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How To Create/Assemble An Army In Mount And Blade - Bannerlord

How to create/assemble an army in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is a crucial aspect of the popular video game series. In these immersive medieval sandbox RPGs, players take on the role of a character seeking to carve out their path in a dynamic and war-torn land.

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How to create/assemble an army in Mount and Blade: Bannerlordis a crucial aspect of the popular video game series. In these immersive medieval sandbox RPGs, players take on the role of a character seeking to carve out their path in a dynamic and war-torn land.
Assembling a formidable army is essential for conquering territories, defending against rival factions, and achieving dominance on the battlefield.
This guide will delve into the intricacies of building an army in Mount and Blade, offering valuable insights and strategies to help players recruit, train, and lead their forces to victory.
Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the series, mastering the art of assembling an army will be vital to your success and ultimately shape the fate of your character in the immersive world of Mount and Blade.

How Is Creating An Army Different From Your Party?

Creating an army in Mount and Blade differs significantly from managing your party. While both involve gathering a group of individuals under your command, there are several key distinctions in terms of scale, functionality, and objectives.
Here are some aspects that highlight the differences between creating an army and managing your party in the game:

Size And Composition

Party: Your party consists of a relatively small group of individuals, typically ranging from a few companions to a limited number of troops.
Army: An army is a larger force composed of multiple parties, capable of fielding a significantly larger number of troops. It allows you to command a more extensive and diverse group of soldiers.

Command Structure

Party: In your party, you have direct control over all the members. You can assign tasks, control their equipment, and micromanage their actions.
Army: When creating an army, you appoint companions as your sub-commanders who will lead their own parties within the army. You give them orders and coordinate with them, but you don't have direct control over every individual in the army.

Strategic Movements

Party: Your party typically moves as a single unit, allowing for quick and flexible travel across the map. You can change direction or engage in battles with relative ease.
Army: The army moves as a collective force, requiring more time and coordination for movement. It moves slower due to its larger size and may face challenges such as maintaining cohesion and managing the logistics of a larger group.

Combat And Tactics

Party: With your party, you can engage in smaller skirmishes and ambushes, utilizing individual skills and tactics to overcome opponents.
Army: Creating an army allows you to participate in larger-scale battles with hundreds of troops on the field. It requires strategic planning, formation management, and coordination with your sub-commanders to achieve victory.


Party- Managing your party is often centered around personal goals such as quests, looting, trading, and character development.
Army- Creating an army serves broader objectives such as conquering territories, defending against enemies, or participating in major factional conflicts. The army's purpose is aligned with larger-scale warfare and territorial control.
Overall, creating an army in Mount and Blade expands your influence and impact on the game world, enabling you to engage in grand battles and exert your authority on a larger scale.
It adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, requiring you to balance the management of your army, coordination with sub-commanders, and strategic decision-making to achieve your ambitions in the dynamic and immersive realm of Mount and Blade.

How To Assemble An Army?

Assembling an army in Mount and Blade is a crucial aspect of the game that allows you to lead a formidable force into battles and conquer territories. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to assemble an army in Mount and Blade:

Increase Your Leadership Skill

Leadership skill plays a significant role in assembling and commanding an army. Focus on increasing your Leadership skill by assigning skill points to it whenever you level up. This will increase the maximum size of your army and improve your ability to command troops effectively.

Recruit Troops

Visit various settlements, such as villages, towns, and castles, to recruit troops. Speak with the village elder or the local lord to access recruitment options. Different settlements offer different types of troops, so consider recruiting a diverse range of units to create a balanced army.

Train And Upgrade Troops

Train your recruited troops by engaging in battles and allowing them to gain experience. As they level up, they will become more skilled and effective in combat. Additionally, upgrade your troops by visiting training fields or upgrading your own holdings to access better equipment and higher-tier units.

Hire Companions

Companions are important assets in assembling and managing an army. They can lead their own parties within your army and contribute to its strength. Recruit companions by encountering them in taverns or through quests, and assign them roles based on their skills, such as being a scout, a surgeon, or a quartermaster.

