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How Tall Is Bretman Rock And Other Physical Attributes


Bretman Rock is a popular social media personality who has garnered immense fame and following on various online platforms. With his unique sense of humor, quirky personality, and exceptional talent, he has captured the attention of millions of people worldwide.

Born Bretman Sacayanan, he adopted the name Bretman Rock as a tribute to two of his favorite wrestlers, Bret Hart, and The Rock. His success on social media is a testament to his ability to connect with his audience through his relatable content and engaging personality.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how tall is Bretman Rock, his life, and achievements of Bretman Rock, including his massive following on Instagram and YouTube, as well as his trendy online store, Wnrs Market.

Quick Facts About Bretman Rock

Full NameBretman Sacayanan
Date Of BirthJuly 31, 1991
Famous AsYouTuber
Age31 years
Nick NameBretman Rock
Family NameSacayanan
Birth PlacePhilippines
Current ResidenceEwa Beach, Hawaii, USA

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Early Life Of Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock, whose real name is Bretman Sacayanan, was born on July 31, 1991, in the Philippines. He spent most of his childhood on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where he was raised by his mother, who worked as a beautician

Bretman has two siblings, a younger sister named Princess Mae and a younger brother named Ezekiel. Bretman attended Campbell High School in Hawaii but dropped out in his junior year.

He later obtained his high school diploma through online education. Growing up, Bretman was a creative and outgoing child who loved to dance and sing. He also had an interest in makeup and fashion, which he later incorporated into his social media persona.

Bretman started his social media career in 2012 when he posted his first video on YouTube. However, it was not until 2015 that he gained significant attention for his videos, which showcased his unique personality, humor, and makeup skills. He has since amassed a massive following on various social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Career Of Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock's career began in 2012 when he started creating content on YouTube. His early videos were a mix of makeup tutorials, fashion vlogs, and comedy skits. However, it was not until 2015 that he gained significant attention for his videos, which showcased his unique personality, humor, and makeup skills.

In 2016, Bretman participated in the "NYX Face Awards," a beauty competition where he showcased his creative makeup skills. He was a finalist in the competition, which helped to increase his visibility on social media.

Bretman's career took off in 2017 when he gained millions of followers on Instagram, thanks to his entertaining videos and hilarious posts. His content is known for its authenticity and relatability, which has helped him to connect with his audience on a personal level. He has also been recognized for his positive impact on body positivity and his advocacy for inclusivity and diversity.

In 2018, Bretman was featured in YouTube's "Instant Influencer" series as a guest judge. The series, which was hosted by James Charles, aimed to find the next big beauty influencer. His appearance on the show helped to increase his popularity even further.

Bretman has also collaborated with several major brands, including Morphe, Colourpop, and Wet n Wild. He has launched his own makeup collection with Colourpop and has even released his own perfume.

In addition to his social media career, Bretman has also dabbled in acting. He made his acting debut in 2020 with a cameo role in the Netflix movie "A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting."

Bretman's success on social media has also led him to launch his own online store, Wnrs Market. The store sells a range of trendy clothing and accessories, all of which are personally curated by Bretman himself.

Awards And Achievements Of Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock has achieved numerous awards and recognitions throughout his social media career. He has won multiple awards for his makeup skills, including being a finalist in the "NYX Face Awards" in 2016. In 2019, he won the "Beauty Influencer of the Year" award at the People's Choice Awards, cementing his status as one of the top beauty influencers on social media.

In addition to these awards, Bretman has also been featured in various magazines and media outlets, including Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Paper Magazine. He has also been invited to attend major fashion events, such as New York Fashion Week, where he has collaborated with designers and showcased his fashion sense.

Bretman's impact on social media and the beauty industry has not gone unnoticed, and he has been recognized for his advocacy for inclusivity and diversity. In 2021, he was named one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World" in the "Pioneers" category, a prestigious honor that acknowledges his impact and influence on social media and beyond.

Personal Life Of Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is a private person when it comes to his personal life, and he has not publicly shared any information about his married life as he is not married. However, he is known to be close to his family and often features them in his videos and posts.

