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Earlier this week, Activision launched Warzone for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Warzone is a free-to-play Name of Responsibility battle royale, related in construction to fashionable video games of the style. The gimmick of Warzone is that it’s staggeringly huge—and that it’s a stealth sport, apparently, with many gamers complaining that the sport’s footsteps are too quiet.

Every spherical of Warzone drops as much as 150 gamers, damaged into 50 three-player groups, into the large map of Verdansk—a fictional war-torn metropolis with 20-story highrises, a global airport, and a sports activities stadium. Within the first 24 hours, greater than six million folks began enjoying. Scroll by way of social media and also you’ll discover a whole lot of reward. However there’s one obvious challenge: The footsteps are virtually inaudible.

“Footsteps don’t appear to register very effectively,” one participant wrote in a well-liked Reddit thread. “Footsteps are the worst,” replied one other. “You possibly can’t fucking hear ‘em.” Scroll by way of the remainder of the thread and also you’ll learn related grievances.

When Name of Responsibility: Trendy Warfare got here out late final yr, one of many chief complaints was about footstep quantity—particularly, that it was too rattling loud. Seeing as Warzone is an add-on to 2019’s Trendy Warfare, there’s a little bit of a Goldilocks nature to all of this. It might sound minor, however the points are legitimate: In case you can’t hear footfall in a tense shooter, your rivals can get the drop on you.

The good news is that there’s a way to amp up the volume of footsteps, at least marginally. Under the audio settings, you’ll find seven different options. On Studio Reference (the standard setting) and Dynamic Home Theater, the footstep audio track sounds like John Cage’s “4’33.” House Theater is a bit higher, however you actually must pressure to listen to any footfalls, particularly beneath the duress of heavy fireplace.

The mode you need is Increase. It incorporates a reasonable dynamic vary and impartial equalization, which means neither the treble nor the bass is overpowering. Airplane engines nonetheless roar and proximity sounds for gunfire nonetheless want fixing. (A faraway gunfight nonetheless registers prefer it’s proper subsequent to you.) However, for probably the most half, Increase offers sound results like footsteps some much-needed stability.

For reference, I don’t have a flowery surround-sound setup (thanks lots, shoebox Brooklyn house) and I at all times play audio instantly out of my TV audio system. In case you’re rocking a special setup, your sound expertise could possibly be completely totally different. You possibly can take a look at all of those settings out in-game and swap them on the fly from the menu. As you’re deciding on an audio setting, you may push in the best thumbstick to see extra particulars about every setting. From there, you may hit the Sq. button (on PS4) to listen to a sampling.

The builders haven’t addressed participant complaints but, so at present utilizing the Increase setting is nearly as good as you may get. After all, the easiest way to extend footstep quantity in Name of Responsibility is to shut the sport and boot up Battlef– [ducks and runs].

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