Hollywood started more Podcasts to create more content for people
Hollywood started more Podcasts to create more content for people

All the broadcast network and the cable channels have finally decided that they need to compete with different streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is the reason that they have decided that they will start Podcasts because this is the only way through which they will be able to compete with the other services because Podcast is now a booming sector for content creators.

The entertainment ways of television are very old now and people have evolved. The entertainment of YouTube and other streaming services are very much versatile in nature and this is the reason they are able to cope up with the changing market. People are now tired of watching the content which is streamed on television and this is the reason Television has decided to make a diverse range of contents which include Podcasts.

Television has changed in a diverse manner and all the lead actors of Hollywood are now concentrating on creating web series rather than creating a movie because, in case of a web series, the creative freedom is much more whereas in case of a movie the creative freedom is much less. People are also paid handsomely in web series and this is why more actors are doing web series.

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More and more people like Julia Roberts are moving from the traditional media for doing content in different streaming services. People have stopped watching traditional media for a long time. Now all the traditional media are trying extra hard so that they are able to survive in the market. More and more people are investing their money on new age entertainment and therefore there is a shortage of traditional media investors.

Sandra Bullock has made a new movie called Bird Box which will release in the theaters, but this movie will also be streaming on Netflix from the day of its release. This goes on to show how media is also trying to evolve itself and make the most of all the streaming services. This help tremendously in generating more revenue.

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All the streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos are now looking for ways so that they are able to invest their money in mainstream entertainment and bring it to their streaming services. This bold step by the streaming services has definitely made a lot of people using streaming services happy.