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How To Feed Animals Rimworld - Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe And Ensure Their Survival


How to feed animals RimWorld? Are you curious about how to provide food for the animals in Rimworld? Many players of this game have the misconception that this fame consists solely of gunplay, but there is more to this game than meets the eye. This great game has even more content for its players to enjoy.

What I would like for you to do is read this entire post from beginning to end so that you may become familiar with the methods and processes involved in feeding the animal in Rimworld.

About The RimWorld Game And Its Objective

RimWorld is a survival game, and like most games in this genre, the main goal is to make sure that the people survive despite many outside and inside factors.

The RimWorld logo on a background of an organized world
The RimWorld logo on a background of an organized world

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Controlling the needs, moods, illnesses, and wounds of the colonists is one way to play. Another is making buildings, weapons, stone, wood, and cloth.

It also lets you play tactical gun games with small groups and fight hostile tribes, pirates, animals, giant insects, and old, deadly machines. You can also tame and train pets to be useful farm animals or deadly attack beasts.

You can have different kinds of animals in the game. The game has many different kinds of animals, from livestock to wild animals, pets, and security animals.

One Of The Most Important Thing To Do In RimWorld Aside From Surviving

In RimWorld, the key is to feed the animals. Do you know about it before? Yes, not just so you can survive and stay alive, but also because nothing is worse than watching a hungry yak or cat slowly die of hunger while you do nothing.

Well, it could be worse. After all, this is RimWorld but it is still important to feed animals.

But what we would like to know here is how to feed the animals in RimWorld. Take a look at these steps on how to do it:

Different Types Of Animals In RimWorld

Yorkshire terrier0
Labrador Retriever0
Guinea pig5
Fennec Fox7
Red Fox7
Arctic Fox7
Artic Wolf8

How Do You Take Care Of Animals In RimWorld?

Since you can easily start a campaign with one of the survivors in your group. The answer is pretty easy to figure out. Though it has some penalties you might not expect at the beginning that you might not even notice.

By default, animals will eat any food that fits within the area where they are allowed to move. There are two things wrong with this. One, it's dangerous to let small animals go too far from their homes.

They can be killed by predators, which makes your colonists unhappy. Two, your pet will eat food that the colonists need to live.

Watch this video to learn more about how to manage animal food:

Rimworld - How to Manage ANIMAL FOOD Efficiently so they don't STARVE & Die *2021"

Feel Cattle Within A Pen

This is a simple way to feed your game animals. It's more specific: it's for cattle. Just put your animals in the pen, and they will eat the food that you keep in there. This can be anything from food to grass to other things.

Dandelion is the best food to plant in a pen. Not only does it give you good nutrition, but it also grows much faster than most plants in the game, like hay grass. Also, you can't save dandelion for a lot of other things.

According to RimWorldwiki, animals will eat any available food according to their diet. Herbivorous animals of the colony can be left to eat grass on their own. Note that animals require different amounts of food compared to humans, as represented by their Hunger Rate.

Check That The Location For The Kibble Is Within Your Colonists' Permitted Zone

Well, according to MalcolmTheHusky from Reddit, this is what you also need to consider in order to feed your pets. MalcomTheHusky said:

Make sure that the spot storing kibble is set to preferred/important/critical. Those settings allow you to manage multiple storage locations for items/materials. Critical will always be filled first and kept as full as possible. Generally, pawns won't pull from critical unless it's full on best option. Important is right behind critical, then preferred. The below preferred will be a normal priority, which I use for just general overflow storage. Things like food stock for animals I keep as critical or important.

- MalcomTheHusky from Reddit

Make sure you have dedicated haulers who aren't already busy moving things and make sure the kibble you want to move is allowed.

I have never seen a domesticated animal refuse to eat kibble. Grazers do best in a large pen with a growing zone set for hay grass, grass, or tall grass, along with a place to store extra kibble, hay, or plant scraps.

If you don't have a mod that lets you store things out in the open, you can just build a barn inside the pen area with an animal flap door to keep things from breaking.

Things To Do That Might Help You In Your Situation

  • Check the food settings on a pen marker and make sure that all animals can eat everything. There may be some restrictions. Animals that aren't kept in pens won't eat food in the pen, so you'll need to find another place for them to eat outside.
  • The best way is to make one or two tiles in your pen (preferably in the stables) a "critical" stockpile where only kibble is allowed. Then have your butcher make until you have, for example, 200 kibbles. It might work for you as well.

Creating A Pet Zone

  • To create a pet zone, simply follow the procedures below:
  • Navigate to Architect Zone
  • Choose Expand permitted area.
  • Select Manage areas from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose New area

How Do You Feed The Pen Animals In RimWorld Winter?

You could also use a regular door instead of those animal flaps. In the winter, you could "hold it open" so animals could eat, and in the summer, you could close it so they would graze. Most of the time, animals won't graze if they can get cut hay or kibble instead.

RimWorld Guide - Preparing for Winter

Universal Animal Feeding In Rimworld? “My Animals Still Aren’t Eating!”

Some of the most common reasons why your Rimworld animals still won't eat food are:

  • You just don't have any of the types of food they eat.
  • Where the food is not part of the area where animals are allowed.
  • The animal is sick or injured and can't walk.
  • They are eating the grass growing in the ground, eating your plants, or they just aren't hungry.

People Also Ask

Why Do Farmers Stack Hay?

Bale collectors/accumulators are used in the field as part of the baling process. They move bales to a temporary spot and stack them directly on top of each other until they are picked up. If it rains, this can be a good thing because fewer bales will get ruined.

Do Animals Eat Hay RimWorld?

Hay is good for animals, but not for people to eat. Haygrass is a crop that players can grow, but humans can't eat it. It has a high yield, though.

What Animal Eats Hay?

Hay can be eaten by almost every farm animal, including horses, cows, sheep, goats, etc. Hay is usually given to animals when they can't graze or be in a pasture because it's too cold or there isn't enough water. Animals have different needs when it comes to food.

Final Advice

Just put some food in there to feed them. Now you shouldn't have to worry about what to feed your pets or how to keep them safe from other animals.

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