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How to choose between human and machine transcription methods


Easy Tips To Effectively Choose The Transcription Methods

Have you ever wondered how technologybecame a part of our daily life? We use our phones to communicate with others, to share our thoughts, and find necessary information. For many people using a phone is the only possible way to work online. And it sounds great. We can ease our life using portable devices.

But are they good at a transcription job? When you have an important task, and you should catch the main idea of the text, you need help from a Transcriberry transcriptionistto manage the job. Using professional transcriptionists is only one of the options. There are also a huge number of online tools to work with your audio or video material.

If you need a high-quality transcription and can’t manage it on your own, you should choose between these two methods. How do they differ? These are great in terms of their work. But there are still some differences. And in our comparative article, we will discuss these differences together!

Professional Human Transcribers Or Machines: What To Choose?

The issue is quite controversial. You may think that machines get better when it comes to transcribing the text. But at the same time, you may have doubts if the tool can differentiate various peculiar features of the speech. Let’s see what the benefits of each of the methods are.

By reading the following points, you will be able to choose the method for you. We hope our guide will clear the issue for you. Let’s get to it and answer the most asked questions.

Speed Issues

When you need to manage a transcription, you are looking for a speedy tool. You need the work to be done quickly. In terms of speed, there’s a winner. And this is an automated tool for text transcriptions.

If you need a prompt result, using an online tool is the best way. There are different reasons why you may need a tool to work fast. In these cases, you can close your eyes to the quality of the transcription.

Do you have a long video? Or is the speaker’s speech too long? In such cases, asking for help from a human wouldn’t be the best idea. If accuracy isn’t a priority, you should go for a machine transcription service.

The Quality Of Speech

When we talk about a high-quality transcription, we mean a well-transcribed text without major mistakes. If you want to get an immaculate result and you have some time to wait for it, make sure to ask a human transcription professional for assistance.

Most of the programs for machine transcription can’t catch all the speech peculiarities. Your text can miss some specific details or necessary emotions that the speaker expressed through words.

For this reason, users usually opt for a human-made transcription when the quality is a must. An app can be bad at identifying terms or specific technical jargon. Using an online tool, you can receive a fast result. But how can you be sure that the message will be rendered correctly?

Noise Issues

Do you always deal with the quiet atmosphere when listening to the videos? In most cases, there’s so much noise in the background, which makes it impossible to catch the words.

If using a machine tool, you can come up with quite a massive disappointment in the end. Not every tool differentiates minor changes in the sound. The tool can fail the task if the noise is too distractive.

On the other hand, it is so much easier for a human to differentiate between the background issues and the real speech. When asking for help from a professional transcriber, you will get a more expert transcription.

Furthermore, it is not always possible for a machine to differentiate the voices of the speakers. Who’s talking now? Whose turn to speak? You can find an extremely quality machine tool to catch the voices of different speakers. But there are not so many of them on the market. These are the details that only a human brain can catch perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between human and machine transcription is difficult. You should consider different aspects. Each of the methods has its pros and cons. If you need to make it faster, machine translation is for you. But if quality matters a lot, you should consider help from a human transcriber.

The choice is yours and depends on your situation. You should decide what metrics are more crucial for you. Do you need it fast? Or do you want to make it more professional? When you answer the questions, you will choose the method for you.

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