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How To Use Runes Bloodborne - Unveiling The Mysteries Of Runes In Bloodborne

In this article, we will talk about how to use runes Bloodborne and more. Bloodborne, the critically acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, is known for its atmospheric setting, challenging gameplay, and deep lore.

Kelvin Farr
May 26, 2023149 Shares2187 Views
In this article, we will talk about how to use runes Bloodborneand more. Bloodborne, the critically acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, is known for its atmospheric setting, challenging gameplay, and deep lore.
One of the intriguing elements of the game is the presence of runes, ancient symbols imbued with mystical powers that can greatly enhance the player's abilities. In this article, we will delve into the world of runes in Bloodborne, exploring their origins, effects, and significance within the game.

Origins And Lore

In the haunting world of Bloodborne, runes are said to have originated from the Great Ones, powerful beings that inhabit the cosmos.
These Great Ones possess immense knowledge and eldritch power, and it is believed that the runes are fragments of their wisdom and existence. By acquiring and equipping these runes, players can tap into this cosmic power and augment their own abilities.

Types Of Runes

There are four main categories of runes in Bloodborne: Caryll Runes, Oath Runes, Guidance Runes, and Moon Runes. Let's examine each of these categories in detail:

Caryll Runes

Caryll Runes are named after Caryll, a scholar who sought knowledge in the realm of the Great Ones. These runes can be found throughout the game world or acquired from certain NPCs.
Caryll Runes grant various passive bonuses, such as increased stamina, higher defense, or improved item discovery. Additionally, they can enhance specific weapon characteristics, such as boosting damage against certain enemies or increasing the number of blood echoes gained from visceral attacks.

Oath Runes

Oath Runes are unique in that they require players to pledge allegiance to a specific faction or covenant within the game. These runes can be acquired by interacting with certain NPCs or progressing through specific storylines.
By equipping an Oath Rune, players swear loyalty to their chosen faction, granting them unique benefits. These benefits can range from increased damage against opposing factions to improved cooperative play and protection from invasions.

Guidance Runes

Guidance Runes are associated with the Guidance Rune Workshop, a mysterious place that players can access in the Hunter's Dream after obtaining the Tonsil Stone.
These runes primarily enhance discovery and perception, allowing players to spot hidden paths, reveal the presence of hidden enemies, and improve resistance to poison or frenzy. Guidance Runes are particularly useful for explorers and treasure hunters who wish to uncover the game's secrets.

Moon Runes

Moon Runes are a special category of runes that have a direct connection to the celestial forces in Bloodborne. These runes often provide significant boosts to a player's abilities at the cost of increased difficulty.
They can enhance the power of arcane or bloodtinge attacks, increase the effectiveness of healing items, or even grant temporary invulnerability during visceral attacks. Moon Runes symbolize the affinity between the Hunter and the cosmos, but their use requires caution and strategy.

What Runes Should I Use Bloodborne?

Choosing the right runes in Bloodborne largely depends on your playstyle, preferred weapon, and the specific challenges you are facing.

Bloodborne - All Caryll Runes & Memory Oaths (quick showcase)

However, there are some highly recommended runes that can greatly enhance your character's effectiveness. Here are a few popular choices:
  • "Clockwise Metamorphosis" (Caryll Rune)- This rune increases your maximum HP, providing valuable survivability. It is particularly useful for players who prefer a tanky or melee-focused build.
  • "Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis" (Caryll Rune)- This rune increases your stamina, allowing for more frequent dodges, attacks, and evasive maneuvers. It is especially beneficial for agile and aggressive playstyles.
  • "Blood Rapture" (Caryll Rune)- This rune grants increased healing from visceral attacks, allowing you to regain more health during critical moments. It synergizes well with a playstyle that focuses on parrying and visceral attacks.
  • "Clawmark" (Caryll Rune)- This rune boosts the damage dealt by visceral attacks, making them even more devastating. It is an excellent choice for players who excel at timing their parries and capitalizing on enemy vulnerabilities.
  • "Hunter" (Oath Rune)- This rune is obtained by joining the Hunter of Hunters covenant and offers a variety of benefits, including increased stamina recovery speed and a chance to regain health upon successfully staggering an enemy. It is a versatile choice for players who engage in both PvE and PvP encounters.
  • "Moon" (Moon Rune)- This rune increases your maximum number of Blood Vials, allowing you to carry more healing items. It is especially valuable during challenging boss fights and areas with limited access to Blood Vials.

How To Get The Rune Workshop Tool In Bloodborne?