Bretman is openly gay and has talked about his experiences growing up as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He has also used his platform to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and advocate for acceptance and equality.

Bretman Rock In Black West
Bretman Rock In Black West

How Tall Is Bretman Rock And Other Physical Attributes

Bretman Rock is known for his unique and striking appearance. If you are wondering how tall is bretman rock, he stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (173 cm) and has a slim build. Bretman has dark brown eyes that are often accentuated with bold eyeliner and mascara. He also has several tattoos, including a large one on his chest and another on his arm.

Bretman's hair is one of his most recognizable features. He often changes up his hairstyle and color, but he is best known for his signature long, jet-black hair, which he sometimes styles into loose waves or sleek, straight locks.

Bretman's makeup skills are also a key part of his appearance. He is known for his bold and creative makeup looks, which often feature colorful eyeshadow, glitter, and bold lips. He is not afraid to experiment with different makeup styles, and he often uses his platform to showcase his latest creations.

Bretman's appearance is a reflection of his personality: bold, creative, and unapologetic. His unique sense of style and his makeup skills have helped him to stand out in the crowded world of social media and have earned him a devoted following of fans who admire his confidence and individuality.

Some Interesting Facts About Bretman Rock

  • Bretman was born and raised on the island of Hawaii, and he often incorporates his island heritage into his videos and posts.
  • He originally gained fame on Vine, where he posted comedic videos before transitioning to Instagram and YouTube.
  • Bretman is a self-taught makeup artist who learned how to apply makeup by watching YouTube tutorials.
  • He is an animal lover and has several pets, including a dog named Cleo and a snake named Divina.
  • Bretman is fluent in both English and Tagalog and often switches between the two languages in his videos.
  • He has collaborated with several major beauty brands, including ColourPop, Morphe, and Wet n Wild.
  • Bretman has a strong following on TikTok, where he has amassed over 13 million followers.
  • He is an avid supporter of mental health and often talks about the importance of self-care and seeking help when needed.
  • Bretman has been featured in several music videos, including the video for the song "Paubaya" by Moira Dela Torre.
  • He has his own reality show on MTV called "Following Bretman Rock," which gives viewers an inside look at his life and career.

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Bretman Rock Net Worth

Bretman Rock's estimated net worth is around $8 million USD. His primary source of income is from his social media career, including his YouTube channel, Instagram posts, and brand collaborations.

Bretman also has his own fashion brand called Wnrs Market, which sells apparel, accessories, and beauty products.

Bretman earns a significant amount of money through his sponsored content, where he promotes products and services from major brands such as Louis Vuitton, Morphe, and Nike. He also earns money through his appearances at events, such as meet-and-greets and speaking engagements.

In addition to his social media career, Bretman has also dabbled in acting, appearing in the 2021 film "A Cinderella Story: Starstruck." He has also expressed interest in pursuing a career in music, and he has released several singles on various streaming platforms.

People Also Ask

What Is Bretman Rock Known For?

Bretman Rock is known for his social media presence, primarily on Instagram and YouTube, where he creates makeup tutorials, vlogs, and other content.

Where Is Bretman Rock From?

Bretman Rock was born and raised on the island of Hawaii in the United States.

How Tall Is Bretman Rock In Inches?

Bretman Rock's height is 5 feet and 8 inches.

What Languages Is Bretman Rock Fluent In?

Bretman Rock is fluent in both English and Tagalog.

Has Bretman Rock Appeared In Any Movies Or Tv Shows?

Yes, Bretman Rock appeared in the 2021 movie "A Cinderella Story: Starstruck" and has his own reality show on MTV called "Following Bretman Rock."


Bretman Rock is a well-known social media personality who has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world with his infectious personality, stunning makeup skills, and relatable content.

Many people wonder about how tall is Bretman Rock, so he is 5’8. Despite his relatively young age, he has already achieved a considerable amount of success in his career, amassing millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

With his talent, hard work, and dedication, it's clear that Bretman Rock will continue to make a significant impact in the social media world for years to come.

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