Insisting that Harvey Weinstein”sit an innocent guy,” defense lawyer Donna Rotunno started her final arguments now by imploring the jury of seven men and five girls to utilize their”New York common sense” and dismiss whatever”gut feelings” they’ve had about Weinstein before this trial.

“You do not need to enjoy Mr. Weinstein,” Rotunno explained. “and we are not here to criminalize morality…The unpopular individual requires one of the most.”

Likening the District Attorneys prosecuting the case against Weinstein to manufacturers of a picture, Rotunno explained that”within their world, girls aren’t accountable for the parties they attend, the men they flirt with. Within this world they’re not responsible for sitting in their computers sending messages to guys throughout the nation.”

Rotunno implied the prosecutor’s situation”strips mature girls” of their agency and duty, and started laying out the timelines of the two Haley and Mann with respect to their interactions using Weinstein, reiterating points the defense group has made during the trial: that both girls continued to kept contact Weinstein following the attacks, such as sending emails that were friendly, seeking Weinstein celebration invitations and attending these celebrations, and meeting with the guy they’d later accuse of rape.

Rotunno’s final statement is ongoing today, together with the lawyer detailing the replicated contacts made from the accusers using Weinstein after the alleged misconduct. By way of instance, Rotunno stated, Haley testified that she seen Weinstein in his Soho apartment since she had been fearful that he was angry she had not accepted a previous invitation to fly into Paris.

Rotunno advised the jury that Haley had stated, when asked why she moved to Weinstein’s apartment that”she had no reason to not.”