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GoGoanime Website: Watch Popular Anime Series Online in 2020 (Legality & Alternatives)


In this busy life, people don’t get enough time to relax. They often get frustrated, and they miss a peaceful surrounding that can provide them with enough relaxation to reconnect back to life. Different people try different ways of entertainment. If you are a die-hard movie fan, you must have heard about anime movies.

Watching a long anime serieswill provide you with a new experience. You will smile, get tears, and have unlimited fun while watching these cartoon movies. So, if you want to get pleasure and fun in your weekends, watch anime movies or series and enjoy to fullest.

This article will talk about everything you want to know or have been dying to know about this website, working mirrors (in 2020), and much more.

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What Is GoGoanime?

Today, anime movies are a craze amongst teenagers, kids, and youngsters alike. Anyone who loves anime movies stays glued to their devices. Despite being a Japanese origin movie, anime movies are gaining popularity all around the world. One of the best platforms offering the best quality anime movies includes this website.

This website offers online streaming anime movies to its audience. The best part about this site is that it offers free anime movies to the audience. Thus, you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch movies and shows on this platform. In addition to this, you can also download unlimited movies with subtitles and dubbed videos from this channel.

Most people assume that this website is illegal. But its legality is dependent on different factors like your place of location. The website uploads the pirated version of anime movies free of cost with the English version of subtitles for many viewers who can’t watch it at paid versions.

If you are a regular anime lover and you are perplexed why this platform is popular. The main reason for its huge popularity is that it uploads most creative and popular movies and shows on its platform. The anime movies provided on this site are created beautifully, and people belonging to all ages love to watch these anime movies. Before we move further let’s take a peek on its various features in favor of the viewer-

  • This site gives you the option of choosing the closest type that suits you.
  • New and refreshed content every few seconds, keeping the viewers excites and glued to their screens.
  • English dubbed anime seriesalso available to suit every kind of user.
  • Efficient customer service with replies ranging for over a few seconds.
  • The current episode is conveniently is displayed on the home page rather than in the gallery.
  • Exhibits the saving feature, allowing users to record now and watch later.
  • Free all-round content for every kind of anime bringing in a lot of loyal viewers.

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On Legality:

It is legal or not, and whether it’s safe or not has been a topic of debate for quite some time now. This is because many government regulations put constraints on sites featuring anime content, along with many permissions to abide by, without which they are not allowed to show any anime content.

Well, to be very clear, this website is legit and follows all legal regulations under law but not entirely. This means that even though the website is legit, much of the content shown is illegitimate or shown illegally. Now how does this happen? The content available on the website for the viewer’s use belongs to someone and is treated as his intellectual property.

Being under intellectual property, the creator enjoys all rights and copyrights, and thus he has the freedom to use it to his discretion. The best part about this website and content is that it can be conveniently downloaded even on handheld devices and takes very little storage making it much preferred form of anime amongst many, especially teenagers.

On Safety:

As far as safety is concerned, it is completely safe and secure, as everything that is viewed is at the viewer’s discretion and is completely discreet. It boasts of providing complete safety and privacy to its users and, much like their claim, has received excellent reviews regarding their privacy, establishing the fact that their content series is free to watch and completely safe to view.

This also answers another big question that viewers usually have. Can someone get into trouble for watching such a series? The answer is No. Due to the reasons listed above, you are not credible to be in any trouble for viewing these series.

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Mentioned below is a list of working mirrors that can be used to view content similar to this website:


Best GoGoanime Alternatives In 2020 (Free)

1. OtakuStream


It is a website that is a perfect alternative as it offers disruption-free, less space anime with zero ads, and high-standard quality content. The massive collection of anime has a Dark mode setting, good quality anime, and adjustable resolution options with an option of setting many filters for easy, free a convenient viewing.

2. KissAnime


This is one of the most common alternatives as they are free, and showcases a great collection and is conveniently downloaded in its concise mobile-version. The best part about this is the added section for anime enthusiasts to discuss any topic related to anime, manga, etc. along with other aspects of Japanese culture.

3. Chia-Anime


This is a combination of anime and Asian Dorama, allowing you to access and download every episode in MP4 format. This allows you the freedom to play in every kind of devices like a laptop, Tv, or more convenient smartphones. For anime enthusiast’s Chia-Anime has created a page to discuss various aspects of this domain with like-minded people in a well-informed platform.

4. Anime Planet


This kind of website gives all sorts of information on all kinds of Tv series, manga, anime, and everything around it. This website offers an amazing feature of forming your library along with streamline communication with other viewers on their feedbacks and suggestions. Even though it can be used on a mobile screen, the addition of ads is a very annoying feature but without any pop-ups, compensating the viewer time.

