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How To Increase Party Speed/Move Faster In Mount And Blade: Bannerlord

How to increase party speed/move faster in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is a crucial aspect of gameplay that can greatly enhance your mobility and strategic capabilities. As you traverse the vast landscapes, being able to move swiftly can give you a significant advantage in reaching your destinations, pursuing enemies, or evading hostile forces.

Kelvin Farr
Jun 02, 202310238 Shares193173 Views
How to increase party speed/move faster in Mount and Blade: Bannerlordis a crucial aspect of gameplay that can greatly enhance your mobility and strategic capabilities. As you traverse the vast landscapes, being able to move swiftly can give you a significant advantage in reaching your destinations, pursuing enemies, or evading hostile forces.
This guide will explore various methods and strategies to increase your party's speed, allowing you to navigate the world more efficiently and effectively. By optimizing your party's movement, you can seize opportunities, respond to threats, and achieve your objectives with greater speed and agility.

Increasing Party Speed/Move Faster In Mount And Blade

Increasing Party Speed or moving faster in Mount and Blade can be crucial for various reasons, such as outrunning enemies, traversing long distances quickly, or engaging in strategic maneuvers.
To achieve a faster party speed, you can employ several strategies and tactics. Here are some effective ways to increase your party's speed in Mount and Blade:

Invest In Leadership And Pathfinding

Investing in the Leadership and Pathfinding skills is crucial for increasing party speed in Mount and Blade. Leadership affects your party's morale and cohesion, which indirectly influences their overall speed.
As you level up the Leadership skill, you unlock bonuses that improve your party's speed. Pathfinding, on the other hand, directly affects movement speed on the campaign map. By investing in Pathfinding and leveling it up, you reduce penalties from difficult terrain, allowing your party to move faster.

Upgrade Horses And Mounts

Upgrading the quality of your horses and mounts is essential for increasing party speed. Faster and more advanced horses significantly improve your party's mobility. Invest in high-quality horses for yourself, your companions, and your mounted troops.
Look for horses with higher speed ratings and superior traits that enhance movement on the battlefield and the campaign map. Regularly visit horse markets or engage in trade to acquire better horses for your party.

Manage Party Size And Composition

The size and composition of your party can affect its speed. Large parties may experience slower movement due to the increased number of troops and resources to manage. Consider maintaining a leaner party size, focusing on quality over quantity.
Opt for troops with higher movement speeds, such as cavalry or mounted archers, to increase your party's overall speed. Balancing your party composition with fast and versatile units allows for swift movement and adaptability.

Reduce Inventory Weight

The weight of your inventory can hinder your party's speed. Carrying excessive items adds to the overall load and slows down movement. Regularly review and manage your inventory, discarding or selling unnecessary items.
Prioritize essential supplies and equipment while minimizing the weight of non-essential items. Streamlining your inventory reduces the burden on your party and improves its mobility.

Utilize Perks And Abilities

Take advantage of perks and abilities that specifically enhance party speed and movement. In skill trees like Pathfinding, Cavalry, or Engineering, select perks that provide bonuses to party speed, map movement, or mounted troops.
These perks can significantly increase your party's mobility and speed, giving you a strategic advantage during engagements and expeditions.

Choose Optimal Routes

Planning your travel routes strategically can help maintain a higher party speed. Opt for roads and open terrains, which provide smoother and faster travel. Avoid rugged or mountainous areas that can slow down your party's movement.
By choosing optimal routes and navigating efficiently, you can save valuable time and increase your overall speed.

Upgrade The Stewardship Skill

Investing in the Stewardship skill tree can yield benefits that indirectly impact party speed. As you level up Stewardship, you unlock perks that enhance party size and reduce party speed penalties from troop quantity.
By efficiently managing your party and upgrading Stewardship, you can maintain a balance between party size and speed.

