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How Star Wars KOTOR II’s Big Bad Might Be The Force Itself


The pc RPG Star Wars Knights of the Previous Republic II: The Sith Lords, launched by Obsidian Studios in 2004, transcended its rushed launch and incomplete gameplay with a spectacular story, centered across the disturbing risk that the Power was the true antagonist of the Star Wars universe. This surprising risk is explored by means of its complicated characters and the fixed battle of Jedi vs. Sith.

“Could the Power be with you,” is a distinguished line in each Star Wars film, utilized by parting pals or as a blessing. Is the “Power being with you” a very good factor, although? That is the query that Kreia, the cynical mentor determine from KOTOR II, urges gamers to contemplate.

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Chris Avellone, author and designer for Star Wars Knight of the Previous Republic II: The Sith Lords, loves writing philosophical, character-driven RPGs centered round quandaries of life, demise, energy, and society. For him, grand ethical statements in a narrative are much less vital than grand ethical questions, and in KOTOR II, Kreia is eager on asking the participant very robust questions.

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KOTOR II’s Characters Are Skeptical Of The Power

At the beginning of Knights of the Old Republic II, the participant character, a former Jedi banished for committing struggle crimes, encounters a blind, previous Power-user named Kreia who joins the celebration to assist the protagonist reunite the Jedi Order and relearn the methods of the Power. A clever, brown-robed mentor? To this point, so good, besides that Kreia doesn’t match the Obi-Wan Kenobi archetype. Her phrases betray a bitter disdain in the direction of the selfless code of the Jedi and the egocentric passions of the Sith. She urges the participant character to grasp non-Power abilities, and expresses distaste in the direction of relying on others – be they celebration member or the Power itself, an influence that, in her view, solely manipulates those that use it.

The Power Compels Gamers To Go To Ethical Extremes

Knight of the Previous Republic II inherits a karma system from its prequel, the Bioware-helmed Knights of the Previous Republic, through which good/unhealthy deeds improve a Gentle Facet/Darkish Facet score and unlock sure Power Powers. A mechanic like this incentivizes gamers to grind powers by means of inflexible ethical selections – giving cash to each beggar unlocks Power Heal, and burning down an orphanage results in Power Lightning.

We see this within the narrative of KOTOR II as effectively. Jedi cling to dogma for worry of falling from the Gentle, and Sith torture bystanders simply to extend their affinity with the Darkish Facet. The Power rewards Jedi and Sith for clinging to opposing extremes of philosophy. From the view of Kreia and different characters, this drives them to battle one another throughout the galaxy, a cycle of struggle that by no means ends.

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The celebration members in KOTOR II all bear some type of secret previous: a lovable rogue who tortured Jedi, a probe droid who runs a legal syndicate, and so on. Kreia, essentially the most secret of all, hides her nature as much as the top, however we see hints of her personal agenda revealed in sure scenes: self-loathing in the direction of her hypocritical reliance on the Power, hope that the participant character can break the established order, and a want to finish the battle of Gentle versus Darkish completely. With out the Power to attract on, the wars between Jedi and Sith would finish – or maybe all life within the galaxy can be extinguished…

For all the recommendation and knowledge Kreia purports to share with gamers, she provides no clear solutions on the climax of Star Wars Knights of the Previous Republic II: The Sith Lords. Does the existence of the Power make the Star Wars galaxy higher or worse off? Do the nice deeds of Jedi outweigh the cruelties of the Sith? Solely the gamers of KOTOR II can reply these questions: Chris Avellone and Kreia solely care that their questions are given severe thought.

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