Lok Web Series Download or Stream Availability

Paatal Lok is an Amazon Prime original which means the show will be available to stream on the platform. The first season and all episodes are streaming now on Amazon.

Here’s how to download Paatal Lok web series for free:

Step 1) Download the Prime Video app on your device or simply visit the Prime Video website.

Step 2) You can see “Start your 30-day free trial” banner, tap on it.

Step 3) Use any free app like Pockets by ICICI to get VCC.

Step 4) Complete your payment of $0 and get your one-month free account.

Step 5) Login with your credentials and binge-watch Pataal Lok and many more series.

Hopefully, these steps will help you download Paatal Lok or stream it online.

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FAQs on Paatal Lok Web Series Download or Stream

1. Is Paatal Lok web series worth watching?

Since its trailer, many predicted this show to be the best thriller in 2020 so far. And this got correct. The series is admired by almost all viewers and got solid reviews by celebs like Anurag Kashyap, Bhuvan Bam too.

2. Where can I watch Paatal Lok web series online for free?

The series is officially launched and aired by Amazon Prime Video. If you want to stream or download Paatal Lok web series for free, you can signup for a free trial of Prime Video and binge-watch it.

3. Is Paatal Lok web series download process easy?

Yes, it is easy to download Paatal Lok web series that got released on the Prime Video platform on the 15th of May. To download or stream online for free, check out this article.

4. How many episodes are there in season 1?

The first season of Paatal Lok has 9 episodes. There are no official details about its upcoming season out yet. We will update this article whenever the details would arrive.

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Wrapping It Up

The first-ever series by Anushka Sharma is expected to break records. The show has already received a great response from the audience as well as from the other ace directors. Please note that all the details including Paatal Lok download availability are only for educational purposes. We at BingePost do not promote Piracy. Always prefer official OTT platforms to stream or download your favorite web series.

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Web Series

ZEE5 Web Series Download or Watch Online in 2020




ZEE5 Web Series List

Web series and OTT platforms are gaining rapid popularity quite quickly. If you are one who does like the short-lived series instead of the long-form daily soaps, Zee5 is an amazing platform that has sorted that out for you. With so many already available options of the web series platforms online, finding a “desi” one with the best Hindi web series can be a bit difficult.

But, Zee5 has ensured to cater to you with some of the world-class series available without any hassle at all. The best thing about this platform is the versatility of the shows. It is not just the boring family dramas but you have several other variants like thriller, comedy and even romantic ones. In this post, we have shared the Zee5 web series list to download or watch online.

Best Zee5 Originals Download or Watch Online List

If you have been confused with so many options, don’t worry, we have sorted out a few for you to take a look into.

1. Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone

If there is one show that made Zee5 popular and so watched, it is Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone. Just like the name of the show suggests, it entails the story of the adult entertainer cum Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and her journey through life.

While people did have a very wrong misconception about Sunny because of her choice of work, this web series breaks down all her walls and wipes out the taboo surrounding her name. If you have been meaning to watch a biopic inspired web series, we would suggest this one.

The first season of the series premiered in April 2019 and has since then been loved by the audience widely without any sort of judgments.

2. Sone Bhi Do Yaaron

Sone Bhi Do Yaaron

As crude as the theme of the series, it entails a real story. It talks about the constant struggles that people face because of the stressful corporate life that they lead. The story revolves around the character of Naveen who is sleep deprived because of his work and the interviews that he has been giving.

Tired, when he reaches home to finally get some sleep and rest, he finds his uncle in his house, sleeping sound, snoring to his heart’s desire. It has a very simple yet relatable script and storyline that you will love watching.

It doesn’t have a lot of elements to its story but for the most part, it does get you sorted for the weekend if you want to watch something fresh and simple. The show casts Naveen Kasturia, Bharat Thakkar, Druma Mehta, Chandrika Rajan, Pranav Ojha in the lead roles, and is available in multiple languages.

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3. Kaafir


For the Dia Mirza fans out there who have been looking to see her back on the screens, Kaafir is an amazing option for you to look into. The story narrates the life of a Pakistani woman who is locked up in the Indian jail due to several circumstances. This is the story of Kainaaz Akhatar.