Establish Your Own Faction

Once you have built a strong and loyal force, you can consider establishing your own faction. This allows you to become a ruler and lead your army to conquer and govern territories. Acquire a fief by capturing a castle or a town, and build a base of operations to manage your faction and army effectively.

Maintain Morale And Cohesion

Keep your troops' morale high by providing them with regular wages, improving their equipment, and winning battles. Low morale can lead to desertions and reduced combat effectiveness. Maintain cohesion within your army by ensuring your sub-commanders are loyal and cohesive in their actions.

Coordinate With Sub-Commanders

As your army grows, you will appoint sub-commanders from your companions to lead their own parties within the army. Coordinate with them, assign objectives, and communicate battle plans to ensure a cohesive and organized approach in warfare.

Engage In Battles And Conquests

Utilize your assembled army to engage in battles, participate in sieges, and conquer territories. Assess the strength of your enemies, plan your strategies, and lead your troops to victory. Balancing your army's composition, utilizing formations, and exploiting enemy weaknesses are key to success.
Remember, assembling an army requires time, resources, and strategic decision-making. Focus on building a well-rounded and disciplined force, nurturing your companions' skills, and maintaining a strong presence on the battlefield.
With careful planning and effective leadership, you can forge a formidable army that will shape the course of the game world in Mount and Blade.

How To Form An Army In Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Forming An Army

Forming an army in Mount and Blade comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions and maximize the effectiveness of your military force. Here are the key advantages and disadvantages of forming an army:


  • Increased Strength- An army allows you to gather a large number of troops, significantly increasing your overall military strength. With a formidable force at your disposal, you can take on more challenging battles, conquer territories, and defend against enemy incursions.
  • Diverse Unit Composition- By forming an army, you have the opportunity to recruit and train troops from various factions and backgrounds. This diversity in unit composition allows you to create a well-rounded force with different strengths and capabilities, making your army versatile in different combat situations.
  • Specialized Roles- Assembling an army enables you to assign specialized roles to different units and companions. You can designate certain troops as archers, cavalry, or infantry, each serving a specific purpose on the battlefield. Similarly, companions can take on roles such as scouts, medics, or siege specialists, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your force.
  • Increased Tactics and Strategy- With a larger force, you have more opportunities to employ advanced tactics and strategies. You can coordinate your troops into formations, exploit enemy weaknesses, and execute complex battle plans. This strategic depth adds a layer of depth and immersion to your gameplay experience.


  • Higher Upkeep Costs- Maintaining an army requires regular payment of wages to your troops. As the size of your army increases, so does the upkeep cost. If you're unable to meet these financial demands, your troops may become unhappy and desert, leading to a loss of cohesion and combat effectiveness.
  • Potential for Desertion- Army cohesion can be fragile, especially if morale is low or if your leadership skills are lacking. When troops become discontented or dissatisfied, there is a risk of desertion. This can significantly weaken your army and make it vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Supply and Logistics - As the size of your army grows, ensuring a steady supply of food, weapons, and equipment becomes more challenging. Maintaining adequate supply lines and managing logistics becomes crucial to sustain your troops during campaigns and sieges.
  • Increased Difficulty in Maneuvering- A large army can be challenging to maneuver effectively, especially in rough terrain or during sieges. Coordinating large numbers of troops to act in unison can be complex and time-consuming. It requires careful planning, proper positioning, and effective communication with your sub-commanders.

Army Cohesion Dropping And How To Increase Cohesion

Army cohesion refers to the unity, morale, and overall effectiveness of your military force. It is essential to maintain high cohesion to ensure your army operates efficiently. However, various factors can cause cohesion to drop. Here's how to increase cohesion when it starts to decline:

Improve Troop Morale

Troop morale is a critical factor in maintaining cohesion. Keep your troops satisfied by regularly paying their wages, providing them with better equipment, and winning battles. Victories and rewards boost morale and strengthen the bond between soldiers.

