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How To Use The Nutrient Paste Dispenser In Rimworld

By understanding the mechanics and strategies of how to use the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in RimWorld, you can optimize your colony's food production and save valuable time and resources.

Kelvin Farr
May 31, 202317760 Shares444012 Views
In RimWorld, the Nutrient Paste Dispenser is a valuable tool for providing sustenance to your colony. It offers a convenient and efficient way to feed your colonists with nutritionally balanced meals.
This guide will walk you through the process of using the Nutrient Paste Dispenser effectively and ensuring that your colonists receive proper nourishment.
By understanding the mechanics and strategies of how to use the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in RimWorld, you can optimize your colony's food production and save valuable time and resources.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, mastering the usage of this device will greatly benefit your colony's survival and growth. Let's delve into the details of how to use the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in RimWorld.

What Is The Nutrient Paste Dispenser And How Is It Unlocked?

The Nutrient Paste Dispenser is a unique food preparation facility in RimWorld that provides a convenient way to feed your colonists. It automatically converts raw food ingredients into nutrient paste meals, which are a compact and nutritionally balanced food source.
The dispenser eliminates the need for colonists to individually cook meals, saving time and labor. To unlock the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in RimWorld, you need to research the appropriate technology called "Nutrient Paste Dispenser." Researching this technology requires a research bench and a colonist with sufficient research skill.
Here are the steps to unlock the Nutrient Paste Dispenser:
  • Construct a Research Bench- Build a research bench in your colony. The research bench allows your colonists to study and unlock new technologies.
  • Assign a Colonist to Research- Assign a colonist with a high enough intellectual skill to work at the research bench. Higher skill levels will speed up the research progress.
  • Research Nutrient Paste Dispenser- Open the research tab and locate the Nutrient Paste Dispenser technology. Click on it to start the research process. The time required to complete the research depends on the skill level of the assigned colonist and any applicable research speed modifiers.
  • Complete the Research- Once the research progress reaches 100%, the Nutrient Paste Dispenser technology will be successfully researched, unlocking the ability to construct and use the dispenser.
  • Construct the Nutrient Paste Dispenser- After unlocking the technology, you can build the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in your colony. It can be found in the "Production" tab of the Architect menu. Place the dispenser in a suitable location, preferably near your dining area for easy access.
By following these steps, you can unlock and utilize the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in RimWorld to efficiently feed your colonists with nutritionally balanced meals.

Rimworld Nutrient Paste Dispenser Easy Guide Tutorial Tips

Benefits Of Using The Nutrient Paste Dispenser


The Nutrient Paste Dispenser eliminates the need for colonists to spend time cooking individual meals, allowing them to focus on other tasks such as crafting, construction, or research.

Time And Labor Saving

With the dispenser in place, colonists can quickly grab a nutrient paste meal whenever they're hungry, eliminating the need for them to cook, clean up, or deal with the logistics of meal distribution.

Space Optimization

Nutrient paste meals do not require a dedicated kitchen area or cooking facilities, saving valuable space in your colony layout. This is particularly useful in early game stages or when space is limited.

Food Preservation

The Nutrient Paste Dispenser allows you to process raw food ingredients, preserving them for longer periods. This is especially beneficial for perishable food items, as nutrient paste meals do not spoil.

Emergency Food Supply

In times of food shortage or during emergencies, the Nutrient Paste Dispenser ensures a constant food source. It can sustain your colony even when there is limited access to fresh ingredients or during harsh environmental conditions.

Placing And Building The Nutrient Paste Dispenser

Select A Suitable Location

Choose an area in your colony where you want to place the Nutrient Paste Dispenser. It should be easily accessible for your colonists.

Open The Architect Menu

Press the "B" key or click on the Architect menu icon at the bottom of the screen to open the construction menu.

Select The Nutrient Paste Dispenser

In the Production tab of the construction menu, find and select the Nutrient Paste Dispenser.

