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How To Couch Lance/Brace Spears In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord


If you are wondering on how to couch lance/brace spears in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, then this piece will definitely help you. The captivating medieval world of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord offers players an immersive experience of warfare and strategy.

Among the many combat techniques at your disposal, couched lancing and bracing spears stand out as formidable methods that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. These techniques are particularly effective when mounted, allowing you to harness the power of momentum and precision strikes.

In this in-depth guide, we will explore the intricacies of couched lancing and bracing spears, breaking down their mechanics, advantages, and the techniques required to master them and dominate the battlefield.

Understanding Couched Lancing

Couched lancing is a maneuver where the player positions their lance parallel to the ground while mounted on a horse. This technique transforms the lance into a deadly thrusting weapon, capable of penetrating even the most resilient armor. The real strength of this technique lies in the combination of the lance's piercing capability and the speed of your charging horse.

Couched Lancing Benefits

  • Increased Damage - A successful couched lance attack can deal devastating damage to enemies, making it an ideal choice for dispatching heavily armored opponents in a single hit. The sheer force generated by the charging horse enhances the impact of the attack.
  • Extended Reach - Lances possess a longer reach compared to most other weapons, granting you the ability to strike foes from a safer distance. This extended reach is advantageous in avoiding counterattacks and minimizing the risk of being hit.
  • Shock Value - The spectacle of a cavalry charge with couched lances can break enemy formations and morale. The psychological impact of such an assault can create confusion and panic, giving your side a strategic edge.
  • Mounted Advantage - Couched lancing is particularly potent when executed from horseback. The speed and momentum of the horse not only increase the damage output but also make it challenging for opponents to react or defend effectively.

Executing Couched Lancing

How to Couch Your Lance in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Guide)

  • Choose the Right Mount - Opt for a horse that offers a good balance of speed and control. A fast and agile steed allows you to initiate the couched lance attack more effectively.
  • Timing is Crucial - The timing of your lance release is vital to the success of the maneuver. Begin the couching motion when your horse is in full gallop and in close proximity to the target. Release the lance at the precise moment to achieve maximum impact.
  • Target Vulnerable Areas - To maximize the damage inflicted, aim for areas with lighter armor or exposed points, such as the head, neck, or unarmored sides of your opponents. Strategic targeting increases your chances of incapacitating or eliminating enemies in a single strike.
  • Practice Makes Perfect - Couched lancing requires practice and precision. Engage in training sessions against various opponents to refine your judgment of distance, timing, and trajectory. Over time, you will become more adept at landing accurate and devastating couched lance attacks.

Mastering The Technique Of Bracing Spears

Bracing a spear involves planting the butt end of the weapon on the ground while gripping the upper end with both hands. This technique readies the spear for impaling charges from cavalry or oncoming enemy infantry.

Benefits Of Bracing Spears

  • Effective Against Cavalry - Bracing spears are a reliable defense against charging cavalry. When timed correctly, the impaling effect of the spear can incapacitate both the rider and the horse, neutralizing the threat.
  • Infantry Crowd Control - In tight spaces, such as during castle sieges or narrow pathways, bracing spears can be used to create an impenetrable barrier. This defensive wall can deter enemy infantry from advancing, giving your side a critical advantage.
  • Zone Control - The threat of a braced spear can manipulate enemy movements. Opponents are forced to reconsider their approach, potentially diverting them into more advantageous positions for your forces.

Perfecting Bracing Spear Techniques

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords - How to couch a spear or a lance

  • Stance and Balance - To execute a successful brace, plant the spear at an angle that optimizes its reach while maintaining your balance. Hold a shield in your other hand to deflect incoming projectiles or attacks.
  • Timing - Time your bracing maneuver just before the enemy makes contact. This maximizes the impact of the counterattack and minimizes the likelihood of adversaries exploiting gaps in your defense.
  • Anticipate Movements - Predict the path of charging cavalry or the trajectory of enemy units. Position your braced spear to intersect their movements, ensuring that the spear's point is at the ideal location for maximum damage.

What Does It Mean To Couch Lance?

Couching a lance in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is a combat technique that transforms a mounted warrior into a devastating force on the battlefield. The term "couching" refers to the action of positioning the lance parallel to the ground, with the pointed tip aimed forward. This technique is most effective when executed during a full gallop, as the momentum generated by the charging horse enhances the power of the attack.

Couching a lance involves a delicate balance of precision and timing. As you approach your target on horseback, you'll need to release the couched lance at the exact moment to achieve maximum impact. The combination of the horse's speed and the concentrated force of the lance's tip makes it capable of piercing even the heaviest armor, resulting in swift and often lethal blows.

