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Index Of Lost Season 1 To Season 6 (With Cast, All Seasons Recap & Episodes List)

Index Of Lost Season 1 To Season 6 (With Cast, All Seasons Recap & Episodes List)

Check out complete Index of Lost tv series season 1 to season 6 along with all seasons recap, episodes list, cast, download & watch availability in 2020.

Hilda Workman
Nov 17, 2020

Table of Contents

Probably one of the best shows that blends supernatural and science fiction like peanut butter and jelly on a bread Lost is an American television drama series. The story entails the life of a group of survivors who land up in a mysteriously dangerous island in the event of a plane crash while flying between Los Angeles and California.

If you didn’t watch lost tv series which is a seat-gripping show, now might be the perfect time to binge it. Here’s a season overview of all the six seasons and an episode list of the lost series index to help you through!

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  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
  • IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
  • Written By: J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Adam Horowitz, Jeffrey Lieber
  • Directed By: J.J. Abrams & Jack Bender
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC
  • Total Seasons: 6 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 121 Episodes
  • Running Period: 2004-2010
  • Release Date: 22 September 2004

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Lost Cast & Characters List

  • Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah

Sayid Jarrah
  • Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton

Claire Littleton
  • Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard

Jack Shephard
  • Jorge Garcia as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

Hugo Hurley Reyes
  • Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford

Shannon Rutherford
  • Josh Holloway as James “Sawyer” Ford

James Sawyer Ford
  • Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd

Walt Lloyd
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin-Soo Kwon
  • Yunjin Kim as Sun-Hwa Kwon

Sun-Hwa Kwon
  • Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen

Kate Austen
  • Dominic Monaghan as Santorini Pace

Santorini Pace
  • Terry O’Quinn as John Locke/Man in Black Main

John Locke
  • Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson
  • Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle

Boone Carlyle
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Mr Eko

Mr Eko

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Index of Lost Series (Season 1 To Season 6)

Index Of Lost Season 1

index of lost season 1
  • Number of Episodes: 25
  • Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC

Season Recap: The curtains on the pilot season raise and focus on the tragic repercussions that took place after a devastating plane crash. The handful of people who managed to survive the inevident crash of the flight, rightly called the Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, emerge from the wrecks of pieces of aluminium only to realize they are in a land with no human soul in sight.

The land didn’t have a single clue that’d hint there was any inhibition ever, and the survivors were clueless. The troop of helpless refugees decides to follow Jack Shephard, who becomes the leader of the pack.

As time passes by, the survivalists realize that there’s much more that they have to battle to keep surviving. Their life was in danger, due to several threats disguised as mysterious entities. Those included polar bears, a well-known and feared yet unseen that prowls about in the jungle, also known as the Smoke Monster, and also malicious inhabitants called “The Others.”

They come across a French woman called Danielle Rousseau, who landed on this inhabitable island sixteen years before the timeline they were showing. She was in the desperate search for her daughter whom she was separated from, called Alex.

The group of survivalists also find a mysterious hatch buried deep under the ground. Two of them, namely Locke and Boone try to open the hatch by sheer force, while four others, namely, Michael, Jin, Walt, and Sawyer try to leave in a raft that was manually built by them. In the meantime, there’s a frequent to-and-fro to flashback scenes that depicts the life of each survivor before the event of the crash.

Index Of Lost Season 2

index of lost season 2
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC

Season Recap: Science and faith, technology, and hope a group of disparate aspects that can never be the two halves of a whole. Season 2 entails the story of the growing struggles and battles between the survivors and the Others continue to grow.

And so does the dilemma and the confusing clash between science and faith. The more they solved the old, buries, ever-brooding mysteries, the more new mysteries managed to crop up. Remember back in the previous season how four of the survivors left on a handmade raft, fleeing for their lives? All of them get attacked by the Others, and Walt and Michael’s son get abducted by them too.

The survivors are now compelled to return to the island, where they come across the tail-section survivors, also known as The Tallies. A battle tears apart between Jack and John Locke, over who gets to assess control over the guns and medicines they found in the hatch. The battle ends in “The Long Con” where Sawyer, instead, gains control over them.

We learn that the hatch was a research station, built over thirty years ago, as a result of the initiative called “Dharma Initiative”. The Dharma Initiative was technically a research project that involved the conduct of various scientific experiments on the island.

Apparently, a man known as Desmond Hume has been dwelling in the hatch for three years deactivating a computer program every hundred and eight minutes to keep a devastating catastrophe from befalling the island.

Michael proves to be disloyal to the survivors to retrieve his son, which results in Jack, Sawyer, and Kate being attacked and captured. Michael gets a boat and flees the island with his son, while John destroys the computer for once and for all, to get rid of the upcoming catastrophic event.

However, as soon as he does that, electromagnetic waves start to shake the island. The waves help the island come under the radar of the scientists working in Penelope Widmore, and it is later learned that it was due to a similar event that the plane crashed.

Index Of Lost Season 3

index of lost season 3
  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC

Season Recap: Season 3 uncovers the deep-buried histories, legacies, and mysteries of the Others and the Dharma Initiative that took place ages ago. We are also introduced to the leader of the Others, called Benjamin Linus.

The dissertation of the Other’s land due in the favour of the survivor’s kindles conflicts and chaos. Desmond gets compelled to turn the fail-safe key in the hatch to put an end to the shake caused by the electromagnetic waves, due to which numerous time travel materials are also introduced in this season.

To retrieve the same key, Desmond’s mind needed to travel eight years back, into the dark past. When he returns to the present, he learns about the future too, as he can now see it. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer manage to escape the clutches of the Others, while Jack promises to help Ben on one condition.

