High School Musical: The Musical: The String continues the heritage of Disney musicals. At the next season of this Disney Plus first, the play program at East High will soon be putting on a generation of Beauty and the Beast. A trailer movie of the cast singing”Beauty and the Beast” (like in the special tune called”Beauty and the Beast”) functioned as the statement. Which HSMTMTS personality will perform that Beauty and the Beast personality? Allow the fancasting start.

The first period of this series focused on the East High play program placing on a generation of High School Musical, which in this world was likewise a musical which premiered on Disney Channel. Delighting at self-referential jokes (at one stage, play instructor Miss Jenn dreams a fantastic dance series where Lucas Grabeel in the first film serenades her), High School Musical: The Musical: The String did not only celebrate the nostalgia of this 2006 film — it also simplifies it to get a brand new generation of Disney watchers and subverted a few of the first film’s tropes. As an example, the characters initially housed in the antagonistic characters were awarded well-rounded arcs and rather than treating cliques since the end-all-be-all of high school, each of the figures had different hobbies and interests beyond”psychedelic mathematics woman” and”basketball playmaker.”

The series, while a loving tribute to High School Musical, has to evolve and take on various Disney legacies. A few, however, might be disappointed that Seb (Joe Serafini), that played with Sharpay at the very first season, will not have to belt out”Fabulous,” the iconic Sharpay tune from High School Musical 2. But, hey, this may very well be a plot point from the new year.

Season two High School Musical: The Musical: The String rolls to production shortly. No launch date was announced.