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How Many Types Of Weapons Are There In Bloodborne? Exploring The Arsenal Of Weapons In Bloodborne

In this article, we will talk about how many types of weapons are there in Bloodborne and more. Bloodborne, developed by FromSoftware, is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game renowned for its atmospheric setting, challenging gameplay, and intricate lore.

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May 29, 20232836 Shares202562 Views
In this article, we will talk about how many types of weapons are there in Bloodborne?and more. Bloodborne, developed by FromSoftware, is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game renowned for its atmospheric setting, challenging gameplay, and intricate lore.
One of the game's most captivating aspects is its vast array of weapons, each offering unique playstyles and strategic possibilities for players to embrace. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the diverse arsenal of weapons in Bloodborne, discussing their types, characteristics, and strengths, as well as providing insights into their lore and origins.

Trick Weapons - Transformative Elegance

At the heart of Bloodborne's combat system lies the concept of trick weapons—innovative armaments that possess the ability to change forms, offering distinct movesets and combat styles.
Trick weapons grant players the flexibility to adapt their tactics to any situation, ensuring no two encounters feel the same. Here are a few notable examples:

Saw Cleaver - The Hunter's Classic

The Saw Cleaver is the iconic starting weapon for hunters, featuring a compact design that resembles a saw when extended.

Bloodborne - Saw Cleaver (Move Set Showcase)

It excels in swift, close-range strikes, allowing for rapid combos and high damage output. Its transformed state extends the blade, revealing jagged teeth that tear through enemies with brutal efficiency.

Ludwig's Holy Blade - Versatile Might

Ludwig's Holy Blade is a versatile and imposing weapon favored by many skilled hunters. In its standard form, it appears as a longsword, enabling quick and precise strikes. However, when transformed, it manifests as a massive greatsword, delivering devastating blows that can stagger even the most formidable adversaries.

Threaded Cane - Elegance In Motion

The Threaded Cane exemplifies grace and finesse. In its initial state, it masquerades as a seemingly unassuming cane, suitable for both quick thrusts and stylish whips. Once transformed, it extends into a serrated whip, granting hunters impressive crowd control and range.

Firearms - A Hunter's Ranged Advantage

While melee combat takes center stage in Bloodborne, the game also provides hunters with a range of firearms to complement their playstyle. These weapons serve dual purposes: inflicting damage from a distance and parrying enemies to open up devastating visceral attacks. Let's explore a couple of noteworthy firearms:

Hunter Pistol - Quick And Precise

The Hunter Pistol is the starting firearm for most hunters, offering a balance of speed and damage.

Bloodborne Hunter's pistol review/showcase

It boasts a quick firing rate, allowing hunters to interrupt enemy attacks and parry with precision. Successful parries create opportunities for visceral attacks, dealing immense damage.

Evelyn - A Gentleman's Arsenal

The Evelyn is a unique firearm, favored by hunters specializing in Bloodtinge—the stat governing firearms and blood-based attacks. This stylish and powerful pistol scales exceptionally well with Bloodtinge, maximizing its damage potential. Its elegant design reflects its efficacy as a tool for skilled marksmen.

Arcane Tools - Unleashing Elemental Fury

For hunters who dabble in the arcane arts, Bloodborne presents a collection of specialized tools that harness the power of elemental forces. These tools consume Quicksilver Bullets to cast spells and unleash devastating arcane abilities. Here are two noteworthy examples:

Flamesprayer - Fiery Conflagration

The Flamesprayer emits a stream of intense flames, scorching enemies with unrelenting fire damage.
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This tool allows hunters to keep foes at bay while continually inflicting substantial damage over time. It serves as a potent weapon against beasts weak to fire, providing a tactical advantage in certain encounters.

Augur Of Ebrietas - Unseen Force

The Augur of Ebrietas summons tentacles of dark energy, which strike enemies and unleash devastating damage. This arcane tool grants hunters the ability to stagger enemies, opening them up for critical attacks.
The Augur of Ebrietas also serves as a versatile tool for parrying, allowing skilled hunters to interrupt enemy attacks and perform visceral strikes.

Unique And Exotic Weapons - A Hunter's Rarity

In addition to the wide range of trick weapons, firearms, and arcane tools, Bloodborne features several unique and exotic weapons that are both rare and powerful. These weapons often possess extraordinary abilities or characteristics, making them coveted treasures for experienced hunters. Here are a few notable examples:

Chikage - The Bloodletter

The Chikage is a legendary katana wielded by the Cainhurst Vilebloods. It requires the mastery of Bloodtinge to unleash its true potential.

Bloodborne: Chikage (Weapon Review)

When transformed, the Chikage bathes its blade in blood, sacrificing the wielder's health for devastating, blood-infused attacks. It epitomizes the dark allure of the Vilebloods and offers a playstyle that embraces risk and reward.