5. AnimeLand


With a variety of cover-free alternatives available, Animeland is recommended as along with anime of every possible genre, it also involves a ‘chat-widget’ that allows you to initiate proactive chats and also keep track of the visitors into the websites. These visitors share their feedback, which you can use for a seamless anime experience only in Animeland.

6. Animeshow.tv


This website features a huge variety of anime genres, provided for free to download and watch online. This comes with high-quality anime content with subtitles for free. This website showcases a huge variety of categorically placed and random anime that can be adjusted as per the resolution. It is also available for the mobile version and takes up very little bandwidth.

7. AnimeStreams


This is again a completely free website without any registration, with a very convenient, easy to use interface and comes with a lot of security. The worry of virus transmission and safety is not there as the contents are safeguarded with proper privacy policies in place for the viewers. They generate good content collection with adjustable resolution along with a huge selection of filter options.

8. AnimeUltima


This website is hugely popular around the globe as it features a great collection of every genre of anime along with hourly updates, easy to use navigation, great interface leading to a great experience, easy download option, high standard resolution movies, the adjustable resolution with various filter and custom-made options to make the watch as pleasant as possible.

9. 9anime


This website is absolutely a leader in providing a variety of content over a plethora of genres, along with the downloadable option. The content and series are of good quality and resolutions and takes up a very small disc space of your computer. Like others, the content is illegal but is free for watching and downloading.

10. Darkanime.stream


This consists of a variety of anime offered in a combination of convenient interface and great experience owing to its resolutions, that can be adjusted accordingly. The categorization of the anime is easy and takes very little time to browse and start watching. It has got online streaming along with a download option for convenient viewing as per the time. It also consists of a huge selection of anime collection for every genre, much to the glee of the viewers.

11. Nyaa.si Torrents

Nyaa.si Torrents
Nyaa.si Torrents

This website is not only for anime but many kinds of Japanese shows, anime, Dorama, music, and games. But to download it, a torrent extension is required like – bit torrent. Downloading the episodes through bit torrent will allow the episodes to be compatible with all kinds of devices like mobiles, tabs, etc.

12. Putlocker


This site is famous for not only anime but also movies, series, music, etc. This site keeps its anime section updated with just one problem in tow, The ads and the pop-ups which are constantly appearing. But it can be sorted through VPN blockers.

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1. Crunchyroll


Consisting of a collection of 25,000 anime collection, this app offers a massive collection of anime and manga with subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German serving a community of anime lovers worldwide.

2. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden

This app is one of the best options for an anime app as it is legal and avoids a string on unwanted ads popping up. This also gets its content refreshed after every release and provides access to rare unseen and exclusive data and is compatible with every kind of handheld device.

3. Wakanim


This is a perfect platform app for playing various genres of anime, along with high standard HD videos with subtitles and standardized translation. This app showcases classic ad new additions as well with a variety in movies, films, and other entertainment besides anime.

4. FunimationNow


This offers a great collection anime along with movies, series, and much more. The reason for its popularity is because of its excellent interface that allows easy navigation. Its anime section also has classic anime for people who want to refresh the classic series of various anime.

5. Amino


It’s more of a social networking platform for fans of anime and manga, allowing viewers and like-minded people to interact with each other on related topics, including anime, manga, fiction, and other unknown elements of Japanese culture.

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Some of the alternatives that give a seamless, enjoyable experience and that too without any charge are:

In all of these alternatives, despite the safety, VPN extensions are recommended.

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FAQs Regarding The Gogoanime Website

1. What Are The Categories Available On Here?

It offers all kinds of categories and genres, such as Action, Romance, Horror, Comedy, thriller, adventure, and many more. Along with anime it also allows free access to other tv shows and movies.

2. Does This Website Have HD Quality Videos?

Yes, it has HD quality videos along with dubbed and subbed versions of an anime.

3. Is This Platform Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe to use because the site protects the viewer’s privacy rights, but since it is not a legit medium, using a VPN extension is recommended.

4. Which Is The Real Website Available For Users, And What’s It Called?

It’s official and original site and source is called KissAnime.ru and can be visited and registered without any cost.

Disclaimer (Important)

All the content presented here is for educational purposes only. We are not trying to breach any rules and privacy policies. We do not support or encourage pirated content in any way. We see piracy as a criminal act and consider it to be a serious offense. We aspire to acknowledge the public about this issue and leave on them to take charge.

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