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How To Recruit Prisoners And Bandits In Mount And Blade Bannerlord


Come and join us as we discuss about how to recruit prisoners and bandits in mount and blade Bannerlord. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment, is a sandbox action-role playing game that immerses players in a medieval world teeming with opportunities for power, conquest, and glory.

One of the game's unique features is the ability to recruit prisoners and bandits into your army, offering players a chance to build a diverse and formidable force. In this article, we will delve into the art of recruiting prisoners and bandits, exploring strategies, benefits, and considerations for this unorthodox approach to amassing a robust fighting force.

Understanding Prisoners And Bandits

In Bannerlord, battles result in the capture of enemy troops as prisoners, ranging from common soldiers to skilled warriors. These prisoners are valuable resources that can be integrated into your army rather than simply releasing them.

Bandits, on the other hand, are groups of roving marauders that can be found across the game world. They are not aligned with any faction, making them prime candidates for recruitment.

Advantages Of Recruiting Prisoners And Bandits

  • Diverse Skill Sets - Prisoners and bandits come from various factions and backgrounds, granting your army a diverse range of combat skills and proficiencies. These varied skills can contribute to the overall strength and versatility of your forces, allowing you to adapt to different combat situations effectively.
  • Cost-Effective - Recruiting prisoners and bandits is often cheaper than hiring mercenaries or training soldiers from scratch, allowing you to bolster your ranks without straining your coffers. This cost-effectiveness becomes particularly significant as your army grows in size.
  • Quick Reinforcement - With the right strategy, prisoners and bandits can be recruited swiftly, providing a rapid means of reinforcing your army in times of need. This agility can be crucial when responding to sudden threats or seizing fleeting opportunities.
  • Role-Playing Element - Role-playing as a charismatic leader who can reform even the most hardened criminals can add depth and immersion to your gameplay experience. This narrative element allows you to shape the story of your character and their rise to power in the world of Calradia.

Recruitment Strategies

  • Develop Charm and Leadership Skills - Your character's Charm and Leadership skills are vital for recruiting prisoners and bandits. These skills improve your chances of persuading them to join your cause. The higher your skill levels, the more likely captives are to see the potential benefits of fighting under your banner.
  • Improve Relationships with Factions - If you're focused on recruiting prisoners, it's wise to establish good relations with enemy factions. This increases the likelihood of your captives being more amenable to joining your ranks. Diplomacy and negotiation can turn former foes into loyal soldiers.
  • Utilize Ransom Brokerage - Before recruiting prisoners, consider using ransom brokerage as a way to earn denars (the game's currency). This can help offset the costs of recruitment and upkeep. This strategy not only provides financial benefits but also allows you to choose which captives to recruit based on their potential.
  • Balanced Recruitment - While prisoners and bandits can bring unique skills, it's essential to maintain a balanced army composition. Mix them with regular troops to ensure a well-rounded fighting force. This balance can enhance your army's overall efficiency in battles against various opponents.
  • Utilize the "Gang Leader" Perk - By investing in the Leadership skill tree and acquiring the "Gang Leader" perk, you can increase the chance of recruiting bandit groups without resistance. This perk reflects your character's ability to command and inspire even the most unruly of individuals.

How To Recruit Prisoners And Bandits In Mount And Blade Bannerlord

Recruiting prisoners and bandits in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord requires a strategic approach that involves understanding the game mechanics, honing your character's skills, and effectively managing your recruits.

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Let's delve deeper into the step-by-step process for recruiting prisoners and bandits:

Recruiting Prisoners

Capturing enemies and turning them into loyal soldiers forms the essence of recruiting prisoners. This process can be broken down into several key steps:

  • Capture in Battle - Engage in battles against enemy parties and emerge victorious to capture enemy soldiers as prisoners. The number of prisoners you can capture is influenced by your prisoner management skill.
  • Invest in Skills - To succeed in recruiting prisoners, invest in the Leadership and Charm skills. Leadership boosts your capacity to command and inspire troops, while Charm increases your ability to persuade captives to join your cause.
  • Diplomatic Relations: - Fostering positive relations with enemy factions is essential. Captives from factions with good relations are more inclined to join your army. If at war, prisoners from enemy factions might hesitate due to their allegiance.
  • Prison Visits - Visit settlements with dungeons, such as towns and castles. Negotiate with jailers to release prisoners, then offer them a chance to join your ranks. Taverns also host the "Ransom Broker," facilitating this process.
  • Release and Re-Capture - A strategic approach involves releasing prisoners and engaging them in combat again. Released prisoners, swayed by previous interactions, might be more receptive to recruitment.

Recruiting Bandits

Converting roving bandits into loyal soldiers requires a unique approach:

  • Find Bandit Groups - Scour forests, hills, and remote areas for bandit groups. Their encampments are vital recruitment points.
  • Battle and Negotiate - Defeat bandit groups in combat. Following victory, negotiate with surviving bandits for their recruitment.
  • Enhance Leadership Skills - Similarly, investing in Leadership skills, particularly the "Gang Leader" perk, facilitates bandit recruitment without resistance.
  • Balanced Force - While bandits offer unique skills, it's crucial to balance their numbers with loyal soldiers to mitigate morale and loyalty issues.

