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Index of Sherlock Holmes Season 1 To Season 4 (With Cast, All Seasons & Episodes Overview)

Index of Sherlock Holmes Season 1 To Season 4 (With Cast, All Seasons & Episodes Overview)

Check out the index of sherlock holmes television series complete season 1 to season 4 along with the full cast details and all episodes recap in 2020.

Kelvin Farr
Nov 15, 2020

Table of Contents

Sherlock Holmes and his Adventures with Watson has always been an absolute delight since childhood, and Arthur Conan Doyle has done wonders with his writing. When his works were adapted into a series, it became a blockbuster hit in the category of best crime television series to watch in 2020 and fans can’t seem to fawn enough on Benedict Cumberbatch, and the series on a whole.

Here’s a full-fledged Index of Sherlock Holmes that we have prepared, to brief you through this amazing series. Take a look at sherlock holmes all episodes below!

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  • Genre: Drama, Drama, Crime
  • IMDb Rating: 9.1/10
  • Written By: Mark Gatiss, Stephen Thompson, Steven Moffat
  • Directed By: Paul McGuigan
  • Total Seasons: 4 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 14 Episodes

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Sherlock Holmes Cast & All Characters List

  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes
  • Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson

Dr. John Watson
  • Rupert Graves as D.I. Greg Lestrade

D.I. Greg Lestrade
  • Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson

Mrs. Hudson
  • Mark Gatiss2 as Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes
  • Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper

Molly Hooper
  • Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty

Jim Moriarty
  • Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan Watson

Mary Morstan Watson
  • Sian Brooke3 as Eurus Holmes

Eurus Holmes
  • Vinette Robinson as Sgt. Sally Donovan

Sgt. Sally Donovan
  • Zoe Telford as Sarah Sawyer

Sarah Sawyer
  • Jonathan Aris as Philip Anderson

philip anderson
  • Tanya Moodie as Ella

  • McAllister as Anthea Lisa

  • David Nellist as Mike Stamford

Mike Stamford

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Index of Sherlock Holmes (Season 1 To Season 4)

Index Of Sherlock Holmes Season 1

index of sherlock holmes season 1
  • Number of Episodes: 3
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, TVNZ

Episode 1: A Study in Pink

Overview: Let’s start with this starting in this Index of tv series Sherlock: The cops start to investigate several deaths that started to happen after a bunch of people swallowed a poisonous pill. However, not being able to deduce or trace back the source, the cops turn to Sherlock Holmes, their unofficial advisor for help who maps the whole case down and deduces that it was the wrongdoings of a serial killer.

In the meantime, Holmes meets a former soldier, Watson Watson, who served in Afghanistan. The duo immediately rent out an apartment and move in together, in the classic location Baker Street. Sally Donovan warns Watson that Holmes has traits of a psychopath and might one day be responsible for the murder. However, Watson, upon living with Holmes starts to trust him gradually and gets to know him.

Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, somehow arranges a meeting with Watson and offers him a chunk of cash if he agrees to spy on Holmes. However, Watson immediately declines the proposal. They investigate the matter together, and after a series of events and clues, they conclude that the killer was a taxi cab driver.

The cab driver reveals that the killed played a game of Russian roulette and had to choose between two pills one that could fatally harm them, and the other that was completely safe. However, before the cab driver could spin Holmes into his nasty game, Watson shoots him from the other side. Before dying, he utters the name of who sponsored it all.


Episode 2: The Blind Banker

Overview: An old friend hires Holmes to dig deeper into a mysterious break-in that occurred in a bank in the city. He investigates the crime scene and finds out that the ones who trespassed the premises spray painted an encrypted message on the wall. Upon decoding, he deduces that it was of a man who was later found dead in his apartment.

The following day, a journalist gets murdered and he finds a similar message encrypted on the walls too. Watson and Holmes pick out the clues and join the pieces together, that traces them back to a Chinese smuggling ring, something that one of the dead men stole and is now being hunted by someone to retrieve it back. Not to mention, they are even ready to go to any amounts of the extent to get it back in the first place.

Sherlock, as intelligent as he is, deciphers and decodes the code with the help of a book cypher and Suzhou numbers. However, in the meantime, Watson was on a date with Sarah and gets kidnapped as his abductors mistake him for Holmes instead.

Holmes somehow manages to rescue them, but their leader escapes and is later found out to be in contact with someone with the initials “M” who later gets murdered.


Episode 3: The Great Game

Overview: The Bruce Partington project was a top-notch, super confidential defence project. However, things take a turn when an employee working on the project gets mysteriously murdered. When things get out of hand, Mycroft, Holmes’ brother, seeks his help and commissions him to find out who’s doing it.

However, Holmes rejects to take the case up and passes it over to Watson instead. Having done so, unrest occurs as the anonymous killer starts to mock Holmes. The killer tended to clothe his captives in explosive vests and sets deadlines for Sherlock to solve cases that were apparently not even remotely related.

