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How To Assign Companion And Clan Roles - Bannerlord


Come and join us as we go deeper about how to assign companion and clan roles – Bannerlord. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord stands as a testament to the fusion of historical realism and sandbox RPG gameplay.

Developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment, this highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed Mount & Blade series offers players an expansive and immersive journey through the medieval world of Calradia.

With a captivating blend of strategic warfare, political intrigue, and character-driven narratives, Bannerlord has taken the gaming community by storm, offering an unparalleled experience that seamlessly marries history and fantasy.

Why Assign Companions Roles?

The video game Mount & Blade presents a diverse range of captivating elements and mechanisms that serve to enhance the overall experience for players. An exemplary characteristic of the system is its capacity to allocate distinct duties to both companions and clan members.


The introduction of this novel system enhances the gaming experience by introducing an additional layer of complexity and strategic elements. It enables players to optimize the capabilities of their companions and establish a more cohesive and efficient clan.

The Significance Of Role Assignments

Assigning roles to companions and clan members serves several vital purposes that enhance both gameplay and storytelling aspects. First and foremost, it empowers players with a higher degree of control over their clan's evolution and growth.

By assigning distinct roles to companions, players can effectively specialize each member to perform specific functions within the clan structure. These functions could encompass governing settlements, leading armies, managing trade, or spearheading diplomacy. This not only streamlines the clan's various activities but also ensures that each companion's unique skill set is utilized optimally.

Furthermore, the concept of role assignment contributes significantly to the immersive storytelling experience in Bannerlord. Each companion boasts a distinct background, personality, and skill set.

Assigning roles that align with these individual traits can lead to more engaging narratives and interactions. For instance, a companion with a history as a seasoned warrior might thrive in the role of a frontline commander, while someone with exemplary diplomatic prowess could excel as a governor or diplomat.

In this comprehensive article, we shall delve into the intricate mechanics of assigning roles to companions and clan members, offering step-by-step guidance on how to leverage this feature to its fullest potential.

Assigning Companion Roles

Companions, often referred to as trusted comrades, are an integral part of your journey in Bannerlord. They can be recruited from taverns, earned as quest rewards, or convinced to join through persuasive dialogue options. Each companion arrives with a unique set of skills and attributes that can be channeled into various roles within your clan.

How To Assign Clan Roles | Bannerlord

Here's a detailed breakdown of how to effectively assign roles to companions:

  • Access the Clan Screen - Commence the process by navigating to the Clan screen. This screen provides a comprehensive overview of your clan's activities, resources, and members.
  • Select the "Heroes" Tab - Within the Clan screen, locate and click on the "Heroes" tab. This tab grants you access to a comprehensive list of all the companions currently under your banner.
  • Choose a Companion - Identify and select the companion to whom you wish to assign a role. This action will direct you to the companion's dedicated character screen.
  • Initiate Role Assignment - Upon accessing the companion's character screen, observe an "Assign" button or an unoccupied role slot. Clicking on this button will prompt a list of available roles to appear.
  • Select a Suitable Role - Survey the list of roles and evaluate their descriptions, requirements, and benefits. Opt for a role that harmonizes with the companion's skill set and background.
  • Finalize Your Decision - After meticulously assessing the available roles, make your selection. Confirm your decision to assign the chosen role to the companion. The companion will now seamlessly assume the responsibilities associated with the designated role within your clan.

Assigning Clan Roles

Beyond the realm of companions, your clan members also play pivotal roles in shaping the destiny of your faction. Clan roles encompass a wide spectrum of responsibilities, including governance of settlements, leadership of armies, formulation of policies, and oversight of various aspects of your clan's operations.

Here's an elaborate guide on how to assign roles to clan members:

  • Access the Clan Screen - As with the companion role assignment process, initiate by accessing the Clan screen through the main menu.
  • Navigate to the "Clan Members" Section - Within the Clan screen, identify and click on the "Clan Members" section. This section serves as a repository of all the individuals who are part of your clan.
  • Select a Clan Member - Review the list of clan members and single out the individual whom you intend to assign a role to. Clicking on their name will lead you to their comprehensive profile.
  • Initiate Role Assignment - Upon accessing the clan member's profile, seek out an "Assign" button or an unoccupied role slot that corresponds to your desired role. This will trigger the role assignment process.
  • Choose an Appropriate Role - Examine the list of available roles tailored for clan members. These roles encompass a wide array of responsibilities, often revolving around governance, military leadership, and policy-making.
  • Confirm and Apply - After careful consideration, opt for the role that aligns most cohesively with the clan member's attributes and aptitudes. Once your decision is made, confirm your selection to finalize the assignment of the chosen role.

Orchestrating Synergy And Strategy

Elevating your gameplay in Bannerlord extends beyond merely assigning roles—it involves orchestrating a symphony of synergy and strategy. To excel in the medieval landscapes of Calradia, it is imperative to consider the symbiotic relationship between companion and clan roles.