Place The Nutrient Paste Dispenser

Move the cursor to the desired location and left-click to place the dispenser. A colonist with construction skills will be assigned to build it.

Ensure Power Supply

The Nutrient Paste Dispenser requires electricity to function. Make sure you have a power source nearby, such as a connected power conduit or a nearby power generator.

Operating The Nutrient Paste Dispenser

Loading Ingredients

Once the Nutrient Paste Dispenser is built and powered, colonists will automatically load raw food ingredients into it. They will retrieve ingredients from nearby stockpiles or designated food storage areas.

Processing Nutrient Paste Meals

The Nutrient Paste Dispenser will convert the raw food ingredients into nutrient paste meals automatically. The process is self-contained and does not require any further input from your colonists.

Colonist Meal Preferences

Colonists will prioritize eating nutrient paste meals if they are hungry and readily available. However, they may still prefer higher-quality cooked meals if they are in a good mood. Nutrient paste meals have a lower mood impact compared to cooked meals, so it's essential to balance their consumption.

Managing Nutrient Paste Meals

Stockpile Management

Ensure that you have designated stockpiles or storage areas near the Nutrient Paste Dispenser to store the produced nutrient paste meals. Adjust the stockpile settings to allow meals and ensure they are easily accessible to your colonists.

Creating Meal Restrictions

You can use the "Assign" tab in the Restrict menu to create specific meal restrictions for your colonists. This allows you to control which colonists are allowed to eat nutrient paste meals and who should prioritize cooked meals or other food options.

Balancing Nutrition And Mood

While nutrient paste meals provide sustenance, they may negatively impact colonists' moods over time due to their low variety and quality. Consider supplementing nutrient paste meals with occasional cooked meals or other higher-quality food options to maintain colonists' overall mood and morale.
By effectively managing the Nutrient Paste Dispenser, you can ensure a steady supply of meals for your colony while optimizing space, labor, and resources.

People Also Ask

How Do I Install A Nutrient Paste Dispenser In RimWorld?

To install a Nutrient Paste Dispenser, you need to research the "Nutrient Paste Dispenser" technology in the research tab. Once the research is complete, you can build the dispenser from the production tab and place it in a suitable location within your colony.

Can I Customize The Ingredients Used In The Nutrient Paste Dispenser?

No, the Nutrient Paste Dispenser automatically uses any available raw food ingredients to create the nutrient paste meals. It does not allow customization of specific ingredients.

How Many Colonists Can The Nutrient Paste Dispenser Feed?

The Nutrient Paste Dispenser can feed multiple colonists at once. It has a capacity to provide meals for up to 10 colonists per dispenser. If you have a larger colony, you may need multiple dispensers to ensure everyone is adequately fed.

Can Colonists Refuse To Eat Nutrient Paste Meals?

Yes, colonists have preferences and may refuse to eat nutrient paste meals if they have a strong dislike for them. It is essential to provide a variety of food options to accommodate their preferences and maintain their happiness.

Can I Automate The Nutrient Paste Dispenser?

Yes, you can automate the Nutrient Paste Dispenser by assigning a colonist with the "cooking" job priority. This colonist will continuously prepare nutrient paste meals as long as there are raw food ingredients available. Automating the process ensures a steady supply of meals for your colony.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to use the Nutrient Paste Dispenser in RimWorld is a vital skill for any colony manager. By following the steps outlined in this guide and understanding the mechanics of the dispenser, you can efficiently provide meals to your colonists, saving time and resources in the process.
Remember to prioritize proper nutrition for your colonists, as a well-fed colony is a healthier and more productive one. Experiment with different strategies and layouts to optimize your food production and ensure the smooth functioning of your colony.
With the Nutrient Paste Dispenser at your disposal, you can provide your colonists with sustenance and focus on other crucial aspects of colony management. Embrace this efficient food preparation method and watch your colony thrive in RimWorld.
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