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One Punch Man: A Hero No person Is aware of, a combating recreation ostensibly about One Punch Man and friends, got here out final week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You’ll be able to play as all method of fan favorites from the One Punch Man prolonged universe, together with Silverfang, Metallic Bat, Tank High Tiger, and, in fact, Mumen Rider. You unlock these characters shortly, however Saitama—One Punch Man himself—isn’t initially out there within the recreation’s free battle mode. And unlocking him is form of a doozy.

To unlock One Punch Man, you’ll first should advance your customized character (mine is “Averageman,” for the file) to Class B within the story mode. Begin by rising your Contribution Stage to 3000, which you are able to do by finishing facet missions on the Affiliation’s department workplace. When you hit 3000, you’ll get an electronic mail from the Hero Affiliation, requesting backup. Head to Affiliation HQ and decide up the principle story mission “Offering Safety and Performing an Evacuation.”

Followers of the manga and anime will acknowledge what occurs subsequent. You enter an alley and come across Genos, doubled over. He’s up towards Mosquito Lady, and on the point of defeat, having let his guard down. This being a online game, he asks in your assist. In case you can survive towards Mosquito Lady for 30 seconds—she will take you out in a pair hits, if you happen to’re not cautious—Saitama will present up and save the day. (In a G-rated deviation from the supply materials, he’s totally clothed for the complete scene.)

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Press L1 to faucet Saitama into the combat, then carry out one primary assault to immediately win. (In battles, Saitama is invincible and might take out any opponent in a single hit.) To your efforts, your character will change into a newly-minted Class B hero—however, sorry, you received’t have unlocked One Punch Man simply but.

After attaining Class B, you’ll want to extend your Contribution Stage to 4000. As soon as that occurs, you’ll get one other electronic mail from the Hero Affiliation. From there, return to the Hero Affiliation HQ and tackle the mission “Defeating the Monster That Appeared In City.” By the point you present up, Genos and Saitama will likely be standing over a defeated monster. Cutscenes ensue, after which Saitama forces Genos, his disciple, to tackle a disciple: you.

Genos’ first job for you is a combat towards a baddie referred to as Vicious Monster. With out query, it’s the hardest combat within the recreation as much as that time. In case you’re having hassle, simply press L1 to swap to Genos. Use his hilariously highly effective cyborg-Dragon Ball assaults to get an edge in fight. Victory will unlock the Backstreet Space on the map.

You continue to haven’t unlocked One Punch Man, however that’s the place you possibly can unlock One Punch Man.

See that arrow? That’s where the Appraiser is.

See that arrow? That’s the place the Appraiser is.
Screenshot: Bandai Namco (Kotaku)

Begin off by visiting the Appraiser. After he thanks you and offers you a present, you’ll obtain one other electronic mail from the Hero Affiliation asking you to come back again to HQ. If you flip round, you’ll be ambushed by Overbearing Monster. Survive for 20 seconds, and Saitama will present up once more and take him out in a single punch. After that combat, one other combatant, Enthusiastic Monster, will present up. For this one, you’re given management of One Punch Man proper from the beginning. what to do.

One cutscene later, and…

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All advised, I performed about 4 and a half hours of the story mode within the One Punch Man recreation earlier than unlocking One Punch Man.

Extra consecutive regular punches: