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HDMoviesHub: Bollywood 300MB Best Movies To Watch Online in 2020




HDMoviesHub a known piracy platform, enables movie buffs to download a wide variety of movies that they like. Language is not a barrier for the platform since it enables you to download the latest movies in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, as well as in Punjabi. Hindi dubbed movies are also available on the website. Television shows and movies are among the most important sources of entertainment and rank higher than many other entertainment mediums such as SMS and online games.

HDMoviesHub is a platform that gives the ease of watching and downloading movies without any additional charges. It is an exceptional website to download movies. The website offers a wide variety of movies and other video-related entertainment. This website can be your source of complete entertainment where you can watch the latest web series in regional languages. Movies in various languages can be found on the platform.

All you need to do is choose your preferred language and enjoy the binge watching. Besides, the website also has a wide variety of Hollywood movies to offer. In fact, Hollywood movie buffs can also watch their favorite movie dubbed in Hindi on this website.

Quality Videos are Available on HDMoviesHub

For every movie lover, the website proved to be a blessing. With this website, you will not have to compromise on the quality of the video that you wish to watch. And the best thing about the website is that you can download all your favorite movies without having to spend even a single penny for it. You can be assured that there will be no hidden costs involved. The interface of the website is extremely user friendly. You can enjoy all the latest movies in HD quality and in 300MB file size.

It is also a trustworthy platform to download all your latest and favorite movies. Popular shows for which you will have to shell out a fortune to watch on OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Hotstar VIP, Voot Select, ZEE5 and Amazon Prime, are available for here on the site. With its offerings, the website has been able to create a fan base that remains loyal and prefers hdmovieshub over every other platform for movies. In addition, there are several other proxy links of HDMoviesHub that allow you to download your favorite videos and movies on your devices.

Various Features of HDMoviesHub Bollywood Website

When a website has been made while keeping user comfort in mind, it can be easily understood even by a person who has visited the site for the first time. The success of a website largely depends on the ease of usability. How easy is the navigation that leads the user to download content and view his favorite videos and movies will determine the popularity of a website. For a website to become a favorite among users, it should have the ease of access and that’s what this platform has done.

Some of the most noteworthy features of the platform are:

  • Movies and videos can be easily downloaded and can be saved for offline viewing later
  • Movies are available in different formats and file size can be as low as 300MB
  • The user interface of the site is extremely easy and thus, can be used by a beginner also
  • The website is supported by desktop as well as smartphones
  • Downloading movies from the website is extremely easy
  • The video downloading speed on the site is way higher than any other website

Google Trick to Download Bollywood Movies from HDMoviesHub

Downloading movies from HDMoviesHub is easy. All you will need is a good internet connection and a device such as a laptop and you are ready to go. When you have these two, you will be able to download any movie or video of your choice without any hassle. Users can also be to use anonymous browsing to navigate or download the content from the website. They can keep their identities safe.

In order to use the website anonymously, you will have to fill the following in the address bar:

intitle:index.of? format MovieName

Format: This will allow you to choose the format in which you want to download your video. So, you can choose between mp3, mkv, mp4, etc.

Movie name: This will have to be replaced with the name of the movie that you wish to download. Once you have done this, several results will start appearing on your screen. Out of these results, pick the one that looks like a server number. Usually, the first three results are the most useful.

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Best Alternative to HDMoviesHub Website – 2020

There are several other websites that provide pirated content without any charges. With the help of these HDMoviesHub bollywood proxy sites, you can easily download or stream movies online. However, there is a certain level of uncertainty with these websites since they are always on the radar of the government and keep getting blocked every now and then. But until then, you can freely enjoy online streaming or download your favorite movies using these websites.

1. DownloadHub


This website has given movie lovers the freedom to enjoy latest and their favorite movies with just one click. The website has been popular for offering copyrighted content such as movies and TV shows even before they have been released on their actual platforms.

2. Movierulz


There are no limitations when it comes to getting pirated content on this website. The website allows the user to enjoy latest content in premium HD quality.