Utilize Companion Skills

Make use of your companions' skills to boost your party's speed. Assign companions with high Pathfinding or Engineering skills to your party.
Companions with high Pathfinding can increase your party's overall speed on the campaign map, while those with Engineering skills can reduce the time needed to set up and dismantle camps. Utilizing their expertise improves your party's efficiency and speed.
By implementing these strategies and tactics, you can effectively increase your party's speed and enhance your overall performance in Mount and Blade. Adapt your approach based on the situation and continuously seek opportunities to optimize your party's mobility for a competitive edge.

Increase Party Speed or Map Speed (Simple Explanation Guide) - Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

What Is The Party Speed In Bannerlord And What Affects It?

Party speed in Bannerlord refers to the movement speed of your party on the world map. It determines how quickly your party can travel from one location to another and is influenced by several factors. Understanding these factors can help you optimize your party's speed and navigate the game more efficiently.

Party Composition

The composition of your party affects its overall speed. Having a larger party size can slow down your movement, especially if you have a high number of heavily armored troops or cavalry. Balancing your party with a mix of different troop types can help maintain a reasonable speed.

Leadership Skill

Your character's leadership skill plays a significant role in party speed. Higher leadership skill increases your party's speed on the world map, allowing you to cover greater distances in less time. Investing skill points in leadership can lead to noticeable improvements in your party's speed.

Pathfinding Skill

The pathfinding skill is another crucial factor that affects party speed. Pathfinding improves your party's ability to navigate rough terrain, avoid obstacles, and take more efficient routes. Higher pathfinding skill results in faster travel times, reducing the chance of getting caught or delayed by enemies or unfavorable terrain.

Terrain And Obstacles

The terrain and obstacles on the world map can influence your party's speed. Mountains, forests, rivers, and other impassable or difficult-to-traverse areas can slow down your movement and require detours. Planning your route to avoid such obstacles or using appropriate skills and perks to navigate them can help maintain a faster party speed.

Encumbrance And Inventory

The amount of weight your party carries affects its speed. Heavier inventory, including equipment, weapons, and loot, can slow down your movement. Managing your inventory and regularly selling or storing excess items can help reduce encumbrance and improve your party's speed.

Horses And Mounts

Mounting your party members on horses can significantly increase their speed. Horses provide a substantial movement bonus, allowing your troops to travel faster on the world map. Having a well-mounted party can give you a considerable advantage in terms of speed and maneuverability.

Modifiers And Events

Various modifiers and events in the game can affect party speed temporarily. For example, adverse weather conditions like heavy rain or snow can slow down your movement, while favorable conditions like clear skies can provide a slight speed boost. Additionally, certain quests or events may grant temporary movement bonuses or penalties.
By considering these factors and making strategic decisions regarding party composition, skills, inventory management, and route planning, you can optimize your party's speed in Bannerlord and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Ways To Increase Party Speed In Bannerlord?

Increasing party speed in Bannerlord is crucial for efficient movement and maneuverability on the world map. By employing various strategies and utilizing game mechanics, you can enhance your party's speed and gain a competitive edge. Here are some effective ways to increase party speed in Bannerlord:
  • Invest in Leadership and Pathfinding- Level up your character's leadership and pathfinding skills. Higher leadership skill improves party speed, while pathfinding skill helps you navigate terrain and find more efficient routes. Allocate skill points to these attributes to enjoy significant speed benefits.
  • Upgrade Horses and Mounts- Mount your party members on horses to increase their movement speed. Better quality horses provide a significant boost to party speed. Upgrade your horses and ensure that all your troops are mounted for maximum efficiency.
  • Manage Party Size and Composition- Keep your party size in check. A smaller party generally moves faster than a larger one. Optimize your party composition by balancing troop types. Too many heavily armored troops or cavalry units can slow down your movement, so find the right balance to maintain a good speed.
  • Reduce Inventory Weight- Lighten your party's load by managing your inventory effectively. Carrying excessive weight can significantly reduce party speed. Sell or store unnecessary items regularly, prioritize essential supplies, and equip your troops efficiently to minimize encumbrance.
  • Utilize Perks and Abilities- Take advantage of perks and abilities that boost party speed. Certain character perks, such as "Swift Strikes" or "Seasoned Traveller," can provide speed bonuses. Check the skill trees and invest in perks that enhance movement and speed-related attributes.
  • Choose Optimal Routes- Plan your travel routes strategically. Avoid rough terrains, mountains, and dense forests that can slow down your party. Look for smoother paths that allow for faster movement. Use the terrain features on the world map to your advantage and plan your routes accordingly.
  • Upgrade the Stewardship Skill- Develop the stewardship skill to increase your party's map speed bonus. Stewardship affects the overall efficiency of your party, including movement speed. Level up this skill to improve your party's speed and other benefits.
  • Utilize Companion Skills- Assign companions with skills that complement party speed, such as pathfinding or scouting. Companions can provide significant bonuses to your party's speed and navigation abilities.
Remember that party speed in Bannerlord is affected by a combination of factors, so implementing multiple strategies will yield the best results.
Experiment with different approaches, adapt to changing circumstances, and continuously evaluate your party setup to ensure optimal speed and efficiency on the world map.

