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If there is 1 item Fire Emblem fans need, it is more Fire Emblem. When Nintendo announced the fourth”tide” of Three Homes DLC are a full-blown growth, branded Cindered Shadows, we show devotees Id went nuts. Nevertheless, it was not clear what precisely the DLC was.

Could Cindered Shadows be a self explanatory effort, kind of like The Last of Us: Left Behind? ) Or would it incorporate seamlessly into the bottom game? Does that mean we would just get a couple of brand new playable characters and assignments? Or, wait, is it the sort of thing that basically changes the story? And is that going to impact Part 1, or simply Part 2? Do we need to begin the whole match over as a way to perform with the DLC? Come on, who’s 96 hours to spare? Additionally, while we are at it, why on earth are Claude and Edelgard and other man hanging out with all the new characters?

Currently that Cindered Shadows is officially from the wild, as of 8:00 p.m. EST last nightwe have answers. Most of all, yes, this newest batch of DLC truly is a standalone narrative. You get it from the primary menu. It has its own different group of save documents.

What exactly does Cindered Shadows add to the match?

When you have paid cursory attention to the Cindered Shadows hype train, you are aware that the new DLC stars four brand new characters. There is Constance, a mage, and Yuri, a sword-wielder. They are joined from the Hapi, the Valkyrie, who’s anything but joyful. (At the first hour Cindered Shadows, Hapi softly brings up the merciless inevitability of death more than once.) In the end, there is Balthus, a muscle-bound brawler and also the chief of this group. This group of misfits compose the Ashen Wolves, the long forgotten”fourth home” of Garreg Mach Monastery.

That is correct: there is a fourth home! Turns out Garreg Mach has more in common with Hogwarts than previously envisioned.

Cindered Shadows also adds four courses –Dark Flier, War Cleric, Trickster, and, at a much welcome return, Valkyrie–and a lot of quests, paralogues, and actions. There is also a completely new area to research. It is Named Abyss, and it is the House of the Ashen Wolves.

How much time does it take to satisfy those”Ashen Wolves?”

Narratively, you are going to encounter the characters in short order, but you will want to play about an hour or so until they join your roster.

It is apparent from the get-go which Cindered Shadows happens at a certain stage at Part 1 of the major narrative. Claude’s hair remains unkempt, etc. From what I could collect –so much, I have just played the DLC to get a few of hours –the framing story is this entire DLC is a negative story, an extracurricular experience that amuses the Garreg Mach Class of 1180 for a brief while.

Claude, displaying his fearless leadership abilities
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Following some classic Fire Emblem plot material (“Oh, look, a dimly lit tunnel, wonder what is down there”), Byleth and some honor roll students–Claude, Hilda, Edelgard, Ashe, Lindhardt, plus some man with blue armor that, let us face it, likely got into Garreg Mach thanks to plum relations –put off. Straight away, they are ambushed from the Ashen Wolves.

We will not spoil what happens next. But understand that, when the 2 fight kicks away, Balthus and business will be yours to control. They start off at level 20, as do the other components supplied for you in the DLC.

Can Cindered Shadows influence the vanilla Three Homes match?

Yesbut it is not a causal change.

As you advance through the DLC, you will unlock new quests, paralogues, and actions, in addition to the new characters and courses. The brand new characters unlock from the bottom game of Fire Emblem: Three (Four?) Homes once you clear the very first chapter of Cindered Shadows. You will have the ability to encounter and recruit them Part 1. (I have not finished the Cindered Shadows plotline however, so I have not had a opportunity to see how else the DLC impacts the base match, but it appears quite probable that the characters have”all grown up” variations in Section 2.)

The four new courses are also available at the base game as soon as you clear the very first chapter of Cindered Shadows. For the certification examinations, you’re going to require an Abyssian Exam Pass. This product, as well as the new figures, will become accessible from the base game beginning after Chapter 2.

Cindered Shadows is contained at the Fire Emblem: Three Homes Expansion Pass( that retails for $25. If you have bought that and upgraded your sport, you need to see an alternative for”Side Story” from the primary menu. Select that to begin Cindered Shadows.

Only to highlight the fantastic news one last period: No, for the love of Seiros, you do not need to begin Three Homes over from scratch.

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