Zipping files is useful for sending and saving files — and it is simple to do so in your own Chromebook.

To zip files from the Documents section in your pc, just click the selected folder or document. To correct, copy and paste documents into a new place or drag your documents from the various folder.

Here is the way to do both. 

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the way to zip files in your Chromebook

1. ) Open Documents in your Chromebook.

2. Locate the folder or document which you would like to zip and then right-click.

  • You may also select a number of files by holding the”SHIFT” key on your computer as you click the documents. A blue check mark will appear next to every file.

3. Click”Zip choice.”

How to unzip files on Chromebook

Select “Zip selection.”
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4 ) . A zip file will look directly over your own selection.

5. ) Click on the document to view its articles. 

How to unzip files on Chromebook

Your zip archivefile.
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the way to unzip files onto your Chromebook

To unzip files, you will need to copy and copy the desired files to their new place in your Chromebook. 

1. ) Click on the zipped file to start it.

2. Select the file (or files with the”SHIFT” key) which you’d love to unzip.

3. Right-click and choose”Copy” to copy the documents or document, or press”CTRL” +”C” on your computer. 

How to unzip files on Chromebook

Copy your document.
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4. ) Right-click again, or use the”CTRL” +”P” on your computer, to glue your document in its new folder. A pop-up will appear verifying that the document has been successfully pasted.

How to unzip files on Chromebook

Glue your document.
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5. ) You may even easily click and drag files into a different place to extract them in your zipped file. By way of instance, click on and drag the file in your”Downloads” or a different folder from the left menu menu.

6. ) After you’re finished, click the eject button next to”” from the left hand menu to finish the procedure.

How to unzip files on Chromebook

Click on the eject button.
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