How can you get Minecraft honey from beehives? Minecraft lately watched the accession of Minecraft bees, the superbly useful small insect which helps pollinate crops, make honeyand have the best knees in life. While Nicolas Cage may have a deadly fear of these little critters, they are really quite useful once you’re not in a cult horror movie. And, considering you are enjoying with a survival match aimed in any way ages, I am guessing you are not.

Either way, you are likely going to need to learn about getting Minecraft honeycomb, the way to craft beehives, and also ways to get honey out of them–that is what I am here for. Thus, if you are buzzing to discover more about the way to get Minecraft honey in beehives to drizzle over your blocky breakfast muesli, here is everything you want to know.

What can you do with honeycomb in Minecraft?