One of them even included a cold case that occurred over twenty-two years ago. Others were cold cases that included the mysterious disappearance of shoes of a boy who died due to drowning, a businessman who went missing in action forever, of a television star who suffered an unannounced death, and one where the museum security guard was assassinated of Golem.

Sherlock, however, as witty as he is, starts to solve the cases and finds the links between them as well. He clears the first cases regarding the government employees, post which he asks his murderer to reveal himself to him. In the end, we learn that the mysterious killer was no one but Jim Moriarty the same name that the man uttered in the previous episode before dying. The last scene shows Sherlock pointing his gun at a bomb on the floor to which Watson was strapped to.


Index Of Sherlock Holmes Season 2

index of sherlock holmes season 2
  • Number of Episodes: 3
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, TVNZ

Episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia

Overview: Moriarty lets Holmes and Watson leave after he gets a call. A little later, Mycroft again asks Watson and Holmes to investigate a case their main mission being to retrieve compromising pictures of a minor royal. The photographs were held in the camera of Irene Adler, popularly known as a merciless, ruthless dominatrix. Apparently, Adler also trades in confidential, classified information from her rich clients.

Holmes somehow gets his hands on Adler’s phone, but soon realizes that it is password protected and has to get the code to open it. Adler gets the hint that the FBI is after her, and thus disappears. However, surprisingly, she appears back again and asks Watson to get her camera phone back from Holmes.

Weeks after the incident, Adler somehow traps Sherlock in a trick so that he deciphers the encrypted message, which she got from another of her well-connected clients. She also relays the same message to Moriarty, who uses it to foil a British counter-terror operation.

She tries her best to manipulate and blackmail Mycroft, but Holmes succeeds in deciphering the encrypted message which leaves her with hardly any protection to sustain her survival. The episode ends with Mycroft informing Watson that Adler was killed by a terrorist group in Pakistan, while in reality, she was saved by Holmes. you can watch sherlock holmes tv series using Netflix.


Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskerville

Overview: Holmes and Watson get contacted by Henry Knight, who was basically in trauma after his father died. His father suffered a sad demise due to a giant hound in Dartmoor ages ago. Holmes and Watson start to investigate Dewer’s Hollow, a spot where the beast was commonly seen.

They even investigate the Ministry of Defence testing site Baskerville and soon uncover the huge conspiracy headed by Dr Frankland who was taking on the work of H.O.U.N.D. Now, H.O.U.N.D was basically an abandoned project whose main goal was to create a gas that could help hallucinate people for military purposes.

Watson and Holmes find the trail of clues and conclude that the hound was indeed an ordinary dog that was made to appear monstrous – thanks to the gas. In the end, we also learn that the hound that allegedly killed Henry’s father was basically Frankland himself wearing a gas mask with a red lens shield and a T-shirt that had the H.O.U.N.D logo on it.

They confront Frankland and Hound, both of them at Dewer’s Hollow, which ends with Watson and Lestrade shooting the dog altogether. Frankland tries to escape, but runs into the minefield and suffers a sad demise. Meanwhile, Mycroft then lets out Jim Moriarty, whom he had kept within confines for long.


Episode 3: The Reichenbach Fall

Overview: Moriarty gets out and executes a heist on Pentonville Prison, Tower of London and Bank of England. However, the surprising part of it all was that these were the same crimes for which he allowed himself to be caught, put on trial and be questioned.

But the catch of it all was that he always managed to emerge out of the case as not guilty, by intimidating the jury. He then pays a visit to Holmes and mocks him, telling him that he is still willing to burn him down, and gives him what he calls a ‘final problem’ to solve.

Not only that but he also allegedly tries to bring Holmes’ reputation down. He asks Holmes to meet on the rooftop of a hospital, where he tells him that he wants Sherlock to commit suicide, failing which he might be compelled to kill Mrs Hudson, Watson and Lestrade.

He also demands that Holmes can only call it quits on his life after having explained that god code is a myth. However, Moriarty kills himself trying to get Holmes to do so. Holmes called Watson and told him that he was a fraud, and then jumped off the roof.


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Index Of Sherlock Holmes Season 3

index of sherlock holmes season 3
  • Number of Episodes: 3
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, NBC

Special Mini Episode

Overview: Anderson has the belief in himself that says that Holmes is alive even when he fell off the roof. He goes to Lestrade and explains to him his theory that justifies his existence.

Anderson speculates that a trail of events from Tibet to India to Germany has made use of Sherlock’s assistance, for the mere reason that Sherlock has been consistently investigating. However, Lestrade vouches for the fact that Holes is definitely dead, and goes to visit Watson.

Watson, however, had apparently moved out of Baker Street post-Holmes’ death. He gives Watson some of Holmes’ old stuff, which also included a video message from Watson’s birthday. In the message, Holmes conveys that he would be seeing Watson quite soon as if he was currently occupied.


Episode 1: The Empty Hearse 

Overview: After two years post the incident when Holmes fell and was reported dead, he returns with the help of Mycroft – to London which was then under threat; the threat of terrorists. He tries to persuade Watson to help him out, who was now living with his girlfriend, Mary.

