Index of Mismatched Season 1 (With Cast, Season Overview & All Episodes Recap)


A tech wizard who doesn’t want to get married and a romantic boy who follows the girl he loves will probably make you roll on your back with all the romance, comedy, and drama put all in one. Mismatched is definitely one of the most refreshing romantic comedy series in Bollywood right now.

Viewers all around the world have been talking about the series as it takes them back to the good old days, reminiscing their teenage lives. It is a light teenage drama that will surely capture your heart.

But of course, there’s more. The story doesn’t only give you that dreamy and refreshing feeling after binge-watching. It will take you back to your past and reevaluate your decisions. It will make you self-reflect and muse about realizations and lessons in life. It presents real-life scenarios and induces relatable emotions. The whole cast performed superbly and are very natural and persuasive.

Although Mismatched is based on Sandhya Menon’s 2017 novel When Dimple Met Rishi which is set in the United States, the Hindi story took place at an old school in Jaipur. Produced by Ronnie Screwvala’s RSVP Movies, this series will sweep you off your feet and leave you craving for more! Each episode will surely bring a nostalgic feeling of the past. So if you haven’t watched this yet, you better buckle your seatbelt and prepare to take off into the world of a mismatch.

Here’s a detailed Index of Mismatched to guide you through.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
IMDb Rating: 5.4/10
Written by: Gazal Dhaliwal
Directed by: Akarsh Khurana, Nipun Dharmadhikari
Available Platforms: Netflix
Total Seasons: 1 season
Total Episodes: 6 episodes
Running Period: 35 minutes
First Episode Release Date: November 20, 2020

Mismatched Cast and Characters

Index of Mismatched Series (Season 1, All Episodes)

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Episode 1

When Dimple Met Rishi


Episode 2

Hot Summer, Cold Vibes


Episode 3

Message Deleted


Episode 4

Making Moves


Episode 5

It’s Not a Date


Episode 6

Games We Play


Mismatched Story Plot & Review

Do you believe that opposites attract? This is a story about two people who are a mismatch to each other, hence the title. The one focuses on a career, while the other one is pursuing marriage. Accompanied by friends with diverse personalities and backgrounds, Dimple’s whole summer crash course turned into a complicated but beautiful mishap.

A complete mismatch, but fate has its unique way of making everything fall into its right place. There’s beauty in imbalance, after all.

Episode 1: When Dimple Met Rishi

mismatched episode 1

So, Rishi here introduced the school. Together with his childhood best friend Namrata, he looked for the love of his life. There they first met Celina, the girl with blue hair. After Celina gave them the whereabouts of the girl he’s been looking for, they immediately rushed off to the canteen. Upon seeing the girl, Rishi tapped her shoulders and said, “Hello, future wife.” The anti-marriage girl named Dimple got creeped out and impulsively threw her cold coffee onto Rishi’s face. How does that feel, you ask? Well, see for yourself.
Moments later, flashbacks of what happened to the two of them days ago surface. Rishi saw Dimple’s natural picture on a dating website and instantly fell in love. Dimple’s mother has been arranging her for marriage, which Dimple totally despises as she dreams of being the best app developer. Upon getting admission in a summer crash course about app developing, Dimple tried to woo her parents to attend the said class. Surprisingly, her parents allowed her to go. Rishi, on the other hand, decided to attend the same course hoping to court Dimple.

Episode 2: Hot Summer, Cold Vibes

mismatched episode 3

After the two’s unfortunate meeting, Dimple learned why her parents allowed her to attend Jaipur’s summer class. That alone became the reason why Dimple easily got so annoyed at Rishi. Moments after they bonded on an assignment, Rishi hoped he’d be paired with Dimple for a project. Guess what happened?

Dimple doesn’t get along with her partner and doesn’t acknowledge him as one. After being insulted to make a meditation app for hyper-aggressive chicks who like to throw coffee on guys, Dimple sulked on a corner. Rishi came bringing Dimple’s bag. Poor Rishi. He always gets Dimple’s bad side, especially when she said that the marriage plan is all but canceled. Have you ever been in a situation where you do nothing, and yet you get someone’s negative aura? Rishi might be your soulmate.

Episode 3: Message Deleted

mismatched episode 3

Being brokenhearted makes you make impulsive decisions, don’t they? Because it happened with Rishi when he turned over his dropping form. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ground, each student gave their ideas on the app they plan to make. Dimple’s ideas always get rejected.
Dimple and Rishi got invited to dinner with friends. Dimple, being the smartest of all, got bullied with her app ideas. Rishi walked Dimple home and was able to help her get an idea for an app. After they arrived home, Dimple sent a message to Rishi and immediately deleted it. Seconds later, Rishi responded to her message and deleted it as well. Guess that’s how love works with teenagers.

