Impact of Government Shutdown on the Hollywood Industry
Impact of Government Shutdown on the Hollywood Industry

Now the most valuable sign of the running government shutdown has been in different images of all the trash can be seen overflowing at all the different national parks and the National Zoo.

It is expected from next Thursday,  the media industry will start feeling the impact as the plans of the FCC is going to suspend all the operations in the middle of the day. It is expected that this will put a halt in all the mergers which also include the transaction between T-Mobile and Sprint.

According to news, the company Nexstar Media Group will also be merging with Tribune Media and this merger will have to be delayed because of the government. It is expected that the FCC website will still be active and will be doing a lot of things which include electronics filing, consumer complaints, and license reviews.

According to the official statement of the FCC, about 83% of their workforce will be furloughed and a total of 245 employees will be retained. This is the reason that all the works of the FCC will be slowing down. Out of the 245 employees, who will be working for FCC, a total of 200 employees will all be tied with spectrum auction activities and all these people will be paid through different government appropriations.

All the other employees who will be retained will keep on working on all the necessary services provided by FCC. It is expected that the Chairman of FCC, Ajit Pai and the three other commissioners will keep on working for the FCC. These people will all be paid from different funds which will not be from annual appropriation. The shutdown of the FCC started from the 21st of December and the FCC has operated in all the different existing funds through the New Year 2019.

This week, there has been an increased concern of the people as President Donald Trump will continue to demand to fund for all the border walls. The Democrats are not trying to refuse to vote for him.

Last time, there was a major shutdown in the year 2013, and it went on for 17 days and the FCC was forced to close all its operations. The FCC is also known for disrupting a lot of film production on different national parks and federal properties.