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After a much cumbersome legal battle, Netflix has finally released one of the most controversial series ever Bad Boy Billionaires. As you might already know, the Twitterati cannot stop rambling about it, and the series is already breaking the view records. 

Depicting the story of the supposed good guys who went bad, this series is an absolutely nail-biting one, albeit a tearjerker. It portrays the controversial, tragic trajectories of the rise and fall of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy. This is one of the most recent media trial cases that happened in India.

After three months of contesting a legal battle, Netflix finally bagged the permission to release this. However, the fourth episode, on B. Ramalinga Raju is still on hold, as reports say the case doesn’t rest yet. users can also download Bad Boy Billionaires web series on Netflix to watch offline later.

If you’re not yet familiar with what the world seems to rant about right now, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an Index of Bad Boy Billionaires: India Season 1, the gist of the episodes and every other intricate detail to help you through! And Bad Boy Billionaires web series IMDb rating is also above 8 which means you must watch it now.

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  • Genre: Documentary, Crime, Biography
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • Directed By: Dylan Mohan Gray
  • Available On: Netflix Premium
  • Total Seasons: 1
  • Total Episodes: 4 Episodes
  • Official Release Date: October 12 2020

Bad Boy Billionaires Documentary: Plot Summary

The Billionaire Series in India walks you through the incidents of real-life stories of the poster boys of the good life and good times that led to their eventual doom. The wrongdoings of these ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’ might not be new, since we’ve all sat through endless news coverage and newspaper headlines, but it’s definitely engrossing. 

These were men who were masterminds masters in understanding their target audience, how to influence and manipulate them into trusting their business, and ultimately defraud them; ripping them off everything including hopes and dreams. 

Index of Bad Boy Billionaires Series (All Episodes)

This Indian web series seems to put all the bits and pieces that we’re already aware of and present a coherent, cohesive narrative that pains a complete picture – of the good and the bad, of the evil and the genius. It has three episodes that tell three stories, Vijay Mallya’s good times, Nirav Modi’s fraud, and Subrata Roy’s betrayal of trust. 

Episode 1: King of Good Times: Vijay Mallya

  • Available On: Netflix

Overview: The best part about this web series on Vijay Mallya is that each episode is directed with a fresh perspective. Well of course, when each episode is overlooked by a different director, the show is bound to be good. All have their own set of detailing and style to be added, which only goes on to make this series more lucid. This episode is directed by Dylan Mohan Gray.

The first episode walks us through the tragically horrendous story of Vijay Mallya. Outlining the possible outcomes of sheer greed and justifying the age-old saying “As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering,” the episode is a masterpiece. It portrays how Vijay Mallya’s ceaseless hunger for power, fame, and money brought upon him his own doom. 

The former Kingfisher owner drowned in his fantasies or minting millions and conquering the world in terms of wealth. As he craved glamour, he splurged his wealth unabashedly. The shooting and storyline also entail pieces of interviews and interrogations that his family and friends had to go through.

Even his son, Sid Mallya, his executive assistant Tushita Patel and his friend Kiran Mazumdar Shaw were depicted in the episode and their reaction to Vijay Mallya’s ‘riches to rags’ trajectory. And the episode is rightly named so, as it justifies how the King of Good Times once, is now leading a tragic life for years to come. 

The episode elaborates on how Vijay Mallya made more than half of his fortune by usurping his employees’ hard-earned salaries. By force or by manipulations, it was and is humanly wrong. And that is exactly what made him bite the dust – both his soul and his so-called ‘golden’ empire. 

The episode ends with a realistic portrayal of the ruins the former Kingfisher owner is living in now. you can check more about Vijay Mallya current news online.


Episode 2: Diamonds Don’t Last Forever: Nirav Modi

  • Available On: Netflix

Overview: It’s no news that Nirav Modi has successfully managed to leave a permanent dent worth $1.8 billion in the books of Punjab National Bank. And even worse, it’s a dent that Indian taxpayers are most likely going to fill. The episode’s highlight is exactly this Nirav Modi’s success, his allies’ contribution to helping him do the same.

The name of the episode justifies what Nirav Modi’s life was, and what it has come to. The man rose to sheer prominence in the past decade, when he was featured in Christie’s auction catalogue cover in 2010, apparently for a Golconda diamond necklace that managed to bag $3.56 billion in an auction in Hong Kong. But hey, diamonds do not last forever something that was proven when his wrongdoings were uncovered by the public.

This episode has been directed by Johanna Hamilton and follows the pattern of the pilot episode offering similar insights into the lives of the filthy rich. Although this episode is reviewed and referred to by critics as the ‘weakest’, it still stands out and sees you biting your nails, thanks to the amazing, real-life story.

Albeit the episodes fail to disclose intricate details about Nirav Modi’s professional life and wrongdoings, the information portrayed is just enough to grasp the gist of it all. There is also a passing mention about his uncle, Mehul Choksi’s influence, and the contribution of his wife that established him as the diamantaire du jour.

The storyline of this series on Nirav Modi scam does get distracted from the main plot due to the introduction of an unnecessary plot point. However, the episode regains its full vigour and strength when it starts to outline the story of how Nirav Modi had to flee from India, after an alleged con. 


Episode 3: The World’s Biggest Family: Subrata Roy

  • Available On: Netflix

Overview: The third and final episode entails the story of Subrata Roy, commonly referred to or called by his employees as ‘Sahasri’ and his meteoric rise and fall. It shows his entire journey from a meagre town in Uttar Pradesh to building a massive empire in a jiffy. 

This is the longest, and the most emotionally crafted episode of them all and is an absolute tearjerker for sure. It throws a spotlight on how Roy earned the trust of many, from the poor and suffering people to the rich and sophisticated only to break it all by over-promising and under-delivering. Or rather, not delivering at all. 

This episode was directed by Nick Read, and the viewers have now taken to Twitter to ramble about how the last episode serves the most meat. Full of inside scoop and an exceptionally, gossip-worthy, controversial trajectory one that is sure to make your jaws drop.

The story entails the Subrata Roy’s scam to tell you in a Simple line. Subrata Roy’s infamous ‘Pyramid Scheme’ and how he managed to mint millions through deceitful tactics and illegal wrongdoings. What he did was ask millions and trillions of families to invest, and according to his scheme, they were promised double or triple the investment in return. 

Allegedly, Subrata Roy went on to invest their hard-earned money into his own projects and ventures, like the Amby Valley Project, and his own airlines instead of actually working the scheme out. What he did was express a sheer disregard towards government policies and the collective public’s interest, which ultimately led to his own downfall.

The cult he managed to build and craft around his business, which also included following a distinctive dress code, and of course, a ‘too good to be true’ chit fund scheme as well. His idea was so impressive and intriguing, that at one point, at least one in seventeen Indians had already invested in his famous Sahara chit fund scheme. 

The episode includes talks and discussions with his ex-employers and former heads, along with the general public who earned just enough to buy a bread a day and still decided to invest in his scheme. What he did broke millions of families, a gazillion dreams, and a saga of hopes and aspirations. 



Was it Megalomania or just being Bigger Dreamers than the Average Man?

Once you finish Watching this bad boy billionaires series in 2020 which is based on the Billionaires in India, the exact question lurks around the halls of your brain’s maze. We cannot deny that these were the single most, most glamorous criminals of India. 

They managed to mint millions and build an empire, and also associate with the world’s finest, most sought after people. They have graced (well, once upon a time) not just the newspapers but also the covers of established magazines, and have been a part of talk shows that celebrated their victories along with them. 

The series paints a beautiful picture of what they were, what they could have been, and what led them to where. It’s like living their story, in their shoes and suffering through the consequences. The series excels in making you not just watch the drama and cons, but also live it. in upcoming episodes of this latest Indian crime webseries, we can expect to watch the story of Satyam Rama linga Raju Scam which is also a biggest sensational news item at that time

And since people have seen Indian Millionaires tv series of high profile frauds and more, we can only think of the high chances of a season two rolling out soon enough. Till then, happy binging! and don’t forget to suggest to your friends about this one of the recent best Indian show: bad boy billionaires series to download in 2020.

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