During her time in the jail, she meets journalist and lawyer Vedant Rathod. He takes it to him to send Kainaaz and her jail born daughter back to their home safety without any consequences. The story takes you through a journey of that.

The show stars Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina in the lead roles.

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4. Rangbaaz


Yet another biopic inspired web series on Zee5 that has gained a lot of popularity is Rangbaaz. The show is based on the life of Shri Prakash Shukla who is one of the most wanted criminals in Uttar Pradesh.

The story takes you on a journey to show how a DDU student is the second most wanted criminal in the state and what goes behind the scenes to make people change like that.

The best thing about this story that steals the show is the narration that you will love. It has a very good flow to the story and the production is amazing as well. It stars Saqib Saleem, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Ranvir Shorey, Aahana Kumra, Ravi Kishan, Arun Kalra, and Chandan Anand in the lead roles and has a total of 9 episodes and 1 season as of now.

Latest: Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date, Star Cast & Plot Details

5. The Final Call

The Final Call

For the individuals out there who have been meaning to take a look into some of the best thriller series out there, The Final Call is one of the best options that you can come across. The story of the series is inspired by the famous novel I Will Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime written by Priya Kumar.

The story narrates the fate of the passengers onboard a flight from Mumbai to Sydney when the main pilot decides to commit suicide on the flight itself.

The show does bring about a lot of twists and turns that you would love watching without fail. Make sure that you do have your time sorted because you will want to finish it in one go. It has 8 episodes in total and stars Arjun Rampal, Neeraj Kabi, Sakshi Tanwar in the lead roles.

6. Kaali


Finding a web series that leaves you with a cliff hanger in every episode can sound too farfetched but Kaali is just that. The story narrates the life of a mom who has just one night to save her son. The story takes you through a roller coaster ride through the underbelly of Kolkata.

It talks about the feelings of hurt, despair and a mother’s desperation to save the only child. It is a very fast-paced thriller, which is one of the primary factors people were hooked to it from the get-go. To save her son, she gets into things and does things she never thought she would.

Apart from the acting from the main characters like Paoli Dam, the direction of this series by Parambrata Chattopadhyay will leave you shocked with the twists and turns that come along the way.

7. Khaar


For the Indian history buffs out there, Khaar narrates the story of the infamous Dandi March. The entire series has been narrated by Annu Kapoor and is one of the most popular shows on this platform.

This documentary presents all the facts and the ideologies behind the Dandi march that the majority of the people didn’t even know about. It narrates the struggle to freedom and the kind of process that went into making it possible.

If you like Indian history, this might intrigue your thoughts.

8. Ishq Aaj Kal

Ishq Aaj Kal

Next up on the list of the best Zee5 shows has to be Ishq Aaj Kal. The story of this show doesn’t imbibe in a lot of difference to its original Ishq Subhaan Allah and is an extension of that.

It is a very lighthearted romantic drama series that you can add to your weekend watching list. Make sure that you do have the necessities sorted out with it because that again is quite important to take a look through.

9. Kallachirippu


Zee5 is not just known for its Hindi web series but also for a few regional language ones, Kallachirippu being one of them. This Tamil thriller web series has gained a lot of popularity because of the amazing plotline and narration it has.

The show brings you a combination of every possible topic surrounding sex, homosexuality, patriarchy, abortion, unhappy marriages, and a lot more. It touches a lot of subjects in each episode that you will love to unfold.

Amrutha Srinivasan does her job amazing and as the world translates too, one shouldn’t be fooled by the Kallachirippu or the deceptive smile.

10. Broken but Beautiful

Broken but Beautiful

Yet another amazing and quite popular show that you can watch on Zee5 is Broken But Beautiful. The story revolves around the life of Veer and Sameera who find themselves in a constant round of love, heartbreaks, and betrayals.

The series narrates the power of true love and the kind of impacts that go into making things happen around. The show was created by Ekta Kapoor for her own streaming platform AltBalaji but was then collaborated with Zee5 after the immense popularity.

The show stars Vikrant Massey, Harleen Sethi in the lead roles and has 21 episodes that you can binge-watch.