For instance, a companion renowned for their exceptional stewardship skills could be appointed as a governor to efficiently manage settlements. Conversely, a companion endowed with remarkable combat proficiencies could be entrusted with leading armies into the throes of battle.

By thoughtfully assigning roles that align with each character's inherent strengths, you can forge a harmonious and efficient clan structure that excels in every facet of medieval life.

Optimizing Companion Skillsets For Roles

A crucial aspect of effectively assigning roles in Bannerlord is optimizing your companion's skillsets for their designated roles. Each companion brings a unique combination of skills to the table, and aligning these skills with the requirements of the role can significantly enhance their performance.

For instance, a companion with high trade and stewardship skills might excel as a Quartermaster, managing your clan's finances and logistics. On the other hand, a companion with high scouting and engineering skills could thrive as a Scout, aiding in navigation and siege preparations. By strategically matching skills to roles, you ensure that your clan functions at its peak efficiency.

Creating Specialized Teams

The use of specialized teams within a clan can result in significant advantages both in terms of combat effectiveness and overall control of the realm. Instead of employing arbitrary assignments of tasks to companions, it is advisable to construct specialized teams with distinct aims.

For example, a "Diplomacy Team" may consist of individuals who possess exceptional charisma and social aptitude, with the primary objective of enhancing diplomatic ties with other groups.

In the context of military operations, a "War Council" assemblage might comprise individuals who possess expertise in strategic planning and martial prowess, so enhancing the overall effectiveness of the armed forces. By implementing a strategy of role compartmentalization within specialized teams, it is possible to optimize collaboration and foster a sense of synergy among team members.

Balancing Leadership And Cohesion

Although there may be a temptation to assign individuals to specific tasks simply based on their unique strengths, it is important to maintain a delicate equilibrium between leadership and coherence.

The potential consequence of appointing an excessive number of individuals to leadership positions is the potential for diminished unity within the group, since there is a risk of having an abundance of capable leaders but an insufficient number of individuals fulfilling combat responsibilities.

It is important to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between leadership responsibilities, fighting roles, and supportive roles within a clan, in order to cultivate a comprehensive and capable collective that is adept at addressing a wide range of difficulties.

Evolving Roles With Experience

Roles in Bannerlord aren't static; they can evolve and improve over time. As companions gain experience in their roles, they may acquire new skills or traits that further enhance their effectiveness. Keep an eye on your companion's progression and adapt their roles accordingly.

For example, a companion who starts as a skilled warrior might develop into a battle-hardened commander, making them more suitable for a leadership role. This dynamic evolution of roles adds another layer of depth to the gameplay, encouraging players to invest in their companions' growth.

Role Synergy In Clan Development

Beyond the immediate benefits of assigning roles, consider the long-term impact of role synergy on your clan's development. As your clan expands and engages in various activities, the synergy between roles can lead to substantial advantages. A companion excelling as a governor can enhance a settlement's prosperity, which in turn benefits your entire clan.

A skilled quartermaster can bolster your army's efficiency on the campaign trail, translating to better battlefield outcomes. Recognize the interconnectedness of roles and strategize to amplify their combined impact on your clan's growth and success.

People Also Ask

What Are The Key Gameplay Mechanics In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord features a range of gameplay mechanics that contribute to its immersive experience. These mechanics include strategic warfare, where players engage in large-scale battles with a combination of real-time combat and tactical control over troops. Additionally, players can manage their realm by making decisions on governance, diplomacy, and trade, all of which influence the overall progression of their faction.

How Do I Recruit Companions And Assign Roles In Bannerlord?

To recruit companions in Bannerlord, players can find them in taverns, through quest rewards, or by persuading specific characters. Once recruited, companions can be assigned roles within the clan, such as being governors, army commanders, or diplomats. These roles are chosen based on the companion's skills and attributes, allowing players to optimize their clan's performance and development.

What Is The Significance Of Diplomacy And Alliances In Bannerlord's Gameplay?

Diplomacy and alliances play a vital role in Bannerlord's gameplay by shaping the interactions between factions. Players can engage in diplomatic negotiations, form alliances with other factions, and manage relations to ensure stability and strategic advantages. The success of these diplomatic endeavors affects the player's ability to navigate the complex political landscape and achieve their faction's objectives.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about how to assign companion and clan roles – Bannerlord. The capacity to assign roles to both companions and clan members in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord ushers in a new era of depth, strategy, and immersive storytelling.

By intricately intertwining roles with the distinct skills and personalities of each character, players can craft a flourishing and well-balanced clan poised for triumph across all domains of medieval existence.

Venture forth into the captivating realm of Bannerlord, harness the potential of your companions, and chart the course of your clan toward resounding victory through the artful allocation of roles.

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