However, Watson was furious at him for not having informed him that he was alive. Thus, Holmes enlists the help of Molly to assist him. Watson gets kidnapped by some goons, from whom Holmes and Mary struggle to retrieve Watson back.

After this, Watson agrees to help Holmes get to the root of the terrorist attack and an underground plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament while pulling up an all-nighter on Guy Fawkes Night.


Episode 2: The Sign of Three

Overview: Watson is finally getting married to Mary, and Holmes is nervous and daunted as ever to be giving the Best Man’s speech. He starts by recollecting and narrating the weird cases that Watson and he worked on, together.

He talks about a case where a soldier was stalked and killed in a locked shower; about a ghost dating woman, whom he refers to as “The Mayfly Man”; and also about the time when Watson had a pathetically devastating stag night.

No sooner did he end his speech than he realised that there was a murderer present among them who had the intentions of killing Watson’s old friend, Major Sholto. He somehow manages to save him, and then reveals that those three signs were his way of breaking the news that Mary was pregnant.


Episode 3: His Last Vow

Overview: Courtesy to a few stolen letters that bring Holmes into a confrontation with Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Napoleon of Blackmail, who tends to know every prominent person’s weakness in the western world.

They also get to know Mary’s split identity, as she tries to kill Holmes after being blackmailed by Magnussen. On Christmas, Holmes drugs his family and steals Mycroft’s laptop to retrieve files on Mary, but to no avail.

To protect Watson, Mary and their baby, he shoots Magnussen in front of everyone and gets carried overseas for a suicidal assignment. However, he gets brought back in a jiffy because of a video of Jim Moriarty’s face saying “Did you miss me?” gets broadcast all over the city.


Sherlock Holmes Index: Special Episode

Overview: Holmes gets drugged and solves a case hailing from the Victorian times that was a pure hallucination of his mind where a bride shoots herself in the head and then comes alive to kill her husband. The whole point of solving this case was that if he succeeds, he might get a lead on how Moriarty came back from the dead too.

In the end, he did solve the case and realized that Moriarty was indeed dead, but, back. you will love this special episode in the whole sherlock holmes story to watch.


Index Of Sherlock Holmes Season 4

index of sherlock holmes season 4
  • Number of Episodes: 3
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, NBC

Episode 1: The Six Thatchers

Overview: Holmes starts investigating the mysterious death of a youth, but as soon as the case ends, he gets shoved into another. It was a case where a sculpture of Margaret Thatcher was destroyed, followed by a series of destroying many more such sculptures or busts.

Soon enough, Sherlock realizes that the mystery is connected to Watson’s wife, Mary. Allegedly, someone from Mary’s past wanted to seek revenge on her but later turned out to be a British Parliament agent instead.

Mary tries to save Sherlock from a bullet but gets killed instead, resulting in Watson blaming Holmes for his wife’s death.


Episode 2: The Lying Detective

Overview: The daughter of an entrepreneur, Culverton Smith, calls Holmes up and tells him that her father has admitted of committing a crime or murder. However, she doesn’t know who the victim is, as her father drugged her to make her lose her grip on memory.

A trail of clues and events helps Holmes deduce that Smith was a serial killer, and he sets out to catch him. However, ever since Mary’s sad demise, Holmes had indulged into drug abuse and was incapable of differentiating between his own thoughts and reality.

He finally confronts and attacks Culvert, but Watson stops it. While Holmes was in the hospital, Culvert appears in his room and confesses his crimes and proceeds to kill him. However, Watson walks into the room just in time to save Holmes.

Holmes then reveals that however, he behaved till that point was basically a plot, and also, it was him abiding by Mary’s last wish of keeping Watson safe. In the end, Watson’s therapist reveals that she was actually Eurus, Holmes’ secret sister and fires a shot at him.


Episode 3: The Final Problem

Overview: Eurus tranquillizes Holmes and Watson, and takes her attacks up a notch; going as far as bombing Baker Street’s apartment, where they lived. In the meanwhile, Watson, Holmes and Mycroft head over to the psychiatric centre where Eurus was housed.

Mycroft was initially dubious whether Eurus had really escaped or not. But to their great surprise, they find out that she had compromised the staff and now basically controls the whole of Sherrinford Asylum. She puts the group of three through a series of trials to test their morales, one of which included Holmes confronting an event of the past, which she called “Redbeard” the event that ended up Eurus getting incarcerated.

Holmes quickly realizes that Eurus would continue putting them through trials till one of them dies, especially whom Holmes cares about and thus he flips the table by promising Eurus the love and care of a brother, compelling her to withdraw her stance.

They both return to Baker Street where they get another message from Mary which asks them to stay together. In the end, a time-lapse montage shows them rebuilding their apartment from scratch. Exactly like how it used to be in this Sherlock’s last episode.


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Sherlock Holmes will be an evergreen character for generations to come – through Doyle’s writing and this show. The greatest crime writing novelist ever manages to successfully entwine emotions with the same, and we’d bet that this series will definitely get you addicted. you can download sherlock series to watch offline later on Netflix. It brings out the little detective in you too.

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