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Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table - Elegance And Excellence In Home Entertainment


The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Tableis a crowning jewel in the world of home entertainment and recreation. Combining exquisite craftsmanship with a dedication to providing an exceptional gameplay experience, this pool table stands as a testament to both artistry and innovation.

The Park Avenue 7-ft pool table captivates with quiet power and understated beauty, but don't be fooled by this gorgeous table's small size or sleek lines. This table may be quickly transformed from a dining or work surface to a full-fledged competitive table tennis or pool table.

Let's dive into the details of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table and explore how it brings the sophistication of billiards into the heart of your home.


ColorBlack and Red Felt
MaterialEngineered Wood
Product Dimensions84"L x 47"W x 32"H
Item Weight319 Pounds
Assembly RequiredYes

Quick Features

  • MDF that is 3/4" thick, 74.75" long, and 36.75" wide with red felt.
  • Dining/table tennis top in black, two pieces, with black edge trim: 84 in. L x 47 in. W x 5/8 in.
  • Two leatherette, padded bench seats with built-in lined storage and two hydraulic EZ-lifters: 4 in wide, black melamine top rails with 1/2 in white inlay sights and chrome plated corner castings, measuring 67 in long by 12.625 in wide by 19.75 in high.
  • Post-style legs with separate leg levelers are featured on the side and end panels made of matte-black melamine.
  • ABS molded drop pockets that are strong
  • Set contains all of the table tennis and pool table accessories.

Craftsmanship That Commands Attention

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is a masterpiece that transcends the realm of gaming to become a stunning piece of craftsmanship that commands attention.

From the moment one sets eyes on this table, it's evident that it's not just a means of recreation; it's a work of art meticulously designed to blend elegance with excellence. Let's delve into the intricacies of the craftsmanship that sets the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table apart and makes it a true centerpiece of any living space.

One of the most striking aspects of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is its timeless aesthetic. Crafted with an acute attention to detail, the table exudes an air of sophistication that adds a touch of luxury to any room. The choice of premium materials, including solid wood and hand-carved accents, speaks volumes about the dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

The wood finishes are not only visually appealing but also tactilely inviting. Running a hand across the table's surface reveals the smoothness of the finish, a result of meticulous sanding and polishing. Every curve, line, and decorative element on the table is a testament to the skill of artisans who understand the nuances of woodworking and its ability to transform raw materials into works of art.

Dimensions of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table
Dimensions of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table has the remarkable ability to transform the ambiance of a room. It transcends its functional purpose, becoming a statement piece that invites admiration and sparks conversations. Whether placed in a game room, a living room, or a dedicated entertainment space, the table elevates the atmosphere, creating a sense of refinement and sophistication.

The details matter, and the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table pays homage to this principle. Hand-carved accents and decorative elements contribute to the table's elegance, evoking a sense of timeless design that complements both traditional and modern interior styles. As an object of beauty, it enriches the visual narrative of a room, making it more than just a place for gameplay, it's an immersive experience.

Professional-Grade Gameplay At Home

Beyond its role as a visual masterpiece, the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is designed to deliver professional-grade gameplay in the comfort of your own home. The table's playing surface is where precision meets authenticity, ensuring that every shot, every bank, and every spin of the cue ball adheres to the standards of professional billiards.

The tournament-level accuracy of the table's playing surface is achieved through meticulous engineering and construction. It's a surface that not only looks flawless but also plays seamlessly. This precision allows players to refine their skills and strategies, making each shot a lesson in technique and accuracy.

The K-66 rubber cushions that line the rails of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table are a testament to its commitment to professional-grade gameplay. These cushions are designed to provide optimal bounce and responsiveness, mirroring the conditions of competitive billiards. When the cue ball strikes a cushion, it responds with the predictability that professionals expect, allowing players to execute shots with confidence and accuracy.

The seamless and consistent roll of the balls across the felt adds an element of authenticity to each game. Players experience the same fluid motion and predictable paths that they would encounter on a professional table, bringing a sense of authenticity to their home gameplay.

For those who are passionate about billiards, the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table offers more than just entertainment, it offers a platform for skill development. The table's design and playing surface empower players to enhance their techniques, practice advanced shots, and refine their strategies. This professional-grade gameplay experience encourages players to elevate their game and reach new levels of proficiency.

Steadfast Stability And Durability

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table not only captivates with its visual splendor and professional-grade gameplay but also stands as a testament to steadfast stability and enduring durability.