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11. Code M

Code M

Next on the list is Code M which narrates the life of a military lawyer, Monica Mehra who finds herself roped into a conspiracy plot during one of her case investigations in the military.

The series takes you on a journey of unraveling the truths and secrets hidden behind the case and how the same leaves behind shocks in the Indian army. This suspense-filled series will leave you on the edge of your seat until you are done with it.

The series stars Jennifer Winget in the lead role.

12. Abhay


Yet another popular Zee5 series that is an absolute must-watch for you is Abhay. The show narrates the true events that took place in the Northern part of India in 2006 surrounding the mass murders and cannibalism reports that were reported in Noida.

Abhay, played by Kunal Khemu is set on finding the murderer behind the case all the while trying to keep his personal life balanced. This series is an amazing way to get to know more about what happened back in 2006 and the horror that entails it.

13. Badnaam Gali

Badnaam Gali

Badnaam Gali is a story about pregnancy and surrogacy and is something that packs in a very vibrant Delhi set up with it. The plotline is not very riveting but the acting and the overall production make up for it and make it a worthy watch.

The show casts Patralekhaa and Divyenndu Sharma in the lead roles.

14. What’s Up Vellakari

What’s Up Vellakari

Yet another popular Tamil series on Zee5 is What’s Up Vellakar. This is a very light-hearted comedy show that packs in the humor and the family drama. The story revolves around the life of a couple and their ultra-modern maid.

The show takes you on a journey to finding the possible future that people would likely have with their maids are given the kind of development that is happening around. The series has a very good approach to things, which you will come to love.

15. Zero KMs

Zero KMs

Zero Kms packs in every element of drama, thrill, and suspense that you would possibly need in your life. The series leaves you sweating and on the edge of the seat, wanting to know what happens next because of how good the storyline is.

The story revolves around the life of Arjun who is out to solve his brother’s murder case and comes across a human trafficking racket. Arjun finds himself posed as a criminal when he didn’t even do anything. The show takes you on a roller coaster ride.

It stars Naseeruddin Shah, Tanmay Dhanania in the lead roles.

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16. The Sholay Girl

The Sholay Girl

While Sholay does leave behind a lasting imprint on everyone’s mind, Sholay Girl is a show that you would love to watch if you liked the character of Basanti in it.

It makes you take a walk down the Bollywood memory lane, letting you commemorate things the way they were. It doesn’t have a very strong plot but it is a good watch when you are bored on the weekends.

17. Utsaha Itihasam

Utsaha Itihasam

Next up on the list of the best Malayalam web series on Zee5 is Utsaha Itihasam. The story revolves around two characters, Kristo Kurishuparambil who is a filmmaker and Nitin Rajendran who is a software employee. They have been friends since school and find themselves in bizarre situations that they possibly didn’t think of.

The show is one of the most-watched shows on Zee5 that has garnered an international view too.

18. The Chargesheet-Innocent Or Guilty

The Chargesheet-Innocent Or Guilty

If you like crime drama shows, The Chargesheet-Innocent Or Guilty is one of the best options that you can watch on Zee5.

The show narrates the journey of a CBI officer who sets out on a journey to find the truth behind the murder of the federal tennis champion. The entire story has been well narrated, articulated and performed. If you want to watch a show that is worth the while, this is hands down the one.

The thrill till the end and the climax of the show will leave you shocked and not even realizing that this is what happens in the end.

19. State Of Siege 26/11

State Of Siege 26/11

While we have seen a lot of reproduction of the events of 26/11, the State Of Siege 26/11 tells you the story from the perspective of the NSG. The narrative takes you through the story of Ajmal Kasab and the kind of mindset he has had throughout.

The show, as many people say, is an eye-opener that lets you understand the turn of events on 26/11 a lot better. If you have been inquisitive to know more about it, we would suggest that you watch it.

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20. Virgin Bhaskar

Virgin Bhasskar

For the ones on the lookout for a lighthearted comedy, Virgin Bhaskar is a good one. The story revolves around the life of Bhaskar, who has a whole lot of weird sex fantasies and is a porn novelist by profession.

Bhaskar is in love with Vidhi but is unable to take things to the next level because of several reasons that you would only come to know once you start watching it.