Jack stays with him since Ben has promised him that he’d help Jack escape in a submarine if he operates on Ben who is suffering from an incurable disease, cancer. Jack helps with the high hopes of escaping the island, but things come tumbling down when John destroys the submarine, turning it into mere shambles.

Jack is now left with Juliet who belongs to the Others, who is also seeking a way to leave the island; while John joins forces with the Others. Soon, a helicopter carrying Naomi crashes nearby, and Naomi clarifies that her freighter Kahana was sent by Penelope Widmore, who also happens to be Desmond’s ex-girlfriend.

Desmond foresees an event where Santorini drowns trying to shut down a signal of communication with the outside world, to prevent any back and forth. Even though his vision does come true, Santorini speaks to Penelope, only to get to know that she doesn’t happen to know anybody called Naomi.

Thus, before drowning, Santorini writes on her hand “Not Penny’s Boat” for Desmond to read it before it’s too late. In the meantime, the survivors contact a rescue team aboard the freighter. The season ends with flashbacks of Jack going to attend an unidentified person’s funeral. We soon get to know that they were actually flash-forwards, and Kate and Jack manage to escape the island. However, Jack feels fidgety and gets desperate to return.

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Index Of Lost Season 4

index of lost season 4
  • Number of Episodes: 14
  • Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC

Season Recap: In season 4, people arrive and land in the world of inhabitants from the freighter. They have been apparently, sent here in the first place, to reclaim Benjamin. In the Flash Forward segment that continues, we get to know that the six survivors who managed to survive, now known as the Oceanic Six, are continuing to live their lives.

The team consists of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron. At present, four people from the freighter arrive on the island and join forces with the survivors to jointly escape the island, as their own team members have been asked to kill everyone around them.

Ben and John are seen travelling together to see Jacob, however, they end up finding Jack’s father died, as in Christian, who claims that he can speak on the behalf of Jacob, and asks John to move the island.

Thus, Ben decides to take John to some underground tunnel where a time travel research was conducted. The newfound leader of the Others is now John, and Ben successfully manages to move the island upon turning a huge iced wheel but gets misplaced to Sahara.

The Oceanic Six escape in a copter and watch the island fade away, eventually getting saved by Penelope. And the unidentified, mysterious person’s funeral that Jack was attending was John Locke, who was pursuing the Oceanic Six to return to the island.

Index Of Lost Season 5

index of lost season 5
  • Number of Episodes: 17
  • Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC

Season Recap: There are two separate timelines that season 5 follows, and blends together. In the first timeline, the survivors tend to go to and fro from past to present. It is this where John has a conversation with Richard Alpert, who was also an Other, asking him to save the island and that it can only be done by gathering everyone including the ones who have left.

John turns the wheel and moves the Sahar wheel, and gets transported to 2007. Meanwhile, everyone else goes back in time and gets stuck with the Dharma Initiative. He establishes communication with Oceanic Six and asks them all to return, but to no avail.

When John tells Jack that his father might be alive on the island, Jack starts to take flights in a desperate attempt to return to the island. In this while, John gets killed by Ben. After his demise, the Oceanic Six board the Ajira Airways 316 so that they can go back to the island, but for this, they would need John Locke’s body in it too.

However, half of them crashed in 1977 with others who were a part of the Dharma Initiative, while the other half landed in 2007. Daniel Faraday tells them, in 1977, that if they manage to defuse the nuclear bomb at the hatch, then that would put an end to the electromagnetic waves, and change the present and future as the hatch then would never be built.

Meanwhile, in 2007, John comes back to life and asks Richard to convey the time-travelling John that he must bring the whole gang back to the island. In the season finale, the audience is treated to a twist where we learn that Locke has died long back, and it just took another form to make Ben killing Jacob possible. And in 1977, Juliet managed to detonate the bomb in the hatch.

Index Of Lost Season 6

index of lost season 6
  • Number of Episodes: 18
  • Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Stan AU, Netflix, ABC

Season Recap: Season 6 of lost amazon prime series follows two timelines as well. The first being one where the survivors are sent back to the present day, as the human alter ego of the Smoke Monster (who is technically Jacob’s brother) to take over the island. The Smoke Monster shapeshifts to the form of John Locke and plans on escaping the island, thus triggering a fight between the good and evil once and for all.

The flash-sideways narrative, which was the second timeline, shows a dimension where the Oceanic 815 did not crash, and the characters’ lives take a 360-degree turn due to the failure of that one event. Jacob and Man in Black indulge into a ferocious power struggle, as Jacob desperately tries to keep him off the island, but he siphons all the power of the island and changes into the Smoke Monster.

We learn that Jacob manipulated the candidates, few of them whom he thought to be the right ones to rule the island. While Man in Black’s mission since the beginning was to kill everyone and thus escape the island. Jacob becomes the last and the only one to have survived among the candidates, and Jack is now crowned as the new protector of the island.

While rushing to the heart of the island, Man in Black turns mortal and gets murdered by Kate, while Hurley becomes the new caretaker. Jack somehow reaches the heart of the island and turns it back on, and dies in peace in the same place he woke up when he reached the island. Ben agrees to help Hurley in his new job, a few of the candidates escape forever, and the rest die. we have to know the rest of the story in lost season 7.


This Lost latest English series online is much more than jump scares and best mystery Hollywood series with periodic thrills. It’s about sacrifice and compromise, how good always wins over evil, and how sometimes, you have to make peace with your death even if it wasn’t the way you wanted. You can also download lost tv show using different browser extensions.

Lost walks you through the human frailties and desperation when a man is compelled to survive with the help of least resources, thus showing you the desperate measures humans take during desperate times and sometimes, it includes a soft painful smile and breathing one’s last breath.

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