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Hillary Clinton reverses course and States she’Can do Anything I can to Encourage our nominee’


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reacted on Tuesday to criticism over comments she made about leading 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders, stating that she’ll support whoever the nominee isn’t a matter what.

In footage shot to get a four-part Hulu documentary series to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this week, Clinton criticized Sanders, stating that”nobody likes him” at Washington.

“He had been in Congress for many years. He had one senator service him,” Clinton said from the documentary collection, according to The Hollywood Reporter.“Nobody likes him, no one would like to work with himhe got nothing . He had been a career politician. It is all just baloney, and that I feel so awful that folks got sucked into it”

Clinton would not explicitly commit to encouraging Sanders when he became the Democratic nominee.

“I am not planning to go there yet,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in a meeting. “We are still in a really vigorous main season.”

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On Tuesday evening, Clinton defended her words, stating that she was only providing her”authentic” perspective on the upcoming election period — and she explained support to the Democratic Party nominee.

“I thought everyone needed my true, unvarnished views!” She composed on Twitter.

“However, to be severe, the number one priority for our nation and planet is staggered Trump, and, like I have, I’ll do anything I could to encourage our nominee,” she continued.

Sanders reacted to Clinton’s remarks, telling NBC reporter Geoff Bennett on Tuesday he has a minumum of one fan in your home.

“On a fantastic day, my wife likes me, so let us clear the air on this one,” he explained.

Clinton has butted heads together with her 2016 Democratic competition previously.

Sanders supported the former secretary of state later waiting a full month throughout the 2016 election.

Clinton later said she had been frustrated by the length of time it took for Sanders to announce his service. She also discussed her feelings in a meeting last month with Howard Stern a month.

“I expect he does not do it to whomever gets the nomination,” she explained.

Surveys imply that Sanders was surging in polls in early-voting states in recent weeks, along with a recent survey from Morning Verify on voter remarks found that Sanders had been the most popular US senator.

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