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Index of Rick and Morty Season 1 To Season 4 [With Cast & Seasons Recap]


Rick and Morty is an American animated adult tv series, which revolves around the adventures of Rick and Morty. Rick is the smart, sickly, and prude grandfather, while Morty is his grandson and sidekick. These two are the main protagonist of this series. Packed with dark humour, eerie visuals, and ghoulish adventures, this series sees itself among one of the top animated series all over the world.

The series was created after the release of a small parody of the highly acclaimed movie, Back to the Future, which is why you would see quite a bit of similarity in the concepts. The creator of the series himself voices both the main characters: Rick and Morty. The series rose to prominence as it garnered a lot of critical attention for it’s one of kind humour, authenticity, and inventiveness.

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Rick and morty series poster
Rick and morty series poster

The show will take you on a ride, as it’ll make you feel complicated and raw emotions throughout. If this show has always been on your wishlist, it’s time to finally check it! And if not, you might want to include it in because if not, you’ll miss out on a masterpiece.

  • Genre:Animated Sitcom, Science Fiction
  • Our Rating: 9.2/10
  • Developed By: Ryan Ridley, Jessica Gao, Dan Guterman
  • Available On:Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu
  • Total Seasons: 4
  • Total Episodes: 36

Rick And Morty Series All Cast & Characters

  • Rick Sanchez (Voice Acting By Justin Roiland)
Rick sanchez picture
Rick sanchez picture
  • Jerry Smith (Voice Acting By Chris Parnell)
Jerry smith pic
Jerry smith pic
  • Summer Smith (Voice Acting By Spencer Grammer)
Summer smith pic
Summer smith pic
  • Beth Smith (Voice Acting By Sarah Chalke)
Beth smith pic
Beth smith pic
  • Jessica (Voice Acting By Kari Wahlgren)
Jessica pic
Jessica pic
  • Birdperson (Voice Acting By Justin Roiland)
Birdperson pic
Birdperson pic
  • Abradolph Lincler (Voice Acting By Maurice LaMarche)
Abradolph lincler pic
Abradolph lincler pic
  • Squanchy (Voice Acting By Tom Kenny)
Squanchy pic
Squanchy pic
  • Mr Goldenfold (Voice Acting By Brandon Johnson)
Mr goldenfold
Mr goldenfold
  • Tommy (Voice Acting By Thomas Middleditch)

Index Of Rick And Morty (Season 1 To Season 4)

Index Of Rick And Morty Season 1

Index of Rick and Morty Season 1
Index of Rick and Morty Season 1
  • Number of Episodes: 11
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| Pilot | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| Lawnmower Dog | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| Anatomy Park | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| M. Night Shaym-Aliens! | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Meeseeks and Destroy | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| Rick Potion #9 | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| Raising Gazorpazorp | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| Rixty Minutes | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| Something Ricked This Way Comes | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind | Watch It Now| | Episode 11| Ricksy Business | Watch It Now|

Season Recap: The pilot season of this dark-humour packed series kickstarts its course by introducing the audience to the family members. We meet one of the main protagonists, Rick Sanchez, the intelligent yet ghoulish scientist, who also happens to be Morty’s grandfather. In the first episode, tension arises between Morty and Rick’s relationship when it’s revealed that the former has missed a whole semester.

Throughout the pilot season, we see the grandpa-grandson duo trying to outstrip non-native creatures that looked like sickly insects. Even though there was a major hullabaloo caused, we see Rick ranting that he plans to go on such ghoulish adventures more.

The season proceeds and most of the stories revolve around the legendary, yet eerily disturbing adventures that Rick and Morty keep going on from time to time. Some of them include where Rick and Morty travel through dreams so that Morty performs well in exams, and they visit the “Anatomy Park’, which was a ghastlier, and an unrealistic clone of the “Jurassic Park.”

Everyone at Morty’s school gets infected by the “Morty Flu” in a later episode, while in another episode we see them being held hostage by aliens.

