Door Kickers 2: Task Force North, originally announced in 2016, remains in evolution. The pauseable real-time strategic name from KillHouse Games went quiet for a little while, but a brand new trailer has it set to be published in the next quarter of 2020.

The first Door Kickers found on Steam around precisely the exact same period as Breach & Clear, a similar spin on strategic close-quarters activity, went live on iOS. However, KillHouse’s game went on to receive critical praise and commercial success on Steam, while Breach & Clear didn’t. However, many fans feared the missed launching date 2016 spelled doom for its name. Turns out that is not the situation. The trailer reveals the setting has transferred out of SWAT-style police experiences to full-scale military engagements in a fictional Middle Eastern country. The description says it is entering premature access from the end of June 2020.

“True to the violent and energetic nature of battle from the [Middle East],” states KillHouse on its website,”the match versions deadly dangers and technology like booby traps, suicide bombers, RPGs and hidden insurgents — while giving you new toys like Light Machine Guns for suppressive fire, drone recoinassance [sic], night vision goggles and wall breaking charges.”

The sport currently has a Steam page, where it is possible to add it to a wishlist.