Rakuyo - The Dual-blade Elegance

The Rakuyo is a dual-bladed weapon imbued with elegance and deadliness. It was once wielded by a distant Eastern land's hunters and has since found its way into Yharnam.
Its tricked form reveals a second blade, transforming it into a lethal weapon of unmatched finesse. The Rakuyo's swift strikes and intricate combos make it a formidable choice for hunters seeking grace in combat.

Whirligig Saw - Unleashing The Beast

The Whirligig Saw is a massive, serrated weapon that resembles a transformed saw blade affixed to a handle. Its tricked state sets the blade spinning, allowing hunters to unleash a relentless storm of devastating attacks. This weapon is favored by those who seek to unleash their inner beast and revel in the chaos of the hunt.

How Many Types Of Weapons Are There In Bloodborne?

In Bloodborne, there are a total of 26 different types of weapons available for players to wield.

Bloodborne all weapons Showcase

These weapons encompass a variety of categories, including trick weapons, firearms, and arcane tools. Here is a breakdown of the weapon types in the game:

Trick Weapons

  • Saw Cleaver
  • Hunter Axe
  • Threaded Cane
  • Hunter Blunderbuss
  • Ludwig's Holy Blade
  • Kirkhammer
  • Hunter's Pistol
  • Reiterpallasch
  • Blade of Mercy
  • Hunter's Torch
  • Stake Driver
  • Rifle Spear
  • Tonitrus
  • Burial Blade
  • Logarius' Wheel
  • Chikage
  • Simon's Bowblade
  • Beast Cutter
  • Amygdalan Arm
  • Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Beasthunter Saif
  • Church Pick
  • Rakuyo
  • Whirligig Saw
  • Kos Parasite


  • Hunter Pistol
  • Hunter Blunderbuss
  • Ludwig's Rifle
  • Evelyn
  • Rosmarinus
  • Cannon
  • Flamesprayer
  • Gatling Gun

Arcane Tools

  • Hunter's Torch
  • Flamesprayer
  • Rosmarinus
  • Tiny Tonitrus
  • Empty Phantasm Shell
  • Augur of Ebrietas
  • A Call Beyond
  • Executioner's Gloves
  • Choir Bell
Each weapon type offers its own distinct movesets, strengths, and playstyles, allowing players to tailor their approach to combat based on personal preferences and the challenges they face in the game.
From swift and agile weapons to heavy-hitting and transformative ones, the diverse array of weapons in Bloodborne ensures that hunters can find their preferred tool of destruction in the hunt against the nightmarish creatures of Yharnam.

Lost And Uncanny Weapons - Unveiling Hidden Potential

Within the world of Bloodborne, there are variations of weapons known as Lost and Uncanny weapons. These unique variations possess different gem slots, allowing players to customize their weapons further and unlock hidden potential.
These variations can be found in Chalice Dungeons, which are procedurally generated and offer new challenges and rewards. Here's what you need to know about these special weapon variations:

Lost Weapons

Lost weapons have different gem slot configurations compared to their standard counterparts. These variations can provide additional benefits, such as increased damage output or unique elemental effects.
By obtaining Lost weapons and slotting powerful Blood Gems into them, hunters can enhance their combat capabilities and tailor their weapons to specific playstyles or enemy weaknesses.

Uncanny Weapons

Uncanny weapons, like Lost weapons, have different gem slot configurations from their standard versions. These variations offer alternative gem slot placements, allowing hunters to experiment with different combinations of Blood Gems for varied effects.
By strategically equipping the right gems, hunters can optimize their weapons for specific attributes, such as increased physical damage, elemental damage, or status effects.

People Also Ask

Which Weapon Is Best In Bloodborne?

The best weapon in Bloodborne ultimately depends on personal preference and playstyle. Each weapon offers unique strengths and movesets, allowing players to choose the weapon that suits their preferred combat style.
It is recommended to experiment with different weapons and find the one that feels the most comfortable and effective for your gameplay.

How Many Trick Weapons Are There In Bloodborne?

Bloodborne features a total of 26 trick weapons for players to wield. These weapons offer transformative abilities, allowing hunters to switch between different forms with distinct movesets, providing versatile options for various combat situations.

Where Can I Find Lost And Uncanny Weapons In Bloodborne?

Lost and Uncanny weapons can be found in Chalice Dungeons, which are procedurally generated dungeons that offer additional challenges and rewards.
Exploring these dungeons and defeating bosses within them has a chance of granting you Lost and Uncanny weapon variations. It's recommended to delve into the Chalice Dungeons to discover these unique weapon variations and further enhance your arsenal.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about how many types of weapons are there in Bloodborne. Bloodborne's extensive arsenal of weapons provides hunters with an incredible range of playstyle options and strategic possibilities.
From the transformative elegance of trick weapons to the ranged advantage of firearms and the arcane fury of tools, each weapon offers a unique and thrilling experience.
As hunters explore the nightmarish streets of Yharnam and face the horrors that lurk within, the choice of weapon becomes an essential decision, shaping the very essence of their journey. So, equip yourself, embrace your preferred playstyle, and prepare to face the unimaginable with the arsenal of weapons in Bloodborne.
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