The final episodes of the season bring in the climax when Rick gets accused by the Council of Ricks for crimes he didn’t commit. The duo set out on the quest for truth, and find out that it was their evil counterparts playing the nasty games. The curtains drop on the season with Morty’s parents on a horrible cruise trip, while Rick accidentally sends the house into another dimension and needs to revive it back before they come home.

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Index Of Rick And Morty Season 2

Rick and Morty Season 2 Poster
Rick and Morty Season 2 Poster
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu

| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| A Rickle in Time | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| Mortynight Run| Watch It Now| | Episode 3| Auto Erotic Assimilation | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| Total Rickall | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Get Schwifty | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| The Ricks Must Be Crazy | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| Big Trouble in Little Sanchez | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| Look Who's Purging Now | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| The Wedding Squanchers | Watch It Now|

Season Recap: In season two, Rick, Summer, and Morty spend quality time together by pausing time. They all transport themselves to the planet that had Jerry’d daycare, where Morty and Summer bump into Rick’s love-interest, Unity.

One of the highlights of this season was the episode called “Total Rickall”, where the family was thrown into a peculiar crisis which required them to keep in mind who was real among the parasitic aliens. At the end of this epic episode, we see Beth killing Mr Poopybutthole, having mistaken him for an alien.

The season proceeds with the grandpa-grandson duo performing “Get Schwifty” for Show Me What You Got, followed by Rick demonstrating Morty how alien lives can fuel car batteries. Rick also turns into his miniature version called “Tiny Rick” and performs a few medlies, and both he and Morty binge watch a lot of interdimensional cable here Jerry gets admitted to the hospital.

The final episodes show Tammy getting married to Birdperson, and the Smiths decide to attend their marriage ceremony. Things get complicated and tensions arise and Tammy unveils the fact that she was a Federation Agent, which was bad newsfor Rick since he was one of the most wanted people.

The whole family tries to escape and hide away from Tammy but to no avail. Rick is finally seen turning himself into the law, and the Smith family returns to the humble abode of their Federation-controlled planet, which now has aliens dwelling as well.

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Index Of Rick And Morty Season 3

Rick and Morty Season 3 poster
Rick and Morty Season 3 poster
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu

| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| The Rickshank Rickdemption| Watch It Now| | Episode 2| Rickmancing the Stone | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| Pickle Rick | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| Rest and Ricklaxation | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| The Ricklantis Mixup | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| Morty's Mind Blowers | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| The ABC's of Beth | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| The Rickchurian Mortydate | Watch It Now|

Season Recap:The third season picks up right where the second season left it. Rick is finally freed, and he somehow outwits his jailers when he got to know that he was being used in a simulation. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Morty and Summer arrive to take Rick back home safely.

They embark on a journey where, over time, they manage to free the Earth from the aliens that were inhabiting it previously. After Rick goes to a McDonald’s store for the Szechuan sauce in simulation, he can’t seem to stop ranting about it (one of his many, classic rants!).

In the rest of the season, we see that Summer gets more screentime as she partakes in all the adventures Rick and Morty go on. They visit a world that was similar to Mad-Max, and eventually, Morty and Summer accept and embrace the fact their parents were getting a divorce, and they could do nothing about it.

A series of mishaps follow which consists of Rick turning himself into a pickle, called “Pickle Rick,” the grandpa-grandson duo joining the Vindicators, Summer getting turned inside out by accident, and more information about Citadel and the planet full of Ricks and Mortys led by an evil Morty is revealed. We also see Rick and Morty reminiscing their old times, minutes before engaging in a furious argument.

The last episodes see Rick and beth trying to find the latter’s friend in Froopyland, followed by Rick posing a major threat to the President of the United States as he constantly tries to outwit the President regarding secret government businesses.

The entire family decides to go missing in action to help Rick lead a trouble-free life (they also take in Jerry!). However, when Rick finds his family, he readily accepts Jerry. Although, we can see a bit of disappointment in Rick for not being able to be the “head” of the family. This showed that he cared about his family, even though he wasn’t verbally expressive about his feelings.

