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I Am Legend’s Virus & Darkseeker Origins Explained


Francis Lawrence’s 2007 post-apocalyptic sci-fi film I Am Legend takes place in a near-future the place a virus designed to remedy most cancers has worn out most of humanity as an alternative. Left behind are a number of stray survivors lucky sufficient to be resistant to the airborne virus, and the individuals who have been mutated by the virus into savage monsters referred to as Darkseekers.

I Am Legend relies on the novel of the identical title by Richard Matheson, which was revealed in 1954. Although many modifications have been made out of the unique novel, the protagonist stays the identical: Robert Neville, a sole survivor of the pandemic who’s making an attempt to make use of science higher perceive the creatures it has created – and maybe even discover a remedy. Robert is performed by Will Smith in I Am Legend, and for many of the film he’s alone with solely his pet canine, Sam, for firm.

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Robert is without doubt one of the few people who find themselves resistant to the virus, which is known as the Krippin virus after its creator, Dr. Alice Krippin (Emma Thompson). He insists upon remaining within the ruins of New York Metropolis, because it was floor zero for the outbreak, and has spent years making an attempt to synthesize a remedy for the Krippin virus utilizing his personal blood as the premise for his compounds. However what precisely is the Krippin virus, how does it unfold, and the way was it created?

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I Am Legend’s Krippin Virus Defined

A information interview with Dr. Krippin in I Am Legend‘s opening lays out the origins of the Krippin virus. Dr. Krippin had genetically edited the measles virus with a purpose to change its results from damaging to useful, spreading a remedy for most cancers by way of the our bodies of sufferers. The thought is comparable in primary principal to how vaccines work: taking one thing that will in any other case be dangerous to folks and turning it right into a solution to save folks. Krippin compares the method of making her virus to changing a harmful driver behind the wheel of a robust automotive with a cop.

Initially plainly the virus is successful, with greater than 10,000 most cancers sufferers cured. Nevertheless, it then begins to have way more deadly results and mutates from a contact-borne virus to an airborne one. 90% of people who find themselves contaminated with the virus die. 1% (about 12 million folks on the planet) are resistant to the virus. The remaining folks rework into Darkseekers – pale-skinned creatures with a savage lust for flesh, enhanced power and pace, and no obvious increased mind operate. The one secure haven from the Darkseekers is daylight, since they expertise extreme reactions to UV gentle.

The long-term results of the Krippin virus fluctuate relying on which model of I Am Legend you are watching. Within the theatrical reduce ending (which was created after take a look at audiences reacted poorly to the unique ending), Robert Neville efficiently finds a remedy for the illness and Anna (Alice Braga) brings it to a survivors camp and palms it over to navy officers. Within the alternate ending, Robert realizes that the Darkseekers invading his constructing are led by an alpha who solely needs one factor: the return of his mate, a feminine whom Robert has been experimenting on in an try and discover a remedy. This ending reveals that the Darkseekers are actually nonetheless able to emotions like love and attachment, and are in a position to present restraint from killing.

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Why I Am Legend’s Darkseekers Aren’t Zombies

Although the Darkseekers would possibly seem to be zombies – with their senseless violence, lust for flesh, and contagious bites – the important thing distinction between Darkseekers and zombies is that Darkseekers usually are not lifeless. In reality, they’ve extraordinarily excessive physique temperatures and very excessive heartrates, which go hand-in-hand with their aggression. Additionally not like zombies, non-immune folks don’t have to be bitten by a Darkseeker with a purpose to develop into contaminated. Although that is how the virus was initially unfold, it later turned airborne, leaving anybody who was not immune prone to dying or changing into a Darkseeker merely by being in the identical basic neighborhood as different contaminated folks.

Though they could not match the technical trendy definition of a zombie, I Am Legend‘s Darkseekers do usually get put into the identical broad class of zombies. Whether or not or not the phrase strictly applies is a debate that has additionally been had about 28 Days Later, which is extensively thought to be a zombie film despite the fact that the zombies in it, just like the Darkseekers, are still-living individuals who have been contaminated with a illness that causes excessive rage.

How I Am Legend’s Darkseekers Are Totally Different In The Ebook

Within the ebook model of I Am Legend the monsters are extra easy than within the film: they’re vampires. That label is used explicitly and their situation comes with numerous the standard vampire traits, together with blood-sucking, a hatred of garlic, and the requirement of a wood stake by way of the center to kill them. Not like the Darkseekers, the vampires in Matheson’s novel are practically indistinguishable from people and are nonetheless in a position to speak. At evening, as an alternative of listening to screams and howls, Robert is compelled to hearken to his vampire neighbor yelling at him to return out of the home. The novel’s vampires are additionally cannibalistic, preying on their very own type after they can not discover a human to devour.

The origins of the vampires in Matheson’s I Am Legend are additionally barely totally different than these of the Darkseekers within the film. Within the ebook, Robert discovers that the supply of the illness that turns folks into vampires is a germ carried by mud storms and mosquitoes that plagued the world within the wake of a current conflict’s bombings. The ending of the ebook is nearer to the alternate reduce of I Am Legend, with Robert discovering that a few of the contaminated have been ready to withstand changing into undead as a result of mutations within the micro organism, and have shaped a brand new society. Simply as Smith’s Robert Neville does within the movie’s unique ending, the ebook model of the character realizes that he has develop into a monster within the eyes of this new species. The ultimate phrases of the ebook are “I’m legend,” as a dying Robert muses that someday he’ll develop into nothing greater than a daunting superstition, identical to vampires as soon as have been.

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