The dialogues and the overall production of the show are quite amazing, so you can rely on the fact that you wouldn’t regret watching it at all.

FAQs Regarding Zee5 Web Series Download Availability

1) What are some of the best Indian Web Series on Zee5?

We’ve listed the best 20 Zee5 Web Series. You can go through the article to find them out. However, if you are looking for some quick suggestions, Karenjit Kaur 9The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone), Sone Bhi Do Yaaron, Rangbaaz, Badnaam Gali, etc entertainment and fun-based shows.

2) How to watch web series on Zee5?

If you’re looking to watch web series on Zee5, all you have to do quickly download Zee5 Official app on your phone or go to its official website.

3) How to download Zee5 videos?

To download Zee5 videos, one needs to download the Videoder app. Copy the link of the ZEE5 video that you wish to download and open the Videoder app. In the top URL bar, paste copied the link and go. It will appear different resolution options like 480p, 720p and 1080p. Choose as you wish and hit the download button.

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Zee5 Web Series Download Process

Step 1) In order to download Zee5 web series, you need to first download its app on your phone. So go to the Play Store if you own an Android device or App Store for iPhone.

Step 2) Once you find the app, download and install it on your smartphone.

Step 3) Now, open the app and sign up if you haven’t already. You must also have the OTT subscription.

Step 4) Once that is done, browse through the home page and select the web series you want to watch or download. If you can’t find it on the homepage, use the search bar.

Step 5) Now to download the Zee5 Web Series, click on the download button on any show episode.


Zee5 is a very underrated OTT platform in India that does bring along several options for you to look at. There are several web series available that you would love watching without any complaints and we have sorted out some of the best ones for you to take a look through.

Disclaimer (Important)

Sharing pirated content and piracy of the authentic content is a punishable offense and act of crime. We stand firmly against theft. Zee5 originals and other information provided in this article are bare to people aware of the mandatory details. In any way, we don’t encourage immoral acts and piracy. It is our request to the users to avoid using websites to download Zee5 web series from pirated sites. Use proper and premium platforms for Hotstar series download or stream.

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Web Series

Alt Balaji Web Series Download Offline on App or Watch Online: List for 2020




Alt Balaji Web Series Download

Finding a platform that features only Hindi web series and that too some of the best ones can often be a struggle. But, to be honest, you don’t need to worry about finding one when Alt Balaji is available. Touted as one of the biggest entertainment platforms for the bold web series, this is one of those websites that ensure to cater to your needs.

From the thriller to the romantic ones, you probably have a wide range of options for you to binge-watch. It doesn’t cost you a lot in terms of subscription, so even when you are broke, you are least entertained. With so many available options to binge-watch, you know for a fact that your weekends are sorted. Let’s look at some of the best Alt Balaji web series download or stream online.

Alt Balaji Web Series List To Download or Stream in 2020

To help you out better, we have sorted through some of the best web series on AltBalaji that you can watch around.

1. Bose: Dead or Alive

Bose: Dead or Alive

If you are looking for the highest-rated show on AltBalaji, Bose: Dead or Alive is the one. This historical period drama is based on the life of the Indian freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose and the conspiracy around his death.

Starring Rajkumar Rao in the lead role, this web series is a must-watch for all Indian history lovers.

2. Apharan

Apharan Web Series

Next up on the list has to be Apharan which revolves around a critical case of kidnapping and the kind of events that follow through it. The show stars Arunoday Singh, Nidhi Singh and Mahie Gill in the lead roles and is set out of the hilly precinct of Uttarakhand.

The story of this show is quite mind-boggling and will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout. If you like drama, thriller and crime shows, this is an absolute must-watch that you can’t miss out on.

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3. Broken but Beautiful

Broken but Beautiful

Don’t get deterred by the title of the show, it is as Indian as it comes. The story is not something over the top but a basic romantic and heartbreak filled web series that you probably will end up binge-watching. It shows the concept of eternal love and how it is true that some people do come back to each other.

The series stars Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi in the lead roles.

4. Cyber Squad

Cyber Squad

For those who like friendship drama and suspense related shows to watch, Cyber Squad is quite an amazing option that you can take a look into. The best thing about this show that does make it a hit is the story. It narrates the life of 4 friends who meet and connect the missing dots between their lives. Aside from that, these geniuses also collaborate with the police with their cyber squad to further help their nab some of the criminals around.

5. Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain

You can never get too much of family drama and Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is just the live example for that. The show narrates the story of a 40-year old man who is constantly struggling to meet the needs of his own and his wife and family. With life coming around, it is often hard to prioritize what you need in life until it comes right in front of you.

The show stars Ronit Roy and Mona Singh in the lead roles.

6. Dev DD

Dev DD

While you have witnessed the story of Devdas from a male character’s point of view, Dev DD is a story that walks you through the same kind of plotline but from a woman’s point of view. The story includes everything that you have noticed in the original one – liquor, riches, and even romance but the only twist is the main character playing the role of Devdas.

7. Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat

Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat

Everyone loves the pairing of Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar and if that is something you have been looking forward to, Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is the perfect chance for you to get it back. The show narrates Ram Kapoor’s character who is a superstar who goes out on a detox trip with his counselor. The story and the plotline are not as straightforward as it sounds but do come along with a lot of twists and turns.

8. Gandii Baat

Gandi Baat - ALT Balaji


Finding erotic adult web series on an Indian web series platform can be a struggle but Gandii Baat is an exception to that. This web series features a different story set out of the rural province of India. The show now has 2 seasons and 4 episodes in each. All of the features stories in this web series talk about a specific fraction of erotic fantasy that you probably didn’t even realize exist up until now.

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9. M.O.M – Mission Over Mars

M.O.M - Mission Over Mars

If you liked watching Mission Mangal and liked the concept of the true events that went into it, you are going to love M.O.M – Mission Over Mars as well. The story revolves around a group of female scientists who find themselves in a state of shock when their mission Chandravimaan fails. Naturally, the head of the scientists gets blamed for the failure. But, with newfound inspiration and motivation to take the world over, they set on to plan for their mission to Mars.

The show stars Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh and Palomi Ghosh in the lead roles.

10. Hero Vardiwala

Hero Vardiwala

A little different than the staple Hindi series, Hero Vardiwala is a Bhojpuri action web series that holds in everything typical when it comes to Bhojpuri creations. Directed by one of the most popular out there, Mahesh Pandey, this series has been a public pleaser.

The story of this series revolves around the life of a corrupt politician and a daring IPS officer, something that is quite common in several Bhojpuri movies and shows.

11. Fittrat


For the ones looking for some well-written drama with a simple plot, Fittrat is a catchy watch. The story revolves around a gold-digging girl. Her only aim in life is to make a rich guy fall for her, marry him and lead a luxurious life with his money. But, things take a turn when she ends up falling in love with the man.

The show stars Krystle D’Souza, Aditya Seal, Anushka Ranjan in the lead roles and has 15 episodes in total that you can binge-watch.

12. Home


Much like a typical daily soap, even Home has a similar kind of an outlook when it comes to the storyline. The web series revolves around the life of a middle-class family and the kind of struggles that they endure in their day to day life. Apart from the struggles, it also teaches you the importance of smaller happiness in life and how not everything is about money and power.

The show stars Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Amol Parashar, Parikshit Sahni and Chetna Pandey in the lead roles.

13. Hum Tum And Them

Hum Tum And Them

Single parenting is a very harsh subject in an Indian household. With the kind of taboo and struggles that it brings along, Hum Tum And Them portrays that very nicely. The story revolves around the subject of two single parents and the kind of struggles that they face in life. When they eventually fall in love with each other, will they give love a second chance?

The show stars Gautam Ahuja, Bhavesh Bhanushali, Trupti Khamkar in the lead roles and has 15 episodes till now.

14. Puncch Beat

Puncch Beat

For the teenage audience who have wanted to watch something similar to “Student of the Year”, Puncch Beat is the perfect rendition for that. It brings in a whole lot of drama based out of an elite institute named Rosewood High. The series takes you along the journey of the students and their self-discovery along the way.

The show stars Harshita Gaur, Priyank Sharma, Siddharth Sarma and Khushi Joshi in the lead roles.

