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As longtime sequence followers know, the actual objective of any Hearth Emblem sport is to make it to the credit with out anybody in your social gathering dying. For probably the most half, well-planned techniques and well-trained troops will get the job carried out. However the latest Hearth Emblem—a superb full-blown DLC marketing campaign for Three Homes referred to as Cindered Shadows—poses a hurdle even probably the most skilled gamers will battle with: the ultimate boss sucks.

However it’s not invincible. And if you happen to’re seeking to get by means of with your entire items nonetheless standing, this technique ought to assist.

Spoilers, clearly, for Hearth Emblem: Three Homes – Cindered Shadows

A caveat: In Hearth Emblem, as with life, the trail from A to B has infinite permutations. Nevertheless you made your option to Umbral Beast is certain to be completely different from how I acquired there. Maybe you geared up Hilda with a sword. Or possibly you used upgraded iron weapons as an alternative of normal metal ones. Who is aware of! The next technique labored properly for me—one way or the other, I used to be in a position to defeat Umbral Beast with out shedding anybody or backtracking with Divine Pulse—so possibly it’ll give you the results you want, too. When you’re caught, hey, give it a attempt.

In your first flip, don’t rush headlong into the fray. As a substitute, transfer your whole workforce up so far as doable whereas additionally maintaining everybody out of Umbral Beast’s vary. These assaults deal a ton of harm, and also you don’t want any items taking some—at the least not but. (Your foremost objective for this combat is to keep away from taking important harm until you’re able to offer nearly as good as you get. So, positively not the primary flip.) Hold Lindhardt, the DLC marketing campaign’s solely actually efficient healer, all the best way within the again. If he falls, there’s no means you’re strolling out with out at the least just a few extra casualties.

For the curious, right here’s the place my items have been positioned after the primary flip.
Screenshot: Nintendo (Kotaku)

On the finish of your first flip, Umbral Beast will summon three illusions of Aelfric, the ostensible “good man” with a secret evil agenda that’s hilariously clear. Sure, these Aelfric clones are a damage-dealing nuisance. However the actually irritating factor is that Umbral Beast can siphon well being from them, too. So that you’ll wish to take every out as rapidly as doable. I’ve discovered that Balthus can deal with one simply in a single flip. Yuri’s fancy swordwork appears to do the trick, too. No matter works for you. In future turns, Umbral Beast will conjure up one or two of those clones, so hold two folks on Aelfric-killing responsibility for the rest of the battle.

In the case of dealing harm your self, begin by selecting a high-HP fighter and transferring them instantly in entrance of Umbral Beast’s bottom-middle yellow tile. Then, use a gambit. Relying on who you employ, you’ll weaken two or three of the yellow tiles. Subsequent assaults will shatter them, opening Umbral Beast to large harm—if you assault these shattered tiles. What’s extra, the gambit will draw Umbral Beast’s consideration, guaranteeing it received’t prepare its sights on any less-sturdy fighters (i.e., the fliers, the magic customers, Ashe). Anybody with 50 HP or extra ought to survive a success with loads of well being remaining. Hilda works properly for this. The man on the horse with the questionable center half can be a good selection. Each include excessive HP and highly effective gambits.

After you’ve shattered two or three yellow tiles, you’ll have two turns to essentially deal some large harm. Transfer your heavy hitters up and do your worst. (Because of this you wish to break two or extra yellow tiles without delay. It’ll give you extra space on the battlefield to work with.) Since Umbral Beast is a flier, Claude and Ashe deal boosted harm. Edelgard’s monster-killing fight artwork, “Monster Breaker,” can be implausible right here. Lean onerous on them.

Each two turns, Umbral Beast will use “Umbral Surge”—a transfer that’s, frankly, bullshit. First, it hits each tile on the stage, and is unavoidable. Second, it randomly shuffles the location of each unit on the stage, participant and enemy alike, muddling any hope at long-term technique. Third, it “repairs” the yellow tiles beneath Umbral Beast. (That’s why you wish to dish out as a lot harm as you may whilst you can.) Fourth, it’ll deal 15 harm or extra to your entire items. And at last, as a participant, each time Umbral Beast makes use of Umbral Surge, you get the sense that the sport desires you to fail, that the builders have a secretly sadistic urge to see the scholars of Garreg Mach get tossed headfirst into the abyss. It’s maddening. A sure Greek legend involves thoughts.

Umbral Surge in motion. Screw Umbral Surge.
Screenshot: Nintendo (Kotaku)

However, to steal a line from Claude, don’t quit! Whilst you’re attacking Umbral Beast, regulate everybody’s HP. Don’t let anybody dip under 16. Vulneraries, Concoctions, Lindhardt’s wonderful Physic spell. No matter it’s essential to do to maintain everybody’s HP over 16—20, if you happen to actually wish to play it protected—do it. Play defensively if it’s essential to. Don’t sweat it if you happen to can’t dish out a lot harm throughout your turns. You’ll have extra probabilities to harm Umbral Beast. Your major focus must be on maintaining everybody afloat.

After your items are reshuffled, heal anybody who wants it, then pivot again to the unique technique. Transfer your strongest folks up. Use their gambits. Take down the Aelfric clones. When you drain Umbral Beast’s well being bar 4 occasions (why the builders didn’t go together with the time-honored online game custom of three is past me), victory, and a cutscene about how Hearth Emblem characters combat for his or her mates, will probably be yours.

No, there isn’t a more durable second type.

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