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How To Execute Lords/Prisoners In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord

While it may be a morally difficult choice, how to execute lords/prisoners in Mount and Blade can have significant consequences for the game's political landscape and your own character's reputation.

Kelvin Farr
May 31, 202334757 Shares526625 Views
In the vast sandbox world of Mount and Blade, players have the freedom to shape their own path and make impactful decisions. One of the controversial actions that players can undertake is executing lords or prisoners.
While it may be a morally difficult choice, how to execute lords/prisoners in Mount and Blade: Bannerlordcan have significant consequences on the game's political landscape and your own character's reputation.
This guide will provide insights and strategies on how to execute lords/prisoners in Mount and Blade while considering the implications of such actions.

How To Execute Lords In Bannerlord?

In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, executing lords is a consequential action that can have significant repercussions for your character and faction. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as it may affect your reputation, relations with other factions, and the overall dynamics of the game world.

Capture The Lord As A Prisoner

Before you can execute a lord, you must first capture them as a prisoner. This typically occurs after winning a battle against their forces and successfully defeating and capturing them. Once the lord is taken as a prisoner, they will be held in your party's prisoner management screen.

Interact With The Prisoner Management Screen

Access the prisoner management screen by opening the party screen and selecting the "Prisoners" tab. Here, you will see a list of all the prisoners currently held by your party.

Select The Lord To Be Executed

Locate the specific lord you wish to execute from the list of prisoners. Select their name to highlight them.

Choose The Execution Option

With the lord selected, you will see various options for interacting with the prisoner. Choose the "Execute" option to proceed with the execution.

Confirm The Execution

A confirmation prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the execution of the lord. Consider the consequences of your actions before proceeding. Once you confirm the execution, the lord will be executed, and the consequences will unfold.

Executing LORDS In Bannerlord!!

Executing Lords Straight From A Town/Castle

In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, executing lords is a controversial action that can have significant consequences for your character and faction.
While typically, you would capture a lord as a prisoner and then execute them from the prisoner management screen, there is an alternative method to execute lords directly from a town or castle.

Capture The Town/Castle

The first step is to capture a town or castle controlled by the lord you wish to execute. This can be achieved by besieging the settlement, engaging in a successful siege battle, and capturing it under your faction's control.

Locate The Lord In The Town/Castle

Once you have captured the town or castle, you need to locate the specific lord you wish to execute. Lords can often be found in the keep or other prominent locations within the settlement. Explore the town or castle until you find the lord you are looking for.

Initiate A Conversation

Approach the lord and interact with them to initiate a conversation. This can usually be done by right-clicking on the lord and selecting the "Talk" option.

Choose The Execution Dialogue Option

During the conversation, you will be presented with various dialogue options. Look for the option related to executing the lord. It might be specific to the lord's circumstances or simply labeled as "Execute."

What Happens When A Whole Clan/Kingdom Is Executed?

In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, executing an entire clan or kingdom is an extreme action with significant consequences. It is a decision that can dramatically reshape the game world and alter the balance of power.

Elimination Of Clan/Kingdom Leadership

Executing an entire clan or kingdom involves eliminating its leadership, which includes the ruling lord and any associated family members. This action effectively removes them from the game world, and they will no longer play a role in the ongoing political dynamics and conflicts.

Faction Dissolution

When an entire kingdom is executed, the faction itself will dissolve. The territory controlled by the kingdom will become unaligned, and other factions in the game will have the opportunity to seize control of those territories. This can lead to significant shifts in the power dynamics and may trigger new conflicts among the remaining factions.

Transfer Of Fiefs

The fiefs owned by the executed clan or kingdom will be redistributed among the remaining factions. This redistribution process depends on the game's underlying mechanics, including factors such as faction strength, relations, and influence. The transfer of fiefs can have a profound impact on the overall balance of power in the game world.

Diplomatic Repercussions

The execution of an entire clan or kingdom will have far-reaching diplomatic repercussions. Other factions will react to this drastic action based on their relations with the executed faction and their own political agendas.
Some factions may condemn the act, leading to increased hostility and strained relations, while others may see it as an opportunity to seize power and expand their influence.

Shift In Faction Strength

The removal of an entire clan or kingdom from the game world can significantly alter the balance of faction strength. With one faction eliminated, the remaining factions will have more opportunities to expand their territories and gain power.
This can lead to a reshuffling of alliances, rivalries, and strategic considerations among the remaining factions.

Impact On Player Reputation

As the player character, executing an entire clan or kingdom will have a lasting impact on your reputation and how other factions perceive you. Your action will be seen as a brutal and ruthless act, and factions may hold a negative opinion of you.
This can make diplomacy and alliances more challenging and may lead to increased hostility from other factions.

Important Considerations When Executing A Whole Clan/Kingdom

1. Game Progression And Narrative

Consider the impact of executing a whole clan or kingdom on your game progression and narrative. This decision can shape the story of your character and the game world itself. Think about the long-term consequences and whether it aligns with your character's goals and motivations.

2. Faction Stability And Chaos

The elimination of an entire clan or kingdom can introduce a level of instability and chaos into the game world. Consider the potential ramifications and whether it will lead to a more challenging or dynamic gameplay experience. Balance your desire for power and influence with the potential risks and challenges that may arise.

3. Strategic Implications

Executing a whole clan or kingdom should be a strategic decision. Evaluate the current political landscape, the relationships between factions, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of removing a specific faction from the equation. This decision should align with your broader goals and ambitions within the game.
Executing an entire clan or kingdom is a drastic and irreversible action in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. It can reshape the game world, create new opportunities, and introduce new challenges. Consider the consequences, both immediate and long-term, before making such a bold move.

People Also Ask

How Can I Execute A Lord In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord?

To execute a lord, you need to have captured them as a prisoner first. Then, go to the party screen, select the imprisoned lord, and choose the option to execute them. Keep in mind that this action has consequences and may affect your reputation and relationships with other factions.

What Are The Consequences Of Executing A Lord In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord?

Executing a lord can have significant consequences. It may lead to a decrease in your honor, reputation, and relations with other factions. Other lords may also become hostile towards you, and your actions may be viewed negatively by the general population. Consider the potential repercussions before deciding to execute a lord.

Can I Execute Prisoners In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord?

Yes, you have the option to execute prisoners in the game. However, similar to executing lords, it can have consequences. Be aware that executing prisoners may negatively impact your reputation and may cause other factions or lords to view you unfavorably. Consider alternative options, such as ransom or recruitment, before resorting to execution.

How Do I Avoid Negative Consequences When Executing Lords In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord?

To avoid some of the negative consequences, it is recommended to have a valid reason for executing a lord, such as having a strong claim or significant conflict with their faction.
Additionally, having high charm or leadership skills may help mitigate the negative effects. However, keep in mind that executing lords will still have repercussions and should be used sparingly.

Are There Alternative Options To Executing Lords In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord?

Yes, there are alternative options to executing lords. You can release them, negotiate for their release through diplomacy, or use them as leverage for political gains, such as demanding a ransom or forging alliances. Consider these alternatives as they may provide more favorable outcomes and maintain better relations with other factions.

Final Thoughts

How to execute lords/prisoners in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is a morally challenging decision that carries significant consequences.
While it can be a strategic move to weaken rival factions or maintain control over your realm, it also comes with drawbacks such as negative effects on your reputation and potential diplomatic repercussions.
It is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before proceeding with such actions, considering the long-term implications they may have on your gameplay experience.
Remember to exercise caution and consider alternative approaches when dealing with lords and prisoners to ensure a balanced and engaging gameplay experience in the world of Mount and Blade.
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