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How the Air Force’s’tank drivers’ Maintain tankers Filled with Gas and in flying Form




  • Air Force”tank drivers” in Florida’s MacDill Air Force Base possess the complex but critical job of creating sure tankers can tank securely and efficiently.
  • working night and day, these airmen manage all operations between the valves, pumps, manifolds, and other facets of the fuel cell.
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Tucked from US Central Control and MacDill Air Force Base, Florida’s conventional hangars establishes a hangar initially constructed to home fighter jets. On a given day, glancing from the hangar will sit KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft apparently out of place at the smaller maintenance store, but it’s in the ideal hands.

This hangar is the house of the 6th Maintenance Squadron’s fuels systems department. “Tank Divers,” since the technicians of the store are known as, work day-and-night to ensure MacDill’s aircraft are always prepared to fuel the battle.

Fuels technicians manage all operations between the valves, pumps, manifolds and all facets that encircle the gas cell, which the Tank Divers see as the core of the aircraftcarrier.

The machine is composed of enormous, black bladders that maintain jet gas within the wings and also run down the base of the KC-135 fuselage. Maintaining these cells carries a distinctive group of airmen prepared and able to contort and match themselves in the body of the aircraft.

“We are well-trained and Curious in how to perform anything about the gas system,” explained Staff Sgt. Dakota Williamson, a 6th MXS fuel systems craftsman. “I love to state that the gas is that the blood of this machine and all its workings are its veins. You can not possess a high-value machine with no, so without usyou can not fly”

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