3. DVDPlay

This website allows you to get the best cinematic experience for free. DVDPlay has been a popular website for pirated content in various countries.

4. Kuttymovies


On this website, users can download dubbed movies and videos with a lot of ease.

5. E123movies


This is an extremely user-friendly website. The website allows the movie lovers to watch and download their favorite movies and TV shows for free.

6. OkPunjab


To enjoy latest Punjabi movies and video, OkPunjab is your go-to website. It offers all your favorite Punjabi movies without any charges.

7. 7StarHD


This website offers movies in good resolution and quality videos.

8. Movie4me


Movie4me is the hub of all things films. If you want to watch any bollywood or regional films, this is your go-to-website.

9. Ocean of Movies

Ocean of Movies

As per the name suggest, this website is ocean of movies. There are thousands of movies available to download with ease.

10. MoviesBaba

MoviesBaba Website

MoviesBaba provides bollywood, hollywood, and regional films in good resolution.

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How Many Resolutions are Available?

Relatively, hdmovieshub bollywood has a wide variety of movies available in high quality and various video formats. The formats in which videos can be downloaded include:

  • 420p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDscr and DVDrip

What Measurement of Films are Available?

There are various kinds of measurements available on the site. These include the following:

  • 300mb Dimension Videos
  • 400mb Dimension Videos
  • 600mb Dimension Videos
  • 1gb Dimension Videos
  • 2gb Dimension Videos
  • 4gb Dimension Videos

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List of HDMoviesHub 300MB Movies New Links

This is a piracy website that makes movies and videos from Bollywood, Hollywood, and various other languages available to movie lovers without any charges. Since it offers pirated content, there is a very high risk of the website getting blocked by the government. But, to allow its users to enjoy their favorite content without any hindrances, it also offers some proxy websites. Here are some of the proxy websites for hdmovieshub:


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FAQs Related to HDMoviesHub 300MB Platform

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to HDMoviesHub Bollywood website.

1. What is HDMoviesHub?

HDMoviesHub bollywood is a website that offers all the latest movies and TV shows for free. All your favorite, latest or old, movies and shows are available on the site for download and online watching. There is no limitation to the content that is available on the website.

2. Is HDMoviesHub a legal website?

No, it is not a legal website and it does not hold any legal license. It’s a platform that shares pirated content and hence, remains on the radar of the government regularly.

3. Is it safe to download movies from the site?

When a user downloads content from websites like this, a lot of pop ups and advertisements keep coming on your screen. On clicking these links, even if it is by mistake, the user might end up downloading malware mistakenly. Therefore, if you wish to protect your laptop or mobile phone from such malware, it is always advisable to stay away from such websites.

4. Is it lawful to download movies from the site?

No, it is not legal to download content from the platform or other similar websites. These are websites that offer copyright content to the user without acquiring any license to do so. Therefore, it is common for these websites every now and then. If you don’t wish to indulge in any such unlawful activities, it is recommended to go to cinema halls or buy original DVDs of the movies.

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6. How to download movies from HDMoviesHub?

The platform is an extremely user-friendly website. Therefore, downloading movies from this site is a cakewalk. Not many steps are involved in the process. You can follow the below-given process to download movies from the site:

Step 1) Go to google and search “HDMoviesHub 300MB”

Step 2) Key in the name of the movie that you wish to download in the search.

Step 3) Click on the download option and choose the video quality.

Step 4) Then, save the movie in the storage space you prefer.

Step 5) Wait for the download to get complete and here you are, ready to enjoy your favorite movie.

Disclaimer (Important)

All the content written here is for educational purposes. We do not strive to break any rules and privacy policies. We do not help or promote pirated content in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and we consider it a serious offense. We aim to inform the people about this issue and leave on them to take charge.


