Screenshot: Motion Twin (Steam)

Dead Cells is a satisfyingly intricate roguelite with rapid battle, Metroid-design investigation, and gorgeously rendered medieval surroundings. Additionally, it will kick your butt in a million ways. This week, Dead Cells added another technique of ass-kicking: Mama Tick.

Mama Tick is the manager of”Bad Seed,” the brand new Dead Cells DLC that is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, along with Nintendo Switch. For $5, you’re going to receive access to two brand new biomes, a lot of weapons and abilities, and one doozy of a mid-game boss.

Initially, Mama Tick appears like a cakewalk. There is a singular eyeball on one end of this point, and it does not actually do much. But as soon as you’ve left a dent in to her gym, she will do this annoying thing video game supervisors perform and eventually become a bigger, badder, meaner, tougher competition.

For the most part, Mama Tick strikes with her”arms,” two huge, spindly scythes that may wipe your entire health meter in case you are not careful. Her most bothersome move is really a bullet-storm type assault where scythes appear from the floor at a constant pace. Luckily, the strikes are telegraphed via exclamation points around the floor. Act quickly, and you will have the ability to dodge them just fine. I am convinced there is some kind of pattern. However, to tell the truth, you should not waste a second attempting to find out it. Only await exclamation marks onto the floor and roll around as if you just unlocked the morph ball Metroid Prime.

When it comes to coping harm yourself, acquiring a strong projectile-based ability is indispensable. This way, you can concentrate solely on dodging her strikes while still coping damage. The Dual Crossb-o-Matic is a great option, if you’re able to find one. Nevertheless, the Heavy Turret or even the Sinew Slicer will do the trick, also.

With an electrical attack–such as Lightning Bolt, the Palpatine Hands of Dead Cells–may electrify the water, coping some meager yet constant harm. The purpose is, as you are making your way through the growth of new phases, such as the Dilapidated Arboretum and the Morass of the Banished, be watching for any equipment that may continuously whittle down Mama Tick’s gym.

Tactics aside, the single most effective thing you can do in order to overcome Mama Tick is to find a Death Orb, a rare skill which wreak havoc on anything else in its path. Death Orb, that lasts for approximately 10 minutes and contains enormous DPS, is large and slow-moving and operates best on large, slow-moving targets. Exhibit A: Mama Tick.

Yes, equipment in Dead Cells is randomized. You can not actually do much when the game insists on adhering you with numerous versions of this Infantry Grenade. But if you concentrate on finding stuff which lets you maintain your space, you will be well-positioned for success against Mama Tick. Additionally, if you have finished the vanilla playthrough, you ought to have unlocked the capability to”refresh” stores (for a charge, of course) and also receive a brand new choice of equipment to pick from. Make liberal use of this.

Defeating Mama Tick will make you a schematic for your scythe, the very first two-handed weapon Dead Cells. It is extremely strong, and can help you clean out rank-and-file enemies in following runs. However, the scythe is slow, and, because it is a melee weapon, needs one to get up close to your enemies.

Quite simply, it will not help you one bit on your future efforts at taking down Mama Tick. Sorry!

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