To obtain the Rune Workshop Tool in Bloodborne, follow these steps:
  • Defeat the boss named Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward. This boss is a mandatory part of the game's main story progression.
  • After defeating Vicar Amelia, proceed to the Cathedral Ward lamp. From there, go up the stairs on the right side of the lamp.
  • Once you reach the top of the stairs, you'll find a door to the right. Open it and step outside onto a circular plaza.
  • In the plaza, you'll encounter a large, non-hostile enemy called the Lesser Amygdala. Approach it, and allow it to grab you. This will transport you to the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • In the Hunter's Nightmare, navigate through the area until you reach the boss called Ludwig the Accursed. Defeat Ludwig to acquire the Holy Moonlight Sword.
  • After obtaining the Holy Moonlight Sword, return to the Hunter's Dream and speak to Gehrman, the old man in the wheelchair. He will reward you with the Rune Workshop Tool.
With the Rune Workshop Tool in your possession, you can access the Rune Workshop in the Hunter's Dream and equip runes to enhance your character's abilities.

The Best Runes In Bloodborne

Determining the best runes in Bloodborne is subjective and depends on your playstyle and build. However, here are three highly regarded and commonly used runes:
  • Clockwise Metamorphosis(all ranks) - This rune increases your maximum HP, providing greater survivability in battles. It is particularly useful for tanky or melee-focused builds.
  • Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis(all ranks) - This rune enhances stamina recovery speed, allowing for more frequent dodges, attacks, and weapon transformations. It is beneficial for aggressive playstyles that rely on stamina management.
  • Blood Rapture(all ranks) - This rune grants a significant amount of HP recovery upon performing visceral attacks. It is especially effective for players who excel at parrying and executing visceral strikes, as it provides healing opportunities during combat.
Remember that there are many other runes available in the game, each with unique effects. Experiment with different combinations and consider your playstyle and build preferences to find the runes that best complement your preferred approach to combat in Bloodborne.

How To Use Runes Bloodborne

Using runes in Bloodborne is relatively straightforward once you have acquired them. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to equip and utilize runes in the game:
  • Accessing the Rune Workshop- To use runes, you first need to gain access to the Rune Workshop in the Hunter's Dream. This is achieved by acquiring the Rune Workshop Tool, as mentioned earlier.
  • Obtaining Caryll Runes- Caryll Runes can be found throughout the game world or obtained from certain NPCs. To acquire a Caryll Rune, you need to approach it and interact with it, similar to looting an item. Once obtained, the rune will be added to your inventory.
  • Equip Runes- To equip runes, go to the Hunter's Dream and interact with the gravestones located in the workshop area. This will open the Rune menu.
  • Assigning Rune Slots - In the Rune menu, you will see three slots for Caryll Runes. Each slot corresponds to a specific effect and has a memory cost associated with it. You can equip up to three runes simultaneously, but the total memory cost of all three runes cannot exceed your current memory limit.
  • Selecting Runes- Choose the desired rune from your inventory and select it to assign it to an available slot. The effects of the rune will immediately take effect once equipped.
  • Oath Runes- Oath Runes, which are obtained by pledging allegiance to a faction or covenant, have a separate slot and do not count towards the three Caryll Rune slots. To equip an Oath Rune, interact with the specific gravestone designated for covenant runes.
  • Managing Runes- You can swap runes at any time by returning to the Rune Workshop in the Hunter's Dream. This allows you to experiment with different combinations of runes based on your current needs and playstyle.
  • Upgrading Runes- Some Caryll Runes can be upgraded to enhance their effects. To upgrade a rune, you need to have the necessary Blood Echoes and the Rune Workshop Tool. Interact with the Rune Workshop and select the upgrade option to improve the chosen rune's potency.
  • Moon and Guidance Runes- Moon and Guidance Runes have passive effects that do not require equipping or management. Once obtained, their effects are automatically applied to your character.
It's worth noting that runes are a valuable tool for customization in Bloodborne, allowing you to tailor your character's strengths and weaknesses to your preferred playstyle.
Experiment with different rune combinations, consider the challenges you're facing and adjust your loadout accordingly to maximize your effectiveness.
Harness the power of the ancient runes, Hunter, and may they guide you through the darkness that looms in Yharnam.

People Also Ask

What Are The Rarest Runes In Bloodborne?

Examples of potentially rare runes include the "Oedon Writhe" Caryll Rune, obtained by defeating a specific enemy in Cathedral Ward, and the "Impurity" Oath Rune, acquired by joining the League covenant and completing specific tasks.

Can You Remove Or Replace Runes In Bloodborne?

Unfortunately, once you have equipped a rune in Bloodborne, it cannot be directly removed or replaced with another rune. To change runes, you need to overwrite the existing rune by equipping a different one in its place.
Therefore, careful consideration is necessary when selecting runes, as they cannot be easily swapped out without losing the benefits of the previous rune.

Are There Any Secret Or Hidden Runes In Bloodborne?

While specific hidden runes have not been officially confirmed, the game's intricate world and lore suggest the potential existence of hidden runes that may require thorough exploration, solving puzzles, or engaging in specific events or interactions to unlock.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about how to use runes Bloodborne. The runes in Bloodborne serve as a captivating gameplay element that adds depth and customization to the player's experience.
From enhancing combat abilities to uncovering hidden paths and augmenting character attributes, runes play a significant role in shaping Hunter's journey through the twisted and nightmarish world of Bloodborne.
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