Times Rick and Morty poked fun at Marvel




Among the many hottest of the MCU’s main characters is Star-Lord, chief of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Performed by one of the vital beloved superstars in Hollywood, Chris Pratt, Star-Lord is understood for his appeal, attractiveness, humor, and bravado. His braveness has been instrumental in saving the galaxy on a number of events, even when his lack of self-control did straight end result within the Thanos snap, which erased half of all of the life within the universe. However that is a unique dialog.

In any case, Star-Lord bought the Rick and Morty remedy in “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” with the looks of Vindicators member Vance Maximus, Renegade Starsoldier, voiced by the hilarious Christian Slater. Like Star-Lord, he flies round with a jetpack, wields some form of ray gun, and appears to supply loads of swagger and wit. He additionally “by no means forgets a child,” which has nothing to do with Star-Lord however is creepy sufficient to warrant a point out. Nevertheless, in contrast to Star-Lord — who spends a lot of his screen-time performing in his personal self curiosity earlier than coming by because the hero in the long run — Maximus does the other, selfishly making an attempt to save lots of his personal pores and skin earlier than getting brutally slain for his efforts.

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How Covid-19 Has Affected Southern Asia’s Entertainments




How Covid-19 Has Affected Southern Asia's Entertainments

South Asia’s entertainment industry was hit hard by Covid-19. Film companies have stopped productions on all scheduled releases. Similarly, musicians had to cancel all of their live performances as concert venues have been closed indefinitely. Other popular Indian and Pakistani in-person types of entertainment have been disrupted too. Museums and theme parks have stopped accepting visitors, while sporting events have been completely cancelled.

However, it is an unwritten rule that when one entertainment industry slows down, another one experiences a surge in popularity. For example, video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon have seen unprecedented growth during the pandemic period. Similarly, Indian and Pakistani musicians have all migrated online and are now performing from home and uploading content on YouTube or other video platforms.

iGaming Surge

The biggest increase in popularity during this pandemic however, has been reserved for the iGaming sector. Online casinos targeting Southern Asia have seen a massive increase in traffic since the turn of the year and the largest numbers of their customers seem to be coming from India and Pakistan. This comes as a direct result of most Pakistanis staying at home and having more free time than usual.

And while accessing online casinos is easy for people who have gambling experience, there are many Pakistanis who are not sure which iGaming products are legal in their country. Fortunately for them, there are reputable sites that provide all the essential information regarding Pakistani laws related to online casinos.

Something similar is happening in India too. There are real iGaming and gambling boom in the country right now and online casinos are going into overdrive to meet their clients’ needs. As with Pakistan, it is easy for veteran Indian gamblers to choose the right online casino establishment. However, new players often find it difficult to choose a reliable casino operator. If you are one of them, fret not. Here you can find a list of India‘s best online casinos and start your gambling adventure right away.

Sport is on Hold

Another reason why so many Indians are turning to iGaming is that they cannot bet on sports any more. Indian betting aficionados are among the most avid sports followers and have been particularly affected by sports being completely cancelled.

There is no more horse racing, field hockey, and badminton for Indians to enjoy in. The Indian Premier League and the Indian Super League have also been put on hold and this has left sports-loving Indians without an alternative.

eSports Take Over

Well, almost. After all major sports events have been cancelled there was no other option for sports enthusiasts, but to turn to the eSports scene. It speaks volumes that even popular sportsmen, such as NBA basketball players, swapped the real ball for playing competitive basketball on their game consoles. And professional athletes weren’t the only ones who started playing online. As soon as the pandemic struck, the eSports scene realized that the demand for the content they were offering was going to rapidly increase and they started producing more.

Normal eSports events immediately transformed into online eSports tournaments. What is more, competitive games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and World of Warcraft were now readily available and were taking place almost every day.

This meant that tournament organizers, streaming services, and eSports teams received cash windfall beyond their wildest dreams. This was in addition to the increase in popularity which wouldn’t have been gained under normal circumstances.

Delayed Film Releases

Bollywood wasn’t ready for the Covid-19 pandemic, but then again neither was Hollywood. Most of the film projects which were in production when the pandemic struck have been put on hold indefinitely. On the other hand, some of those who were near completion, had more options and were made available to viewers via online streaming services.

One such example was Michael Jordan’s ESPN documentary which was moved up from June to April. This came after NBA fans worldwide started a petition for ESPN to air the documentary during the pandemic and not in the summer as was originally planned.

And while major movie productions and projects are getting delayed, short films are going viral. It’s much easier to edit and produce a short film from the comfort of your own home and many small, independent filmmakers are taking full advantage of this fact.

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Netflix Codes: All Netflix Secret Codes To Explore Hidden Genres & Categories!




Netflix Secret Codes

During this COVID-19 lockdown, OTT platforms are being the only source of our entertainment. Netflix is one of such famous OTT platform, which offering us the latest shows, web series and movies to Binge-watch. But even after watching all these latest shows and movies, are you feeling like there is nothing new left to watch on Netflix?

If this is the case, then this article is very important for you as in this article, we will tell you how you can watch the whole new and unseen content on Netflix using its hidden Netflix secret codes. Now you will think, What are these Netflix Secret Codes? And How can you watch the unseen and latest content through these Netflix codes? Don’t worry, we will explain to you everything about these codes in this article.

What are the Netflix Secret Codes?

We all are well aware of the algorithm of Netflix. Whenever we watch something on Netflix, the app recommends us similar shows or movies to watch next, based on our interest. But there are more than these content which we can watch on Netflix. There are multiple specific genres in Netflix like Romantic Foreign Movies, Sci-Fi Thrillers, B-Horror Movies, Belgian Movies, Asian Action Movies, and Religious Documentaries, which you can access only by inserting their category code in the browser.

Netflix has thousands of such Genre codes, each one of them dedicatedly for a specific category. All these Netflix Genre codes are known as Netflix Secret Codes and here is the complete list of Netflix Codes for various genres and categories which you can access through these codes:

 Main CategorySub Categories
1.Action & adventure 1365Military action & adventure 2125