How To Brace And Couch A Spear In Bannerlord?

Bracing A Spear

  • Stance and Preparation - To successfully brace a spear, start by adopting a stable stance. Plant the butt end of the spear firmly into the ground and grip the upper end with both hands. This creates a solid structure that can withstand the impact of charging enemies.
  • Timing - Anticipate the approach of enemy cavalry or infantry. As they come within striking distance, thrust the spear forward using your body's weight and the spear's length. The goal is to impale the charging foes, disrupting their momentum and rendering them vulnerable.
  • Maintain Awareness - While bracing a spear, it's important to stay vigilant. Since you're committed to a defensive posture, you're susceptible to ranged attacks and flanking maneuvers. Ensure that your allies provide cover and support to maintain the effectiveness of your defensive line.

Couched Lancing

  • Choose the Right Horse - The choice of your mount plays a pivotal role in couched lancing. Opt for a horse with a combination of speed and control, as this will allow you to close the distance to your target rapidly and maintain control during the attack.
  • Gallop and Timing - Initiating a couched lance attack requires a full gallop. As you approach your target, watch for the optimal moment to release the lance. Generally, this is when the target is within a certain range, maximizing the impact of the attack.
  • Aim for Weak Points - The power of couched lancing lies in its ability to penetrate armor. To make the most of this, aim for vulnerable areas such as the head, neck, or unarmored sides of your opponents. Precision targeting can result in one-hit kills or incapacitation.

Which Weapons Can Be Couched In Bannerlord?

Not all weapons in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord are suitable for couched lancing due to their design and mechanics. The following weapon types are particularly well-suited for this technique:

  • Lances - Lances are the quintessential weapon for couched lancing. These long, one-handed weapons are designed with a pointed tip, making them ideal for delivering powerful charges while mounted. They have extended reach and are often capable of delivering devastating blows.
  • Polearms - Certain polearms, such as the military fork and glaive, share characteristics with lances and can also be effectively couched. These weapons offer versatility, allowing you to alternate between mounted and infantry combat techniques.
  • Spears - While spears are not commonly associated with couched lancing, some types of spears possess the necessary attributes for effective mounted attacks. Experiment with different spear types to find the one that complements your playstyle and tactics.

Developing Expertise Through Practice

As with any skill in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, mastering couched lancing and bracing spears requires dedication and practice. Regular training sessions against a variety of opponents will allow you to refine your technique and gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of these maneuvers.

Experiment with different approaches, hone your timing, and learn to adapt to various battle scenarios. Training against both AI opponents and real players in multiplayer modes will expose you to different tactics and strategies, ultimately making you a more versatile and skilled combatant.

Tactical Integration Into Battle Strategies

Couched lancing and bracing spears are not standalone techniques; they are integral components of broader battle strategies. Understanding how to incorporate these techniques within different battle scenarios is essential for maximizing their impact. For instance, in open-field battles, consider employing couched lances as shock cavalry, charging through enemy lines to disrupt formations.

In defensive sieges, bracing spears can create impenetrable barriers that halt enemy advances and buy time for your allies to reinforce the defense. Integrating these techniques with other combat skills, such as archery or swordplay, will provide you with a multifaceted approach to combat that is both adaptable and formidable.

People Also Ask

How Does The Technique Of Couched Lancing Leverage The Speed Of A Charging Horse To Deal Devastating Damage?

It involves positioning a lance parallel to the ground while on horseback and charging at high speed towards a target. This technique capitalizes on the momentum generated by the charging horse, resulting in a powerful thrust that can pierce through enemy armor and deliver devastating damage.

What Are The Key Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Horse For Effective Couched Lancing?

It is crucial for executing the maneuver effectively. Opting for a horse with a balanced combination of speed and control enables you to initiate the charge swiftly and maintain accuracy during the attack. A horse's speed enhances the impact, while control ensures you can accurately time the release of the couched lance.

How Can The Use Of Bracing Spears Effectively Deter Charging Cavalry And Create A Defensive Advantage For Your Side In Battlefield Engagements?

They are instrumental in defending against charging cavalry and establishing defensive positions. By planting the butt end of the spear on the ground and gripping the upper end with both hands, you create a formidable barrier that can impale charging foes. This technique proves particularly useful in castle sieges or tight spaces where enemy infantry advances can be halted effectively.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about how to couch lance/brace spears in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. In the relentless world of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, couched lancing and bracing spears are potent techniques that can tip the scales of battle in your favor.

By incorporating these maneuvers into your combat repertoire and refining your execution through practice, you will transform yourself into a dominant force on the battlefield, etching your legacy as a legendary warrior in the annals of history.

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