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How do you play the game Slingo?

How do you play the game Slingo?

As the world of online gambling continues to enjoy an unprecedented level of traction, players across the planet are looking to join the fun in whatever way they can. Traditionally, this has meant playing classic online casino games such as slots, table games or even bingo. Now though, the fast-moving online gambling industry has led

Hilda Workman
Aug 02, 2021

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As the world of online gambling continues to enjoy an unprecedented level of traction, players across the planet are looking to join the fun in whatever way they can.

Traditionally, this has meant playing classic online casino games such as slots, table games or even bingo. Now though, the fast-moving online gambling industry has led to a surge in new games, with options more varied than ever.

One such option is slingo, a hybrid game that has taken the world by storm in recent times. Essentially a mixture of bingo and slot machine games, slingo is seriously exciting and promises hours of fun, not to mention the potential for a serious jackpot win! Sounds fun? Players looking to learn more about slingo can click here for a definitive list of top slingo sites to enjoy online.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into how to play the game of slingo, considering what exactly the game entails as well as our top tips on how to bag yourself a win!

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking with a peek at what exactly slingo is and how you can start enjoying this awesome new game today.

What is slingo?

Combining elements of bingo and slot machines, slingo is a thrilling online game to play on the internet from the comfort of home. Many sites even offer mobile slingo nowadays, with this sector of the industry rapidly growing. Without question, there is no other offering out there quite like slingo, with excitement and fun blending for what is a stunning experience!

Slingo is a mixture of 75 ball bingo with a slot machine game, combining the awesome nature of both games to the perfect degree.  With a 5 x 5 grid that seems to resemble a 75 ball bingo card, the reels sit just underneath and, unlike regular slots, just one space is visible upon each. If you think this seems like an exciting combo, why not try slingo today?

How do you play slingo?

Playing slingo is super easy! If you have ever played slots or bingo, you should have no problem. This counts double if you are into both of these! The basic things to remember when enjoying slingo is to focus as hard as possible as this is a fast-moving game that requires your full attention if you’re going to scoop that major win!

The best way to enjoy slingo is, of course, via online websites specialising in gambling. Whether you choose a new site or somewhere with a long, proven track record of providing high quality gaming, be sure to go with a reputable site that has a high-quality license.

Overall, the game of slingo can be said to be one of the most exciting new offerings to emerge in recent years in the world of online casinos. Blending the excitement of slots with the adrenaline rush of bingo, slingo packs a lot into a single game and makes for an experience like no other!

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