Address Grievances

Listen to your troops and address any grievances or concerns they may have. Address issues such as low wages, lack of food, or poor equipment quality. Taking steps to resolve these problems can significantly improve morale and cohesion.

Promote Skill Development

Train and develop your troops' skills to enhance their combat effectiveness. Regularly engage in battles, provide opportunities for training, and promote skill progression. Skilled and capable troops are more likely to be motivated and cohesive.

Engage In Team-building Activities

Organize team-building exercises and drills to foster camaraderie and cohesion among your troops. These activities can include training sessions, mock battles, or even recreational events. Encourage teamwork and emphasize the importance of mutual support among your soldiers.

Provide Leadership And Guidance

Demonstrate strong leadership and inspire your troops through your actions. Lead by example, make wise tactical decisions, and effectively communicate your strategies to your sub-commanders. A confident and capable leader instills trust and unity within the army.

Reward And Recognize Achievements

Acknowledge the achievements and contributions of your troops. Reward exceptional performances and recognize individuals or units for their bravery or success on the battlefield. This recognition boosts morale and encourages a sense of pride and loyalty among your soldiers.

Weed Out Disloyalty

Identify and address any instances of disloyalty or disruptive behavior within your army. Disloyal or rebellious individuals can negatively impact cohesion. Take appropriate measures, such as dismissing or reassigning problematic troops, to maintain a cohesive and disciplined force.
By actively addressing the factors that cause cohesion to drop and implementing measures to improve morale and unity, you can increase the overall cohesion of your army in Mount and Blade. A cohesive and motivated army is more likely to achieve success on the battlefield and overcome the challenges that come with waging wars and conquering territories.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Tips For Increasing Party Speed In Mount And Blade Without Using Horses?

One tip for increasing party speed in Mount and Blade without relying solely on horses is to invest skill points in the "Pathfinding" skill. This skill improves your party's movement speed on the world map, regardless of whether they are on foot or mounted. Additionally, reducing the amount of heavy equipment and inventory your party carries can also help increase their speed.

Can Upgrading The "Leadership" Skill Improve Party Speed In Mount And Blade?

While the "Leadership" skill in Mount and Blade primarily affects your party's morale and combat effectiveness, it does not directly impact their movement speed. However, having a higher leadership skill can help you recruit better troops, which can indirectly contribute to a faster and more efficient party.

Are There Any Companions With Special Abilities Or Skills That Can Increase Party Speed In Mount And Blade?

Yes, some companions in Mount and Blade have special abilities or skills that can increase party speed. For example, some companions may have the "Pathfinder" skill, which enhances the party's movement speed on the world map. Recruiting and assigning such companions to your party can provide a significant boost to its overall speed.

How Does The "Foraging" Skill Affect Party Speed In Mount And Blade?

The "Foraging" skill in Mount and Blade does not directly impact party speed. Instead, it improves your party's ability to gather food while traveling, reducing the amount of time and resources needed to sustain your troops. While it doesn't increase speed directly, it can indirectly contribute to a smoother and more efficient journey.

Are There Any Temporary Buffs Or Consumables That Can Increase Party Speed In Mount And Blade?

Yes, there are temporary buffs and consumables in Mount and Blade that can increase party speed. For instance, some food items like smoked fish or dried meat provide a temporary movement speed bonus when consumed. Additionally, certain potions or elixirs, if available in the game, may offer temporary speed enhancements when used strategically.

Final Thoughts

How to create/assemble an army in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is a pivotal aspect of the game that requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and effective leadership.
From recruiting and training troops to managing their equipment and formations, every decision you make will have a direct impact on the outcome of battles and your overall success in the game.
By understanding the different troop types, utilizing your resources wisely, and adapting your strategies to different situations, you can build a formidable army capable of conquering territories, defending against enemies, and achieving your goals in the dynamic world of Mount and Blade.
So, gather your forces, lead them with skill and determination, and leave your mark as a renowned commander in this immersive and challenging medieval sandbox RPG.
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