Episode 4: Making Moves

mismatched episode 4

Do you have someone you can confide your secrets with? Even the deepest ones? Because that’s what Namrata did. Dimple and Rishi started working on the weather app idea, the atmosphere between them slowly becoming friendly. In the other group, Anmol doesn’t want to work with his pair. When Zeenat offered food so they could work on their project, Anmol invited everyone. A wild house party erupted at Zeenat’s residence, which resulted in some surprises and mishaps. Lucky for Dimple, she got an app idea from that party.
Sitting alone on the porch, Dimple misunderstood Rishi and Namrata’s friendship. To clear the misunderstanding, Rishi revealed Namrata’s secret.

Episode 5: It’s Not a Date

mismatched episode 5

Rishi asked Dimple on a date. Having rejected, Rishi asked her for a platonic date, which Dimple gladly accepted. Although a platonic one, emotions took place, and secrets raised the risks. Rishi lied about his parents, which made Dimple mad.
Upon returning to the school’s boarding rooms, Dimple caught Celina making out with a guy. She excused herself and went outside while Celina ran after her. Dimple confides in Celina about Namrata’s secret. And after that, Dimple went to the ladies’ comfort room where she found Anmol inside. Having exchanged irate words, Anmol and Dimple agreed on a challenge.

Episode 6: Games We Play

mismatched episode 6

Having a heavy heart with Rishi, Dimple dedicated herself to her app weeks before the Anmol gaming showdown. When Krish announced to the class about the upcoming game battle, Harsh decided to offer Dimple’s help, but Anmol cut him off. For nights, Anmol and their friends stayed at Harsh’s residence to practice on the game. Upon deciding to order food instead of eating what Harsh’s grandparents provided on the table, Simran saw Celina’s real-life under those spunky looks.
The day of the game arrived. Many betrayals took place. What do you think happened with the game? What kind of betrayals? Will Rishi and Dimple get together again? Well, watch the series to find out. 

More You Should Know

The RSVP has yet again showcased its ability to produce a refreshing yet relatable show with its recent series, Mismatched. The whole rom-com series is about two people being a mismatch to each other.

But not only that, RSVP has brought us some realities of society. From how society views women to be subservient to people being pretentious to live with society’s standards. Although the characters are teenagers, the concept applies to all. Also, the struggle of a 40-year-old woman in attending a class full of teenagers is highlighted.

You would totally relate to this show, whether you are a teen or in your late 30’s. If you are a teen, you are probably trying to find your way in life. If you are in your 20’s, you are probably having the dilemma of choosing between career and love unless you have both. If you are in your 30’s, this show would be your trip down the memory lane of all the butterflies and frustrations of your teenage life.

First things first, the casts are great and portrayed each character with perfection. Although there is only one character for each personality, which is quite unrealistic in a class, the show has perfectly showcased the careless, carefree, yet ambitious millennials’ attitude.

Even though a light-hearted drama, there are some serious moments that you’ll most likely relate to and find yourself thinking about that friend who betrayed you or the one you betrayed. Not just that, but also the struggles of a student doing a project. If you are an IT or Computer Science student, you’d totally relate to their struggles in building the app and other technology-related strifes. It’s a cute love story that will make you all giddy like a tweener.

But you might want to tie yourself tight because what you are about to watch will leave you emotional as it ends the season. That being said, this series will surely make you wait for Mismatched Season 2 as it did to all of us.

FAQs about Mismatched Series: 2020

1. Will there be Mismatched Season 2?
Mismatched season 1 premiered on Netflix on November 20, 2020. Since then, many people have been asking and wondering if there will be a season 2. The series has earned reviews of both praises and criticisms. By the looks of it, since the series ended with such an emotionally strong cliffhanger, there’ll likely be a season 2. Although no official statement has been released yet, viewers’ response to the first season guarantees a renewal. Many expect season 2 will be released in December 2021, as it will take a long time to shoot a scene in the midst of a pandemic. We’ll have yet to wait for the official statement of the involved party.

2. How many episodes of Mismatched are released?
Only 6 episodes were released in the first season. Each episode runs for approximately 35 minutes.

3. Where and How can I watch the Mismatched series?
All the episodes of Mismatched season 1 are available on Netflix. To watch the Mismatched series, you need to take a subscription to the Netflix streaming service, whether a free trial or a paid subscription. But note that supporting the content creators online may help them create more breathtaking series like this.

4. Is it possible to download from Netflix?
Yes, you can absolutely download the series for offline watching. However, it cannot be downloaded to your phone storage or laptop directly. You can only download it on Netflix offline download tab. Be sure to watch Mismatched through official sources to extend support.

Final Thoughts

One great thing about the series is that it presents diversities among adolescents. While most films introduce young people as juveniles, Mismatched offers a different perspective.

With all the hubbub and unrest in our society for the past months, there is no more perfect time to binge-watch Mismatched than now. It is totally a breather from the hassles we experienced with all the pandemic and instability going on. Teenagers today are confused and upset with how their school life is going and the impact of the pandemic on their plans. This watch would be your little escape and bliss. Let it take you back to your normal school days. 

Note: the series is for adults also! So, don’t worry if you’re past school-age!