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Index Of Rick And Morty Season 4

Rick and morty season 4 poster
Rick and morty season 4 poster
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| The Old Man and the Seat | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Rattlestar Ricklactica| Watch It Now| | Episode 6| Never Ricking Morty | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| Promortyus | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| The Vat of Acid Episode | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| Childrick of Mort | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| Star Mort Rick Turn of the Jerri | Watch It Now|

Season Recap:The (apparently) final season of Rick and Morty unleashes a series of events that craft a whole different character build, backstory, and universe-developments than what the series classically follows. In the pilot episode of the season, we see Rick and Morty trying to hunt a special crystal, in the course of which Rick loses his life. He somehow manages to revive himself back and stops Morty from using the crystal for all the wrong reasons.

The following episode demonstrated a bit of gross-humour when Rick tells Morty that he had a private bathroom on some other planet where he went for his business. The episode proceeds as Rick releases there was an intruder and tries to track him down. We also see the duo finding ending up in a heist convention, where Rick had created a bot that could pull of a heist and an enormous chunk of double-crossing.

The season moves forward with Morty cribbing to have his dragon, to which Rick agrees. He gets him one from a wizard, but situations take unforeseen turns when the wizard claims his dragon back. We also see them goofing around with the snake-time continuum when Morty kills a snake by accident.

The season ends with Morty and Summer establishing a better relationship than the squabble-siblings that they used to be. However, the whole chemistry and build of relationships in the Smith family get turned upside down. All of the characters quite satisfactorily complete their arcs, without any ambiguity.

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FAQs On Index Of Rick And Morty Web Series

1. What Is Rick And Morty Web Series All About?

Rick And Morty which is a Popular Show about a snappy, alcoholic intelligent virtuoso named Rick Sanchez and his secondary school grandson, Morty Smith. The series was impelled by an empowered short that creator Justin Roiland as of late made called The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti, a Back to the Future parody. Rick fights to reconnect with his daughter, Beth yet has more karma with her youngster, Morty, who obliges him on encounters that take them all over the multiverse.

2. When Will The Season 5 Of Rick And Morty Release?

There is no confirmation of official release date for the Season 6 of Rick And Morty announced yet but according to makers, Season 5 of Rick And Morty maybe get released in Early 2021 on Netflix on the Internet.

3. How Many Seasons Of Rick And Morty Available To Watch Online?

Currently, there are Four seasons of Rick And Morty available to watch online. The next fifth season of Rick And Morty will soon be available to watch online in the next year.

4. Where Can I Watch And Download All Seasons Of Rick And Morty?

All four seasons of Rick and Morty are available to watch on Netflix online or download offline. If you are unable to find it on the Netflix then just open Google and search for Rick and Morty all seasons and you will get the links for the same. and if you want to watch/download all the seasons of Rick And Morty, you need to take a one-month free trial or paid subscription of Netflix service.

5. Where To Find Rick And Morty Quick Recap Of Its All Seasons?

If you are looking for the Index of Rick And Morty or quick recap guide of its all four seasons, you can just go to Netflix and search for this Rick And Morty series or else you can refer this entire article without going anywhere else to know more.

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Even though the dark humour and eerie misadventures rule the show, you can’t help but notice the subtle, humanly emotions hidden in each character. And by the end of it all, each character meets their rightful fate. It will be fun while watching this entire comedy series.

Through the characters, the series highlights mental health issues, especially bipolar disorder. Rick represented the manic side, while Morty represented the depressive side. Rick and Morty are but two halves of a whole, and with this series, you’ll not only embark on a visual journey but an emotional one as well.

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Disclaimer (Important)

The Rick And Morty Web Series, along with its quick season recap, contains all the ethical & official links and is for entertainmentpurposes only. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided official links to stream or watch online. and We don’t claim any content that is shared on this platform as ours. after all, we are just providing the information that you need. We don’t encourage or promote piracy in any manner. We stand firmly against hacking, stealing, and whatever action associated with the crime. We firmly oppose and do not encourage any unethical acts or piracy in any manner. Always watch any kind of show or series online in an ethical way.

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