15. The Test Case

The Test Case

Finding a good web series with a female protagonist can be tough but The Test Case is one that has been around for you to watch. It has a very fresh concept to the plotline and discusses the first female army combat. The show doesn’t bring you a lot of complications but a very simple yet addictive plot that you would love to binge-watch.

The show stars Nimrat Kaur, Akshay Oberoi, Atul Kulkarni in the lead roles and has 11 episodes in total.

16. Romil & Jugal

Romil & Jugal

India is still very backward when it comes to openly talk about sex and sexualities. Romil & Jugal was a breath of fresh air for the audience and revolves around the relationship of two gay men who have grown up with restrictions and stereotypes but go on to break them and come out stronger in the end.

The show currently has one season and 10 episodes that you can binge-watch.

17. Bekaboo


For the individuals looking for some thriller web series, Bekaboo is the perfect pick. The story of this web series has been inspired by a novel written by Kiyaan Roy under the same name. With the kind of twists and plot that the story has, you are going to stay glued to your chair and not want to move at all.

The show casts Rajeev Siddhartha, Priya Banerjee, Madhussneha Upadhyay in the lead roles and has 20 episodes to set your weekend plans.

18. XXX


Now, erotic adult web series is very rare in the Indian media but XXX is a good pick that you can binge-watch on AltBalaji. The show doesn’t follow through a traditional roleplay and has different forms of sexual fantasies explored in different episodes.

The star cast also changes based on the episodes, so there is not fixed cast. But, aside from the adult theme, the series also imbibes in a lot of suspense and comedy that you can further binge watch.

19. Fixerr


If you like the theme of Good Guys Gone Bad, Fixerr is your fix this weekend. The show talks about an IPS officer who is allegedly charged without any fault and then turns into a fixer and helps sweep out the criminals by getting ahead of his game. He soon finds himself in trouble but gets out of it with his experience and wit.

The show stars Jimmy Sharma, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Mahie Gill in the lead roles and has 12 episodes in total that you can binge-watch.

Must Watch: Fixerr Web Series Download Offline or Watch Now!

20. Boss


Yet another must watch on AltBalaji that you wouldn’t regret is Boss. This is a web series that packs in almost every kind of genre that you have possibly been looking for, be it drama, thriller or even romance. The story of the series has been based out of Shimla, which is where the majority of the shooting has been conducted too.

The show stars Karan Singh Grover & Sagarika Ghatge in the lead roles.

21. Haq Se

Haq Se

There are not many romantic web series that does justice to your needs but if you need one in your life, Haq Se is possibly one of the best available ones. This has been produced by Ekta Kapoor but you can be assured that it doesn’t drag on and has a very sweet and minimal plot that you will love to watch. The series draws inspiration from the novel, Little Woman. The main plotline of the story revolves around the lives of four sisters and their dreams.

The show casts Rajeev Khandelwal, Surveen Chawla, Parul Gulati in the lead roles.

22. Bewafaa Sii Wafaa

Bewafaa Sii Wafaa

If you want a daily soap kind of vibe with a web series that combines in every element of love, revenge, and drama, Bewafaa Sii Wafaa is an amazing show for you to binge-watch. The plot is nothing extraordinary and revolves around the lives of the pivotal characters and how they fall in and out of love and the twists along the way.

The show casts Sameer Soni, Yudhistir Urs, Aditi Vasudev in the lead roles and has 10 episodes in total.

23. Galti Se Mis-Tech

Galti Se Mis-Tech

As unique as the name of the title of the show is, the plot itself is not that unique. But, that doesn’t mean that it is boring. It narrates the story of a couple who enjoy their company and have a very loving bond. If you have watched Little Things on Netflix and liked it, the plot is a lot similar to that and tells you about the journey of a couple.

The show casts Anita Hassanandani Reddy, Rithvik Dhanjani in the lead role and has one season and 10 episodes.

24. Class of 2017

Class of 2017

There are not many teenage dramas available on AltBalaji but Class of 2017 steals the show. The plotline of the series does take you through a dark patch talking about the life of two teenagers who find themselves addicted to illegal products and constant peer pressure. If you want some good show to divert your mind and keep yourself occupied, this is a good pick.

