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High Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Info, Rumors, Updates


High Rise Invasion has been streaming on Netflix since February 25th and has already amassed a sizable fan base. The anime series has also received a lot of good feedback. As a result, most viewers have already seen all of the episodes in that season. They also began to worry whether the much-loved High Rise Invasion would return for a second season.

The new anime series, which is a horror-mystery-themed Japanese survival anime, is Netflix’s first anime selection for 2021. It follows Yuri Honj, a 16-year-old high school student who becomes lost in an “abnormal place.” Countless buildings are linked by suspension bridges, and “masked individuals” kill their confused and fleeing victims ruthlessly. And we’ve been keeping an eye on her as she attempts to make the best decision she can to live in this terrible environment.

The release of High Rise Invasion was originally revealed during the Netflix Anime Festival, with four other anime projects: Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure, Thermae Romae Novae, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan and The Way of the Househusband. Will there be a new season of High Rise Invasion on Netflix?

High Rise Invasion: What Can We Expect From Season 2?

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It would be premature to learn about the beloved anime’s second season given that the anime just came out on February 25. So yet, neither Netflix nor Zero-G have announced a renewal for High Rise Invasion season 2. On the other hand, if we consider the first season to be open-ended, it wouldn’t harm to predict that the series would most likely continue. Let’s delve a bit further, but be aware that the remainder of this article may contain spoilers.

Even though we can’t always trust Netflix to deliver what it says, it often adds additional seasons based on the show’s success and audience feedback. So far, the reviews for High Rise Invasion have been overwhelmingly favorable. On the other side, there are many unanswered issues in the minds of viewers, suggesting that the series should continue to address them. So far, the survival anime has been well received, and fans are eagerly anticipating a second season to see more of it. With all of this in mind, viewers may relax and look forward to the second season of High Rise Invasion. At least, that’s what we believe and hope.

So keep an eye on the news when it breaks. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more! Until then, check out some of the great anime coming to Netflix in January or learn more about the first season of High Rise Invasion.

High Rise Invasion Season 1 Recap

‘High-Rise Invasion’ is a Netflix original net animation (ONA) based on a Japanese manga series written by Tsuina Miura and drawn by Takahiro Oba. The tale takes place in an “abnormal space” that resembles a vast city linked by suspension bridges. The heroine, a young girl called Yuri Honj, finds herself in this odd world one day and learns that if she wants to live, she must either escape or murder a gang of aggressive masked people. Here’s all you need to know about the ‘High-Rise Invasion’s’ conclusion. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Yuri is in her classroom one minute and then on the top of a building in the “abnormal space” the next. She soon discovers that her brother Rika has been taken there as well, and her primary goal becomes reuniting with him. She encounters Mayuko Nise, a prolific knife-wielder and indifferent former angel and smiling mask, early in the series. They become close friends and comrades, assisting one another in surviving in this perilous environment. Yuri, who was first ignorant and frightened, eventually proves to be an exceptional game player. She and Mayuko eventually established additional beneficial partnerships with other players and rebuilt masked characters such as Sniper Mask.

In the last scene, Yuri, Mayuko, and their friends prepare for an imminent attack from the masks controlled by Mamoru Aikawa, a strong Closer to God who formerly had control of 30 masks. Mamoru delivers Great Angel, a mask with frightening abilities that Mamoru had to lock to recover mental control. The Great Angel causes chaos among Yuri’s friends, killing Kazuma Aohara, a Closer to God. Meanwhile, before using the Railgun System, Sniper Mask consoles Kuon Shinzaki, another Closer to God.

No, Yuri and Reki do not reconcile at the end of the first season of ‘High-Rise Invasion.’ While they each proclaim at the start of the series that finding each other is their top priority, defending their respective friends always takes first. Swimmer Mask kidnaps Reki on Mamoru’s behalf around the time Yuri becomes a Closer to God. When Yuri learns of this, she embraces her evil side and sets out to hunt those guilty for her brother’s kidnapping. Mayuko is there to bring her back from the brink of the abyss, which is fortunate for her.

