• I street Seoul’s subway system for a week as a New Yorker who’s sick of my city’s subway shelters. 
  • Seoul’s subway is far better than New York City’s with regard to significance, reliability, cleanliness, and nearly every other variable conceivable. 
  • It is remarkably simple to navigate as a tourist that does not speak much Korean — and it also had heated seats. 
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SEOUL, South Korea — I have lived in nyc for seven decades. And, over the course of the seven decades, the city’s subway system has apparently conspired to destroy my life. 

There are an infinite number of meetings I’ve sprinted into late since the train made a decision to quit operating. I was stuck underground at two a.m. for one hour and a half. I’ve been crushed by audiences on L trains, stranded on subway trains, and paid way too much for Ubers after giving up on A trains arriving. 

That’s to say, I’m not someone that has a whole lot of faith from the subway. With “Train Daddy” Andy Byford leaving his post as the chief of New York City Transit, there does not appear to be much hope for the future of New York City’s public transport this point. 

I traveled halfway across the planet to Seoul, South Korea. 

Seoul’s subway system is widely considered among the finest on the planet, or even the very best. Business Insider has composed about its greatness before. Thus has Mic.com, Jalopnik, also CNN

I decided that I would utilize Seoul’s public transportation for a week to learn what everybody was so jazzed about. Here’s what I discovered.