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How to Build Your Own Video Sharing Website Today


YouTube is the most successful and prominent video hosting and sharing platform. It is recognized across the globe and the second most visited websiteafter Google. Due to its sublime features and personalizations, visitors spend a minimum of 40 minson the site at a time.

Since internet traffic is highly concentrated on video content, creating a video-sharing platform can be a highly profitable business. By optimizing your website with the right marketing strategies, your website too can become a prominent site amongst users online.

Whether you have the technical experience or not, building a website can be a daunting task. In this article, we will focus on certain steps that can help you build your very own video-sharing website.

Choose A Domain

Every website online is recognized by its name and yours is no different. Choosing a domain name that is catchy, attractive, and brandable will help you attract potential users. Now you may feel like all the good domain names are taken but you can be as creative as you like to come up with a snappy and memorable name. You can even use free tools that are available online that can help you find a unique and catchy domain name for your video-sharing website.

Choose A Hosting

A web hosting provider is the foundation of every website. It is a server that accumulates and stores all your data and files which gives your visitors access to your website from their web browser. The right web hosting provider will offer great speed, scalability, high uptime, low downtime, and security for your video-sharing website. Australian hosts are not that badas they have a number of features that can work best for you, according to your budget and needs.

Install WordPress

Most hosting services offer an auto-build WordPress site at the domain of your choosing. WordPress is an exciting content management site that is world-famous and easy to build. No matter the niche, it is equipped with different features and plugins that help your platform function at its optimum. Once you have installed WordPress, you are halfway there. Your site will now be visible online and can be accessed easily from different locations on the earth. So now we will focus on the visual component of your site, that’s where themes come in.

Choose A Theme

If you want to make your video-sharing website as attractive as YouTube in appearance. Choosing the right theme will help you integrate different features that will be appealing to your visitors. There are a lot of customizable themes offered by WordPress for video-sharing that are paid and free. As much as free themes are helpful, premium themes offer more flexibility and scalability. They allow you to integrate all the necessary features required for the audience by allowing users to navigate, search, upload, and stream videos easily.

Add Plugins

Once you have decided and customized your theme, you have the ability to maximize the functionality of your site. While there are several plugs offered by WordPress, you can still add a kind of feature by simply adding a third-party plugin to your WordPress account. These plugins can help boost your loading page, help make thumbnails, embed videos, social sharing, live streaming, and even integrate different video-sharing features that are visible on YouTube. These features will allow you to engage and interact with your users and drive more traffic to your video hosting site.

Launch Your Website

Once you have finished the aforementioned steps, you can now focus on promoting and building brand awareness of your video-sharing website. Learn how to promote your site with different marketing tools such as SEO, which will help you rank on search engines. You can also consider using social media to share your site content, news, promo trailers, and other related videos on your website to attract users.

Is It Worth It?

Even though your video-sharing website will be functioning in a YouTube-dominated world. With the right techniques and marketing effort, you can be ranked amongst the other video-sharing sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, Hubspot, and so on.

Like any website, it takes time and patience to build a strong online presence. One great tip that will keep your website and your users safe is by taking appropriate cybersecurity measures. The last thing you would want is people hacking into your website and stealing private information and data. Check out these cybersecurity basicsthat can protect your site from unwanted threats.

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