Action comedies 43040

Spy action & adventure 10702

Crime action & adventure 9584

Action sf & fantasy 1568

Action thrillers 43048

Asian action movies 77232

Adventures 7442

Comic book and superhero movies 10118

Classic Action & Adventure 46576

Martial arts movies 8985

Foreign action & adventure 11828

Westerns 7700

Hijacking movies 20541
2.Classic Movies 31574Classic action & adventure 46576

Classic comedies 31694

Classic dramas 29809

Classic musical comedy 32392

Classic romantic movies 31273

Classic SF & fantasy 47147

Classic thrillers 46588

Classic war movies 48744

Classic TV shows 46553

Classic westerns 47465

Film Noir 7687

Epics 52858

Silent Movies 53310
3.Comedies 6548Musicals Comedies 13335

Political Comedies 2700

Sports Comedies 5286

Foreign Comedies 4426

Animes Comedies 9302

Slapstick Comedies 10256

Horror Comedies 89585

Dark Comedies 869

Late Night Comedies 1402

Mockumentaries 26

Screwball Comedies 9702

Stand-up Comedy 11559

Teen Comedies 3519

Satires 4922

Romantic Comedies 5475

4.Dramas 5763Dramas based on real life 3653

LGBT Dramas 500

Biographical dramas 3179

Social issues dramas 3947

Army dramas 11

Sports dramas 7243

Showbiz dramas 5012

Dramas based on books 4961

Crime dramas 6889

Political Dramas 6616

Romantical dramas 1255
5.Horror movies 8711
Zombie horror movies 75405

Satanic stories 6998

Teen screams 52147

Deep sea horror movies 45028

Vampire horror movies 75804

Werewolf horror movies 75930

Supernatural horror movies 42023

Slasher and serial killer movies 8646

Monster movies 947

Horror comedy 89585

Foreign horror movies 8654

Cult horror movies 10944

6.Romantic movies 8883Romantic Comedies 5475

Romantic favorites 502675

Romantic foreign movies 7153

Steamy romantic movies 35800

Quirky romance 36103

Romantic independent movies 9916

Romantic dramas 1255

Classic romantic movies 31273

7. Sci - Fi & Fantasy 1492
Alien Sci - Fi 3327

Sci - Fi adventure 6926

Sci - Fi dramas 3916

Sci - Fi thrillers 11014

Fantasy movies 9744

Sci - Fi horror movies 1694

Foreign Sci - Fi & fantasy 6485

Action Sci - Fi & fantasy 1568

Classic Sci - Fi & fantasy 47147

Cult Sci - Fi & fantasy 4734

8. Sports movies 4370
Martial arts movies 8985

Baseball movies 12339

Basketball movies 12762

Martial arts, boxing & wrestling 6695

Soccer movies 12549

Football movies 12803

Sports comedies 5286

Sports documentaries 180

Sports dramas 7243

Boxing movies 12443

Sports & Fitness 9327

9. Thrillers 8933
Spy thrillers 9147

Crime thrillers 10499

Political thrillers 10504

Psychological thrillers 5505

Sci-Fi thrillers 11014

Steamy thrillers 972

Action thrillers 43048

Classic thrillers 46588

Foreign thrillers 10306

Independent thrillers 3269

Gangster movies 31851

Mysteries 9994

Supernatural thrillers 11140

10. Documentaries 6839
Military documentaries 4006

Sports documentaries 180

Travel & adventure documentaries 1159

Foreign documentaries 5161

Religious documentaries 10005

Music & concert documentaries 90361

Crime documentaries 9875

Biographical documentaries 3652

Historical documentaries 5349

Political documentaries 7018

Science & navature documentaries 2595

Social & cultural documentaries 3675

Documentaires spirituels 2760
11. TV Show 83
Food & travel 72436

Science & nature 52780

British TV Shows 52117

Classic TV shows 46553

Crime TV shows 26146

Cult TV shows 74652

Kids' TV 27346

Korean TV shows 67879

Miniseries 4814

Military TV shows 25804

TV action & adventure 10673

TV comedies 10375

TV documentaries 10105

TV dramas 11714

TV horror 83059

TV mysteries 4366

TV Sci-Fi & fantasy 1372

Reality TV 9833
12. Teen TV shows 60951
Teen comedies 3519

Teen dramas 9299

Teen screams 52147

13. Children & family movies 783
Disney 67673

Education for kids 10659

Movies for ages 0 to 2 6796

Movies for ages 2 to 4 6218

Movies for ages 5 to 7 5455

Movies for ages 8 to 10 561

Movies for ages 11 to 12 6962

Movies based on children's books 10056

Family features 51056

TV cartoons 11177

Kids' TV 27346

Kids Music 52843

Animal tales 5507
14. Anime 7424
Anime action 2653

Anime dramas 452

Adult animation 11881

Animal tales 5507

Anime fantasy 11146

Anime features 3063

Anime horror 10695

Anime Sci-Fi 2729

Anime series 6721

Anime comedies 9302
15. Independent movies 7077
Independent action & adventure 11804

Independent comedies 4195

Independent dramas 384

Romantic independent movies 9916

Independent thrillers 3269

Experimental movies 11079
16. Foreign movies 7462
Foreign action & adventure 11828