People Also Ask

How Can I Increase The Movement Speed Of My Party In Mount And Blade?

To increase the movement speed of your party in Mount and Blade, you can take several actions. First, ensure that your party is not overloaded with heavy equipment and inventory. Lightening the load will make your party more agile.
Additionally, investing skill points in the "Pathfinding" skill can boost your party's speed on the world map. Lastly, consider acquiring faster horses for yourself and your companions, as they can significantly improve your overall party speed.

Are There Any Items Or Equipment That Can Enhance Party Speed In Mount And Blade?

Yes, there are items and equipment in Mount and Blade that can enhance party speed. For example, certain types of horses have higher base speeds, and equipping your party members with these faster horses can increase their overall speed.
Additionally, there are items like horseshoes and saddle horses that provide speed bonuses when used or equipped. Keep an eye out for such items in shops, loot, or rewards from quests.

Does The Terrain Affect Party Speed In Mount And Blade?

Yes, the terrain in Mount and Blade can affect party speed. Traveling on rough or difficult terrain such as mountains, forests, or swamps can slow down your party's movement.
Conversely, traveling on open plains or well-maintained roads can allow for faster movement. Be mindful of the terrain and plan your routes accordingly to optimize your party's speed.

Can Having Wounded Or Injured Troops In My Party Affect Its Speed In Mount And Blade?

Yes, having wounded or injured troops in your party can affect its speed in Mount and Blade. Wounded troops may slow down your party's movement due to their decreased mobility and ability to keep up with the rest of the group.
It's important to regularly assess the condition of your troops and either heal them through rest or seek medical aid to prevent a significant impact on your party's speed.

Are There Any Party Skills That Can Improve Overall Speed In Mount And Blade?

Yes, there are party skills in Mount and Blade that can improve overall speed. The "Pathfinding" skill, when leveled up, increases your party's movement speed on the world map.
Similarly, the "Riding" skill can enhance the speed and maneuverability of your character and mounted troops during battles. By investing skill points in these areas, you can significantly improve the overall speed and mobility of your party.

Final Thoughts

How to increase party speed/move faster in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is a crucial aspect of gameplay that can greatly impact your overall performance and success in the game.
By implementing the strategies and techniques discussed in this guide, you can effectively enhance your party's speed and mobility, allowing you to navigate the world more efficiently and respond to various situations with agility.
Whether you're a trader seeking faster travel routes, a raider looking to outmaneuver your foes, or a commander leading your army into battle, having a swift and nimble party can make a significant difference.
Remember to consider the composition of your party, the equipment you and your troops carry, the skills and attributes of your character, and the terrain you traverse.
With a well-optimized and fast-moving party, you'll have the advantage of being able to dictate the pace of the game and seize opportunities as they arise. So, make the most of your journey and let speed be your ally in the world of Mount and Blade.
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