The show casts Anshuman Malhotra, Krissann Barretto, Rohan Shah and has 10 episodes in total.

25. Booo: Sabki Phategi

Booo: Sabki Phategi

A horror comedy show, Booo: Sabki Phategi is one of the most loved web series on AltBalaji with a very extensive and popular star cast. It doesn’t have a very complicated storyline but it has cast Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda. Mallika Sherawat in the role of a ghost, so that can be pretty entertaining for you.

The show casts Tusshar Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Krishna Abhishek in the lead roles and has 8 episodes in total.

26. Virgin Bhasskar

Virgin Bhasskar

Spread around a theme of adult comedy, Virgin Bhasskar revolves around the life of Bhasskar and his fantasies. With the kind of imaginations that he has, he makes good use of the same and converts them into a novel which makes him famous. If you have watched the Bollywood movie, Mastraam, this show draws a lot of inspiration from that.
The show casts Anant Joshi, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Dherendra Kumar Tiwari in the lead roles and has a total of 11 episodes that you can binge-watch.

27. The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family

If you like daily soaps with a big fat Indian joint family and the kind of struggles that they endure daily, The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family is the perfect watch for you. It revolves around the loves of the brothers in the family and the kind of mismatch with their opinions that they have. It is a typical family drama that you can watch around with your family.

The show casts Kay Kay Menon, Barun Sobti, Perlene Bhesania in the lead role and has a total of 10 episodes for you to binge on.

28. PM Selfiewallie

PM Selfiewallie

As weird as the name of the show is, the plot is just as interesting. It revolves around the life of a rich NRI girl who accidentally becomes the prime minister of the country. The story packs in a lot of drama, self-realization and humor that makes it a very light-hearted must-watch show.

The show casts Beena Banerjee, Shaan Grover, Pranay Pachauri in the lead roles.

29. Hum- I’m Because Of Us

Hum- I’m Because Of Us

AltBalaji does have a lot of shows that narrate the importance of self-growth and Hum- I’m Because Of Us is one of them. The show narrates the story of three sisters who get out to follow their dreams. While the younger of the three want to join their family back together, the other two want to do something with their lives and make it big.

The show casts Kushal Tandon, Ridhima Pandit, Karishma Sharma in the lead roles and has 13 episodes in total.

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FAQs Regarding Alt Balaji Web Series List to Download

1) How to watch web series on Alt Balaji?

You can watch some of the best web series on AltBalaji. To do so, all you need to do is download the mobile app. You can also watch it through its official website.

2) Is Alt Balaji Web Series Download possible?

The Alt Balaji web series list is available for viewers. All you have to do is follow some quick steps discussed in this article.

3) What are some of the best Web Series on Alt Balaji?

This article actually answers that question. It has web series in various genres. To name to few, AltBalaji famous shows include Bose: Dead or Alive, Apharan, Broken but Beautiful, Dev DD, XXX, etc.

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Alt Balaji Web Series Download Process

We discussed the Best web series on AltBalaji. Now its time to see how to download AltBalaji web series:

Step 1) First of all, download the Alt Balaji OTT app on your smartphone using the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Step 2) Now install it on your phone.

Step 3) You’ll now have to open the app and put on your login credentials. Sign up for a premium subscription if you haven’t already.

Step 4) Once that is done, go to the home page and look for the latest web series on AltBalaji you want to watch. You can also use the search tab.

Step 5) You can now stream any episode online or download the AltBalaji web series offline on your phone using the download button on the show/episode page.


If you have been looking out for some worthy and good web series to watch, these are some of the best Alt Balaji web series download or for stream online. Make sure that you do have a working internet connection because that is the only factor that is needed for you to watch the shows effortlessly without any hassle at all. ALT Balaji does pack in a lot of versatility with its shows and has a little of something to offer to every single person watching the shows.

Disclaimer (Important)

Sharing pirated content and piracy of the authentic content is a punishable offense and act of crime. We stand firmly against theft. The Alt Balaji web series download or streaming list and other information provided in this article are bare to people aware of the mandatory details. In any way, we don’t encourage immoral acts and piracy. It is our request to the users to avoid using websites that share pirated content. Use proper and premium platforms for Hotstar series download or stream.

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