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I Go to Music Festivals Sober, and That Is What It Is Like

Music festivals are about so much more than just the music. While popular headlines are obviously a huge part of their draw, you also go for the destination, the scene, and the memories. It’s a whole experience, and lot of people like to enhance that experience with alcohol or drugs. But while the thought of…





Music festivals are so much more than just the music. While popular tune are obviously a massive part of the attraction, you go for the destination, the spectacle, and the memories. It’s a whole experience, and lot of people like to improve that experience with drugs or alcohol. However, while the thought of being utterly sober in a music festival may sound strange to a person, I am proof that it’s actually incredibly enjoyable.

I have been to songs festivals such as Coachella, Panorama, and The Meadows totally sober, and it is not a big deal. Just because you are sober doesn’t mean you don’t have the time of your life and get bizarre together with your friends while wearing crazy ponchos (see beforehand for evidence ). If I am paying a few hundred dollars to go to a concert or festival, I’d like to really see, love, and don’t forget the actors – not just blackout during their set.

Picture Source: James Barrett

Peer pressure is something I’ve become too old to succumb to. I don’t want drugs to lose myself in the songs, dance with strangers, or scream the lyrics on very top of my lungs. There is this natural high energy the crowd brings to the festival grounds. It is all about escaping your daily life and letting loose in clothes that you likely would not wear anyplace else. It is obnoxious, penalizing, and enjoyable when you’re able to let go this way all on your own.

The craziest audience I’ve experienced was at Coachella in 2018 if Beyonc√© performed her epic poem, homecoming-themed place . People caught their places close to the period 12 hours ahead of time\. And when she hit the stage, I was so glad I had been in my mind to carry it all in. She collaborated with her fellow Destiny’s Child members, and people in the crowd have been tearing up and screaming the lyrics to”Say My Name” until their voices gave out. Each person there, like myself, knew we were watching a second in pop-culture history. And I get to keep in mind it for the remainder of my life.

In the end of the afternoon, it is the music that brings people together, not the alcohol or drugs. And you definitely don’t require either of these to have an awesome time.

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