Crafted with meticulous attention to structural integrity, this pool table is designed to withstand years of gameplay and remain a cherished centerpiece in your home. Let's delve into the elements that contribute to the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table's stability and durability, making it a lasting investment in both entertainment and aesthetics.

One of the hallmarks of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is its sturdy construction, underpinned by a robust framework designed for stability. The heavy-duty wooden legs provide a solid foundation that prevents wobbling or shifting during gameplay. These legs are carefully positioned to evenly distribute the weight of the table, ensuring that it remains level and balanced even when subjected to the energetic motions of gameplay.

Cross-support beams further enhance the table's stability by connecting the legs and reinforcing the structure. These beams prevent sagging and maintain the structural integrity of the table, regardless of the intensity of play. Whether it's a casual match or a high-stakes tournament, players can rely on the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table to offer a stable and consistent playing surface.

Durability is a cornerstone of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table's design philosophy. Solid wood construction not only lends a touch of elegance but also imparts resilience that ensures the table's longevity. The wood's inherent strength and ability to withstand stress contribute to the table's ability to endure years of gameplay without succumbing to wear and tear.

The durability extends to the premium wool-blend felt that lines the playing surface. Designed to withstand the impact of billiard balls rolling across it, this felt resists pilling and maintains its smooth texture even with regular use. Its resistance to friction-induced wear ensures that players can enjoy consistent gameplay and optimal ball roll over the table's lifespan.

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table's steadfast stability and durability transform it into a lifetime investment. This isn't just a gaming table; it's a piece of furniture that becomes woven into the fabric of your home's entertainment landscape. As years go by, as family and friends gather around it for games and gatherings, the table remains a steadfast companion, delivering enjoyment and bonding opportunities without faltering.

The investment you make in the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is an investment in lasting memories and enduring entertainment. Its construction speaks to the manufacturer's commitment to providing not just an exceptional gameplay experience, but also a piece of furniture that becomes a cherished part of your home's story.

Aesthetic Integration And Versatile Use

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table isn't confined to traditional gaming spaces; it seamlessly integrates into a variety of interior design styles. This versatility is complemented by its ability to serve multiple purposes, adding to its value as a functional and aesthetic asset to your living space.

The classic and timeless design of the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table ensures that it harmonizes with a range of interior aesthetics. Whether your home features traditional, rustic, contemporary, or eclectic décor, the table effortlessly becomes an integral part of the visual narrative. The wood finishes, intricate details, and hand-carved accents add an element of sophistication that complements existing design elements.

This aesthetic integration goes beyond being visually pleasing; it contributes to an ambiance that reflects your taste and style. The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table becomes more than just a gaming platform, it's a piece of furniture that enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table which can be converted into a table tennis table or dining table
Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table which can be converted into a table tennis table or dining table

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table's versatility extends beyond its use as a gaming and dining surface; it enhances social spaces by becoming a focal point for interaction and bonding. It's not just a table; it's a gathering space where players engage in friendly competition, families come together for quality time, and friends share laughter and memories.

Its dual functionality adds an element of surprise to social gatherings. Guests might arrive expecting a dinner party and be delighted to find a professional-grade pool table awaiting them. This unexpected twist infuses an air of excitement into the atmosphere, creating memorable moments that elevate the overall social experience.

People Also Ask

What Is The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table?

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is a premium and exquisitely crafted pool table designed for home entertainment. It combines elegant design with professional-level gameplay, offering an exceptional billiards experience.

What Sets The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table Apart?

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table stands out due to its impeccable craftsmanship, tournament-level playing surface, and versatile design. It brings a sense of elegance and authenticity to home billiards.

What Materials Is The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table Made From?

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table features a solid wood construction, with rich wood finishes, hand-carved accents, and premium wool-blend felt. These materials contribute to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Can The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table Serve Multiple Purposes?

Yes, the Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table offers versatility by featuring an optional dining conversion top. This allows it to transform from a gaming table to an elegant dining surface for gatherings and meals.

What Kind Of Gameplay Experience Does The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table Provide?

The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table offers a professional-grade gameplay experience with its tournament-level accuracy, K-66 rubber cushions for optimal bounce, and premium felt. It caters to players seeking both authenticity and entertainment in their billiards games.


The Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is more than a gaming platform; it's a statement of sophistication, craftsmanship, and shared experiences. Its exquisite design, professional-grade gameplay, and steadfast durability make it a captivating addition to any home. As players gather around its pristine felt, a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition fills the air, creating moments that transcend the game itself.

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