Managing Recruits

Once prisoners and bandits are recruited, effective management is imperative:

  • Equip and Train - Equip recruits with weapons, armor, and horses to ensure their readiness for combat. Proper gear investment transforms them into capable fighters.
  • Morale Management - Monitor their morale closely. Leadership skills mitigate low morale due to past allegiances, helping prevent desertion.
  • Upgrade and Promotion - As recruits gain experience, upgrade their skills and promote them to higher-tier troops. This progression enhances combat effectiveness.

How To Get Prisoners In Bannerlord

Gaining prisoners in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a common outcome of battles against enemy parties. Here's how to capture prisoners during battles:

  • Engage in Battle - Participate in battles against enemy parties, whether they are looters, bandits, or rival faction armies.
  • Defeat Enemies - Successfully defeat the enemy party in combat. The number of prisoners you can capture depends on your prisoner management skill. Higher levels of this skill increase the number of captives you can take.
  • Victory Screen - After the battle, during the victory screen, you'll have the option to take prisoners. The captives will then be added to your party as prisoners.
  • Prisoner Management Skill - As mentioned, investing skill points in the "Prisoner Management" skill in the Steward skill tree can enhance the number of prisoners you can capture.

How To Recruit Prisoners From Your Party

Once you have prisoners in your party, you can attempt to recruit them and integrate them into your forces. Here's how:

  • Open Party Screen - Go to the "Party" screen in your character menu, where you can manage your troops and prisoners.
  • Select Prisoners - In the "Prisoners" section of the Party screen, you'll see the list of prisoners you've captured.
  • Recruitment Options - Click on the prisoners you want to recruit. You'll have several options, including "Release," "Ransom," and "Recruit."
  • Recruit - Choose the "Recruit" option. The game will then calculate the chance of successfully recruiting each prisoner based on your character's Charm and Leadership skills, as well as your relationship with the prisoner's faction.
  • Recruitment Outcome - The outcome will be displayed, indicating whether the prisoner is willing to join your cause or not. Some prisoners might decline, while others might agree to join you as soldiers.

How To Upgrade Bandit Troops

In Bannerlord, bandit troops can be upgraded like any other troop type, improving their combat capabilities and allowing them to evolve into more advanced and powerful units. Here's how to upgrade bandit troops:

  • Capture Bandit Groups - Engage and defeat bandit groups in combat. After the battle, you'll have the option to recruit them, similar to prisoners.
  • Promote Through the Troop Tree - Once you have bandit troops in your party, you can promote them to more advanced troop types just like you would with regular faction troops. Go to the "Party" screen and select the bandit troop you want to upgrade.
  • Check Upgrade Path - Within the troop's details, you'll see an upgrade path that shows the potential advancements for that troop. Each advancement usually requires a certain level and possibly specific equipment.
  • Upgrade Requirements - To upgrade a bandit troop, you might need specific weapons, armor, or other equipment. Make sure you have these items in your inventory or available for purchase.
  • Upgrade Troops - Once you meet the requirements, select the upgrade option. The troop will be replaced by its upgraded version, equipped with better gear and improved combat skills.
  • Repeat the Process - Continue promoting your bandit troops through the upgrade path to turn them into more formidable and specialized fighters. Upgrading bandit troops can result in powerful and unique units that can contribute significantly to your army.

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Considerations And Challenges

  • Morale Issues - Some recruited prisoners may have low morale initially due to their past allegiances. Use the Leadership skill to manage their morale and prevent desertion. Providing them with opportunities for redemption and demonstrating the advantages of loyalty can help raise their spirits.
  • Training Requirements - Prisoners and bandits often lack proper equipment and training. You'll need to invest time and resources to equip them adequately and bring them up to par with your other troops. Training can turn them into valuable assets rather than liabilities on the battlefield.
  • Renown Gain - While recruiting prisoners and bandits can be efficient, relying solely on them might lead to slower renown gain compared to training elite soldiers from the ground up. Renown is an essential factor in increasing your character's prestige and influence in the game world.
  • Faction Relations - Depending on your actions, recruiting prisoners might worsen relations with factions whose soldiers you capture. Balancing recruitment with diplomacy is crucial. Consider the long-term consequences of your choices on the geopolitical landscape of Calradia.

People Also Ask

How To Recruit Prisoners In Mount And Blade Bannerlord?

Win battles, invest in Charm and Leadership skills, establish good relations, visit prisons, and negotiate for recruitment.

What Is The Process Of Recruiting Bandits In Bannerlord?

Defeat bandits, use Leadership skills, and promote their progression through the troop tree.

How To Upgrade Bandit Troops In Mount And Blade 2?

Equip them properly, invest in their skills, and promote them within the troop tree.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about how to recruit prisoners and bandits in mount and blade Bannerlord. Recruiting prisoners and bandits involves a combination of skills, strategy, and understanding the game's mechanics.

By focusing on your Leadership and Charm skills, managing your faction relations, and properly equipping and training your recruits, you can transform a group of captives and bandits into a formidable fighting force that can help you achieve victory in the world of Calradia.

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