Classic Foreign Movies 32473

Foreign comedies 4426

Foreign documentaries 5161

Foreign dramas 2150

Foreign gay & lesbian movies 8243

Foreign horror movies 8654

Foreign Sci-Fi & fantasy 6485

Foreign thrillers 10306

Romantic foreign movies 7153

Asian action movies 77232

German movies 58886

Latin american movies 1613

African Movies 3761

British movies 10757

Australian movies 5230

Irish movies 58750

Italian Movies 8221

Japanese movies 10398

Dutch movies 10606

Belgian movies 262

Chinese movies 3960

Korean movies 5685

Spanish movies 58741

French movies 58807

Greek movies 61115

Indian movies 10463

New Zealand movies 63782

Russian movies 11567

Scandinavian movies 9292

Middle Eastern movies 5875

Southeast Asian Movies 9196

Eastern European movies 5254

Turkish movies 1133133
17. Music 1701
World music concerts 2856

Jazz & easy listening 10271

Latin music 10741

Musicals 13335

Rock & pop concerts 3278

Urban & dance concerts 9472

Kids music 52843

Country & western/folk 1105

Classic musicals 32392

Disney musicals 59433

Showbiz musicals 13573

Stage musicals 55774
18. Christmas
Family-friendly christmas films 1394522

Christmas children & family films 1474017

Christmas children & family films for ages 5 to 7 1477201

Christmas children & family films for ages 8 to 10 1477204

Christmas children & family films for ages 11 to 12 1477206

Goofy christmas children & family films 1475071

Christmas children & family films from the 1990s 1476024

British christmas children & family Ffilms 1527064

Feel-good christmas children & family films 1475066

Romantic christmas films 1394527

European christmas children & family films 1527063

Canadian christmas children & family films 1721544

Christmas children & family films from the 1990s 147602

19. Others Faith & spirituality movies 52804

Satanic stories 6998

Satires 4922

Stand-up comedies 11559

Art House Movies 29764

Epics 52858

Gangster movies 31851

Fantasy movies 9744

Film noir 7687

Experimental movies 11079

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How do Netflix Secret Codes work?

Netflix has divided genres in a very specific way through its category codes. Each code will redirect you to a particular genre, and there are hundreds of categories available to explore. So, the first thing you need to do is to find the relevant code as per the genre you wish to watch content from.

Netflix Secret Codes

For this, you can use the above table of secret codes. Once you find the relevant code according to your interest, go through these steps:

1) After choosing the appropriate code, copy that code and go to the Netflix site on your PC or laptop. After opening the Netflix site, hit browse and type this URL in the search bar:

  • where XXXX will be that particular code that you want to explore in the site.

2) This will open the specific page on which the content from the particular category will appear. You can keep scrolling the page until you find the relevant show/movie from that category that you want to binge-watch.

3) Each code will open the different pages according to the type of genre it is associating with. Many times, it might happen that the code you copied doesn’t work. It will be because Netflix keeps updating its library, and they might have to change the code for that particular category.

4) You cannot use these codes in Netflix App or SmartTV. These codes only work when you access Netflix from the browser. So you can use them only by accessing Netflix on PC or Laptop.

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What are the benefits of Netflix Secret Codes?

1) Netflix’s algorithm is very unique and strange, and it doesn’t allow you to explore content from a large number of genres. Its AI understands your interest based on your previous watching history and only recommends you the same type of content which you have previously watched. But many times, the person doesn’t want to watch the same type of content and want to explore different categories. For which, he/she can use these secret codes which will give you access to huge content based on different genres.

2) Another benefit of these codes is they provide you highly-filtered content. Each genre is categorized so precisely that the content distribution is very neat and easy for viewers. If you want to watch Dark Romance, then there is a separate category & code for it, and it will not include all the romantic content. It will only contain content related to Dark Romance.

3) These codes let you watch that content that might not be available anywhere else apart from Netflix, and you can kill your boredom during this lockdown by watching all the exclusive content on Netflix through these secret codes of hidden genres.

Our team has curated the list of all working and possible secret codes of Netflix for your entertainment. Please give it a try if you haven’t yet, and share your experience with us. Binge-watch and Chill!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix Codes

1. What are the Netflix codes?

Netflix codes are the secret Netflix genre codes using which one can access to the movies and shows of the hidden genres. We have a list of top main genres with their subcategories to explore. Check now!

2. Where can I find Netflix secret codes?

You can find Netflix secret codes for hundreds of categories in this article. Feel free to check them out.

3. What are the benefits of Netflix codes?

The major benefit of Netflix Codes is that we get plenty of films and shows choices to choose from based on our interests. Second, we don’t have to rely on just Netflix’s recommendations.

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