The possibility of their reunion remains a key narrative element throughout the season. Great Angel is severely weakened by Kuon and Mayuko’s combined effort in the climax. Yuri comes after beating Swimmer Mask and locks Great Angel’s abilities, allowing her to control him with her newly acquired manipulation ability. She makes the whole procedure seem easy, while Mamoru was on the verge of failure when he did it. As a result, Yuri has a lot of potential as a Closer to God, and he’s probably the best bet to win the game.

Mamoru threatens Yuri after discovering the truth about Reki and Yuri’s relationship through Student Mask and eventually breaks through Reki’s wall of icy detachment that he has constructed around himself in prison. Each sibling’s greatest source of vulnerability is the other. And their adversaries are figuring out how to take advantage of it.

The anime suggests that Reki and Sniper Mask were childhood friends, although this is most likely a ruse. If that was the case, when Sniper Mask removed his mask, Yuri would have recognized him. Reki and Sniper Mask, on the other hand, seem to have known each other for quite some time. Sniper Mask’s mind contains a younger version of Reki, suggesting that they have cared for each other since they were youngsters. Reki and Sniper Mask’s common history is mostly unexplored as the season comes to a close, but it will almost certainly be addressed next season.

The ‘High-Rise Invasion’ mask-wearing characters have had their brains hacked via the masks, which are sophisticated gadgets that govern the wearers’ actions. Season 1 introduces four different kinds of masks and the characters who wear them: angels who smile, furious guardian angels, emotionless masks, and faceless masks.

Angel masks are the most popular kind of mask. Their primary goal in the game is to depress their victims to the point where they will commit suicide. If it doesn’t work, the murder command is issued. If a mask fails to do so, the wearer is given the order to commit suicide. Another command is Hibernation, which forces a rebellious or defective mask to die a long and agonizing death.

The primary task of the guardian angels is to prevent God’s creation or the destruction of the current world, both of which seem to be the game’s ultimate goals. The emotionless masks are worn by non-combatant users whose primary mission is to provide supplies and information to others.

The users of the faceless masks grow closer to God and acquire a variety of powers, including the ability to manipulate angels with whom their wavelengths match. The faceless masks break as the connection is established, unlike the other three masks, which stay on the user after the bond is formed. Angels have the fewest autonomous brain activity of any of the masks. They may, however, acquire some control after forming a bond with a Closer to God.

This is one of the major unresolved mysteries after the season. Mamoru, the season’s main adversary, is seen by both Yuri and Reki as the greatest danger to themselves and their friends. Mamoru understands that the real goal of the game is to transform into God, and he is working hard to achieve it. However, he is unlikely to be the story’s true adversary. A wicked inventor and similarly disturbed administrators are unavoidable in such a complex and naturally cruel game, and Yuri’s actions are likely to have drawn their notice.

Index Of High Rise Invasion Season 1 – List Of Episodes

Name of The EpisodeAvailabilityEpisode 1I Just Don’t Get This WorldWatch It NowEpisode 2I’ve Found a New GoalWatch It NowEpisode 3I’m Sorry, Mayuko NiseWatch It NowEpisode 4I Won’t Give in to This WorldWatch It NowEpisode 5That’s an Incredible Ultimate WeaponWatch It NowEpisode 6If I Become a Perfect GodWatch It NowEpisode 7I Will End This RealmWatch It NowEpisode 8I’ve Cast Off My Humanity, But That’s FineWatch It NowEpisode 9Which of Us Will Live a Cool Live?Watch It NowEpisode 10Our Enemy is One Who Desires ChaosWatch It NowEpisode 11I AM Justice!Watch It NowEpisode 12This is a High-Rise InvasionWatch It Now

Final Thoughts About High Rise Invasion

So I’m constantly scrolling through Netflix’s anime section looking for new and or interesting enemies that will pique my interest in giving Merritt a good watch. Today I finished watching High-rise Invasion, and I must say it was well-crafted.

Given the plot/premise of the anime, their choice of opening and outro music was extremely appropriate, and it is highly likely to be renewed for a second season, provided that the ratings from here and on Netflix remain consistently high through March.

I can’t wait for a second season, and I can’t take it when a program abruptly ends, particularly when a major narrative twist appears in the last scene of the 12th episode. I’m curious about Rika’s code, and I’m aware that there was a discussion of a system overflow or surge when a strong angel is created from a mask.

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