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How To Select The Best CBD Cream For Your Needs


Gone are the days when people will immediately shun away from products that were previously associated with marijuana. Today, more and more people have corrected their misconceptions about CBD and have been adding CBD-infused products, such as CBD creams, to their routines.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is only one of the many phytocannabinoid found in hemp plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t throw the body off its natural balance and cause addiction. On the contrary, CBD-infused products work by attaching itself to the receptors found in your brain and immune system to provide countless health benefits.

If you’re planning to add the best CBD cream to your lifestyle, make sure to carefully pick the right product by following these tips:

1. Check How The CBD Cream Is Extracted

How the CBD cream is extracted from the hemp plants can significantly affect its quality and ability to provide benefits to you. If this is your first time buying CBD cream, it’s vital that you look at how the product is extracted to ensure that you’ll end up buying one that can meet your expectations and keep you safe.

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Generally, CBD cream is made from CBD oil that’s infused with high-quality coconut or olive oil. To extract CBD oil from hemp plants, manufacturers apply pressure to the plant so the trichomes will burst open. When this happens, hemp plants will secrete its oils and manufacturers will use this in creating CBD oil cream. You should highly consider how these manufacturers apply pressure to the hemp plants as this process separates high-quality CBD creams from low-quality CBD creams.

Ideally, you should only buy CBD cream from manufacturers who use food-grade ethanol or CO2 in their extraction process. These solvents are natural and ensure that all of the compounds of the hemp plant remain intact even after the oil has been extracted.

Conversely, you should steer away from manufacturers who use butane when extracting oil from hemp plants. This is because butane is a hazardous material that can cause a chemical reaction when mixed with coconut or olive oil. Using butane during the extraction process can also deplete the quality of CBD cream.

2. Consider The Packaging

How a product is packaged can make or break your decision in buying it. More often than not, choose to invest in products that are neatly packaged over ones that look sloppy. When buying CBD cream for the first time, you should still pay attention to its packaging as this can determine the quality of the product.

Hemp plants start to die whenever they’re picked. Valuable cannabinoids escape from the plants as these begin to oxygenate, which is why manufacturers would go to extreme lengths to preserve the natural element of CBD products.

For you to elongate the life of CBD products, aim to buy creams that come in glass containers as glass is impermeable and won’t hold onto moisture. CBD creams in glass containers are ideal as UV rays can’t penetrate through, allowing the product to last longer and free from any external pollutants.

3. Look For Third-Party Testing Results

Since you’ll be applying CBD creams to your skin, it’s crucial that you know all of the ingredients present in the product. Besides, you’re spending money on this product as an attempt to improve your skin health and possibly manage symptoms of common skin conditions, right?

Before you buy CBD creams, visit the manufacturer’s website and look for third-party lab results. A CBD cream that has one usually means that the product has high-quality ingredients and it’s safe for use.

Thus, third-party testing results are important, which is why if the manufacturer you’re eyeing to buy from can’t present such a document, start looking for other options. Manufacturers who sell CBD creams without any third-party testing results can mean that the product contains foreign chemicals or heavy metals that can take a toll on your safety.

4. Check Out The Manufacturer’s Customer Support

As someone who’s about to use CBD creams, it’s acceptable to have many questions. More often than not, you’d like to know more as to how their CBD creams are made, where the hemp plants are grown, and what kind of extraction process they use. The list of questions can go on, which is why it’s important to only buy CBD creams from a manufacturer who provides excellent customer service.

More and more people are using CBD-infused products but some are still hesitant about its effects on one’s health and safety. If you’re one of the latter, make sure to only do business with a CBD manufacturer who has a 24/7 ChatBot or customer hotline that can answer all of your queries.

Buying products from a CBD manufacturer that provides excellent customer service will give you peace of mind knowing that someone is guiding you through the process of incorporating CBD products into your daily routine.

5. Only Buy From A Trusted Manufacturer

The CBD industry is booming, so expect to see several manufacturers selling different kinds of CBD products. While some of these manufacturers have been in the industry for quite some time, others are just in because of the money. For you to select the best CBD cream for your needs, only buy from a trusted manufacturer.

There are many and easy ways to determine the credibility of a manufacturer. You can start by googling the company name, then check what users have to say about their products. The reviews left by previous buyers can give you an idea about the legitimacy of the manufacture and the quality of their CBD creams.

Talk To A Doctor

CBD creams may improve the quality of your life because of the number of benefits it can provide. However, before you use one, consider talking to your doctor about your plans first. This is especially important if you’ve been diagnosed with certain skin conditions.

By consulting your doctor early on, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re only going to use products that can improve the quality of your life, not put your health and safety on the line.

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