• I recently spent a few days at the southern African country of Namibia for Christmas, carrying an overnight train for $12 throughout town from Windhoek to Walvis Bay.
  • Though there was no much to do on the rail, and it was unbelievably chilly, the scene was jaw-dropping.
  • After in Walvis Bay, I had been invited to Christmas dinner by friendly natives.
  • It is a trip I will not forget anytime soon — and could highly recommend.
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Gradually, my eyes opened.  All around was nothing but gold sand, under a brilliant blue skies. In the space were enormous sand slopes literally the size of hills. Oh, and that I was also on a train. 

Dominated by a number of the oldest deserts in the world, the southern African country of Namibia is similar to almost everywhere. A former German colony, several road signs across the united states remain written .

I recently spent a couple of days in Namibia over Christmas — also discovered as dramatic as the scene was, the friendliness of sailors was even more amazing. Staff in the resort I was staying even encouraged me to join them for Christmas dinner since they saw I had been lonely.

Here is what it is like to go to this nation that almost does not look real.