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I can’t resist Sea of Thieves’ cursed chests (and my crew hates it)


Sea of Thieves is all about accumulating treasure, after which turning it in for rewards. That’s a superbly cromulent gameplay loop for a pirate sport, however there’s just one downside that I have to grapple with time and time once more: I’m a giant foolish sausage, drunk on hubris, and I can’t cease selecting up the cursed chests.

The Gold Hoarders are a faction of pirates who ship gamers out into the world to dig up chests filled with gold. These chests are fairly helpful, and filling your boat with them would possibly make you a tempting goal to different pirates out on the seas. However there’s a wrinkle: A few of these chests are cursed. One chest makes the pirate drunk, which is definitely probably the most tolerable of the consequences. If I decide certainly one of these up, I find yourself feeling somewhat nauseous as I sway round, and the off-key music is somewhat irritating, but it surely’s largely toothless.

It’s the opposite two cursed chests which can be inflicting me greater issues. One chest, the Chest of Sorrow, will randomly begin sobbing till it fills your complete ship with water and sinks it. The one strategy to resolve the issue is to chuck the chest within the drink, or bail its tears out as fast as one can.

The opposite cursed chest is one thing Uncommon added in a latest replace. This mad lad will randomly ignite, and if left unattended, your complete ship will go down in flames. (For those who attempt to depart the Chest of Rage in water, the chest simply heats the water and turns it right into a boiling morass of ache.)

Well Worth The Danger?

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You would possibly assume that with such dire penalties — and previous experiences of those chests ruining my day — I’d deal with them with respect and solely transport them beneath the most secure of situations. Absolutely, you ponder, I will need to have discovered my lesson after the primary couple of incidents.

Haha! No.

I’m cursed with a sickening quantity of vanity, and my crew pay the value as I hold pulling these chests onto our ship. Typically I inform my buddies, and generally I neglect to. Typically we run again to the shore with our arms filled with treasure solely to see our ship utterly vertical and slipping beneath the waves. Somebody will see the glint of a crybaby chest within the wreckage left behind, after which the questions and accusations begin flying.

There are some individuals who play Sea of Thieves in an extremely environment friendly method: They depart all the pieces behind, besides the costliest and helpful treasures. A couple of hundred gold merely isn’t well worth the effort of transportation to a vendor.

My crew and I play in a way more gluttonous trend. We carry all the pieces on board, from probably the most humble bronzed cup to the costliest chests and skulls. Typically we make a sport of seeing how a lot we will carry aboard and hold protected from enemies. Different occasions, we find yourself charting a wild course over your complete map, typically offloading cargo at ports and going straight again to a different island to repeat the entire course of time and again.

Picture: Uncommon/Microsoft Sport Studios

Greed Is Nice

Cursed chests throw a little bit of a wrench within the works; they have to be babysat. They’re helpful, however they’re not top-tier. We’ve actually had arguments about whether or not they’re price bringing aboard. However on the finish of the day, my sense of greed normally wins out. I prefer to stare at my hull filled with treasure, sort of like a dragon.

There’s one other sudden profit to those cursed chests: They’re a belief train. By that I imply that you must completely not belief me. There have been a number of occasions the place my buddies gently chide me to not carry a cursed chest aboard, however I sneak it into the hull in any case.

You may sneak all kinds of issues on a ship (or off a ship) for those who’re intelligent sufficient. You may, as an illustration, put a snake in a cage after which put the snake subsequent to the meals barrels, so if somebody is injured they usually desperately run to attempt to get some bananas, the offended snake spits venom on them. You may also simply cover a crybaby or a mad lad in a ship, and the one factor that may give it away is the sound of determined sobbing, or somebody noticing that the ship is now on fireplace.

Emergent Gameplay

I like promoting chests and getting gold, and that’s a giant a part of why I hold gathering chests. However a part of me additionally likes the component of chaos that cursed chests introduce. Crusing by means of the titular sea has plenty of hazard, however generally you end up on a quiet server the place your primary companion is the sound of wind and birds within the distance.

Throwing in somewhat spice retains issues attention-grabbing and enjoyable. We’ve developed methods for coping with cursed chests, like having certainly one of us maintain the chest on our backs whereas we cling to absolutely the backside of the ship’s ladder. Whoever holds the chest is actually blind, typically slipping underwater because the ship rises and falls with the waves. The hearth chest forces us to scramble round, coordinating buckets of water to douse the flames.

Right here emerges the paradox of my angle towards cursed chests: A part of me fears leaving them behind, as it is going to result in a barely smaller haul. The opposite a part of me is hungry to carry them aboard, regardless of realizing that they might doom your complete ship, and result in a a lot higher lack of revenue. I don’t have a solution to how I can maintain each of those views, however my crew would largely desire I not. Nonetheless, I’ll by no means cease. I’m too excessive on hubris and pirate vitality.

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