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Gina Kimmel Biography: Who Is She?

You love movies and the actors and often their costumes and dresses in a movie. The costumes are what make an actor appear like their character in the silver screen. A lot of actors and actresses become costume designers in their later life. The same happened to Gina Kimmel. She was one of the leading actors in her time and is now a well-established costume designer and vintage garment restoration expert.

In case you are interested to know about her you need to read this article, Here, you will find all information about Gina Kimmel.

gina kimmel

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Gina Kimmel Wikipedia

1Real NameGina Maddy Kimmel
2Date of Birth13 November 1967
3Age as of August 202052 Years 9 Months
5Height5' 8"
6Weight70 KG
8Hometown Hoffman Estates, Illinois
9Current CityNew York, United States Of America
10Zodiac SignSagittarius
11EducationDegree In Business and History
12ProfessionActress/Costume Designer
13Marital StatusSeparated

Gina Kimmel Separated With Jimmy Kimmel

Gina Kimmel Education & Early life

gina kimmel education

Gina Kimmel was born in Hoffman Estate, the USA as Gina Maddy. Her birth date is 13th December 1964. Gina is yet to reveal about her family and parentage. But, she is one of the most respected persons in the industry till now.  

She was a simple and fun-loving girl who completed her education from Arizona and later started to pursue her career in acting.

Gina Kimmel Career and life

gina kimmel career

Gina Initially started as an actress. She starred as herself in the series The Man Show and became a household name. Her natural abilities caught attention from other directors and producers and she soon landed in multiple acting consignments. 

She acted in leading roles in two movies, Party Like the Rich and Famous in 2012 and Party like the Queen of France in 2012. Later she also starred in many other movies and TV shows in minor and side roles. Gina Kimmel was married to Jimmy Kimmel for 15 years from 1988 to 2013 and together had two children, Katie and Kevin Kimmel.

But Gina eventually realized that acting was not her heart’s calling. So, she quit acting career and became a freelance costume designer. Her popularity helped her to get some initial edge and she excelled as a costume designer with her determination and talent. She created costumes for many well-known TV shows and movies.  

At present Gina has again changed her career. She now is a vintage-inspired lingerie and loungewear designer. She has her exclusive vintage clothing line called Maddy James and also has a website for her clothing line. Gina designs and sells, dressing gowns, nightshirts, pyjamas, lingerie, etc. Her clothing line is based in Chicago and she has a good reputation as a designer and businesswoman. Her clothing line is famous because she usually offers dresses themed like the old 20s to 60s fashion era. She also works as a vintage dress restoration expert on times. 

In short, Gina Kimmel is a multi-talented person who lives her life s a vintage clothing line designer and also takes care of her two children. 

According to her, she developed a passion for costume designing with The Man Show and her two films. She told us that she loves t dress up people. Her initial passion eventually helped her to realize what she wanted to be. She later discovered that she has a natural talent to design clothes from the bygone era of 1920-1960. Her newfound talent helped her to open her clothing line and her current business.

Therefore, Gina is a successful businesswoman who is contributing to the fashion world with her unique creations.

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Gina Kimmel Net Worth

gima kimmel networth

Gina Kimmel is a successful actress turned costume designer turned fashion designer. Her vintage clothing line has already created a buzz in the fashion circuit. She has earned quite a good amount from her career until now. But, she is yet to disclose her exact income to the public. But according to sources, her net worth is more than $500 thousand and it continues to grow.

Gina Kimmel Social Media

Gina Kimmel is only active on Instagram where she mostly shares her daily life events.

Gina Kinnel Photos & Updates

gina kimmel photos 1 gina kimmel photos 2

gina kimmel photos 4

gina kimmel photos 3

Some Facts about Gina Kimmel

Here are a few facts about Gina Kimmel you should know:

  • Gina Kimmel is a reputed Vintage dress line owner and has her exclusive clothing collection.
  • According to sources, Gina Kimmel net worth is more than $500 thousand.
  • Gina Kimmel owns Maddy James Loungewear collection. She also has a shop based in Chicago.
  • Gina Kimmel got separated with Jimmy Kimmel after having 2 children.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gina Kimmel On The Web

1. Why did Gina Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel got divorced?

The official reason for their separation is still unknown. but the wife of Jimmy Kimmel has filed for divorce after more than 13 years of marriage. you can read more about Gina Kimmel personal life in this article.

2. What does Gina Kimmel do for a living?

As per official sources, Gina Kimmel is a professional costume designer and reputed Vintage dress line owner and has her exclusive clothing collection.

3. Where is Gina Kimmel Now?

At present Gina Kimmel is living in New York City, US. she is living with her children there. and she said many interviews that she likes to travel to new places every year.

4. How many children does Gina Kimmel have now?

Gina Kimmel has 2 children when she got married to Jimmy Kimmel. Named Kevin Kimmel, Katie Kimmel and they are busy with studies now.

5. Is Gina Kimmel Live?

Gina Kimmel is absolutely fine now. and she is doing very well with her fashion business. you can check the Instagram profile to check here latest personal life updates. please do not trust any fake news that you read online about Gina Kimmel.

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Final Words

That Was a quick bio and overview of Costume Designer Gina Kimmel. Gina Kimmel has accomplished herself as a busiest Costume designer and vocational actress in Hollywood. She is also a fashion designer who is responsible for modernizing the classic lingerie. After getting divorced from his ex-husband Jimmy Kimmel, She is not focusing much on films and only dealing with her fashion business now. and Gina Kimmel is leading a happy life with her children. If we find more details about Gina Kimmel, we will update this post.

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