Index Of Supergirl Series

Supergirl, a superhero series with a host of female leads and entails a story about refugees and immigrants. One of the most loved Arrowverse series of all times, (at par with The Arrow, of course!), it’s an optimistic show that instils hope.

Apart from establishing the age-old saying “good over evil”s important, this series also shows how society can change for the better. It is hopeful, it is happy, it instils a faith that humans can change for the better. It has several side plots, each one as intriguing as the main, and they beautifully contribute to every episode. 

Superhuman stuff aside, this series also shows the humankind and its struggles. From juggling professional and personal life, relationship problems, differences in opinion it’s a fictitious story you can relate to. 

Inspired by the DC Comic character Supergirl, and developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg this show is worth watching. Here’s a season overview, and its index to help you get right on your binging spree!

supergirl series poster

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure
  • IMDb Rating: 6.3/10
  • Written By:  Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, David Harewood, Ali Adler, Jon Cryer
  • Directed By: Larry Teng, Peter Facinelli, Jon Cryer, Jesse Warn, Chad Lowe
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime & Netflix
  • Total Seasons: 5
  • Total Episodes: 65 Episodes

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Supergirl Series List Of All Cast & Characters

  • Melissa Benoist As Kara Zor El

kara zor el character pic

  • Chyler Leigh As Alex Danvers

alex danvers character pic

  • David Harewood As Hank Henshaw & Martian Manhunter

martian man hunter character pic

  • Mehcad Brooks As Jimmy Olsen

jimmy olsen character pic

  • Katie McGrath As Lena Luthor

lena luthor character pic

  • Jeremy Jordan As Winn Schott

winn schott character pic

  • Chris Wood As Lar Gand

lar gand character pic

  • Nicole Maines As Nia Nal

nia nal character pic

  • Jesse Rath As Brainiac 5

brainiac 5 character pic

  • Odette Annable As Samantha Arias

samantha arias character pic

  • Calista Flockhart As Cat Grant

cat grant character pic

  • Floriana Lima As Maggie Sawyer

maggie sawyer character pic

  • Grant Gustin As Barry Allen

barry allen character pic

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Index Of Supergirl (Season 1 To Season 5)

Index Of Supergirl Season 1

index of supergirl series season 1

  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • Available On: Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1PilotWatch It Now
Episode 2Stronger TogetherWatch It Now
Episode 3Fight or FlightWatch It Now
Episode 4LivewireWatch It Now
Episode 5How Does She Do It?Watch It Now
Episode 6Red FacedWatch It Now
Episode 7Human for a DayWatch It Now
Episode 8Hostile TakeoverWatch It Now
Episode 9 Blood BondsWatch It Now
Episode 10Childish ThingsWatch It Now
Episode 11Strange Visitor from Another PlanetWatch It Now
Episode 12BizarroWatch It Now
Episode 13For the Girl Who Has EverythingWatch It Now
Episode 14Truth, Justice and The American WayWatch It Now
Episode 15SolitudeWatch It Now
Episode 16FallingWatch It Now
Episode 17ManhunterWatch It Now
Episode 18World's FinestWatch It Now
Episode 19MyriadWatch It Now
Episode 20Better AngelsWatch It Now

Season Recap: Daughter of Zor-El and Alura, Kara Zor-El was born on the planet Krypton. However, when she was just a teen, she was sent to Earth to take care of her brother. Her pod knocks off and she lands on Phantom where she sleeps for years on end. When she wakes up, she finds herself on Earth. However, by that time, her brother had already grown up to become Superman.

She gets adopted into the Danvers family, where she keeps her powers hidden. She works as the assistant to the media mogul, Cats Grant to earn some bucks. However, after she saves a plan from crashing she gets her suit. Thus, she transforms into Supergirl.

It is revealed that her friend Alex (who helped get her a badass suit!) is an agent at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations or DEO. The DEO fights off supernatural beings, It is learned that when Kara came in her pod, she also brought the Fort Rozz prison. As a result, many monsters were let loose who now pose a threat to the city. Moreover, her mother was a judge who sentences many monsters to Fort Rozz. So, Kara has to fight them all! 

We see season 1 revolving around Kara and Alex putting an end to Astra and Non who were in charge of the monsters. We also learn that Hank, who was the director of DEO, was an imposter. We are also introduced to the Project Cadmus, a mysterious government project that protects Jeremiah Danvers – who has been alive all this while. 

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Index Of Supergirl Season 2

index of supergirl series season 2

  • Number of Episodes: 22
  • Available On: Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Adventures of SupergirlWatch It Now
Episode 2The Last Children of KryptonWatch It Now
Episode 3Welcome to EarthWatch It Now
Episode 4SurvivorsWatch It Now
Episode 5Crossfire
Watch It Now
Episode 6ChangingWatch It Now
Episode 7The Darkest PlacesWatch It Now
Episode 8MedusaWatch It Now
Episode 9Supergirl LivesWatch It Now
Episode 10We Can Be HeroesWatch It Now
Episode 11The Martian ChroniclesWatch It Now
Episode 12LuthorsWatch It Now
Episode 13Mr. & Mrs. MxyzptlkWatch It Now
Episode 14HomecomingWatch It Now
Episode 15ExodusWatch It Now
Episode 16Star-CrossedWatch It Now
Episode 17Distant SunWatch It Now
Episode 18Ace ReporterWatch It Now
Episode 19AlexWatch It Now
Episode 20City of Lost ChildrenWatch It Now
Episode 21ResistWatch It Now
Episode 22Nevertheless, She PersistedWatch It Now
BonusSupergirl: Did You Know?Watch It Now

Season Recap: Mon-El is the new face of this season, who hails from Daxam. Daxamites and Kryptonians never got together due to an age-old history and long-burning grudge. However, Kara and Mon-El set their differences aside, and Kara trains him to become a superhero.

On the other hand, we also meet Lena who is trying to make a distinct identity for herself. She befriends Kara in the process and struggles to build a new life post her brother’s sentence. We also meet a cop called Maggie, who collaborates with Alex on her idea. Soon, Alex realizes that she might have feelings for the hard-hearted cop. 

As the season plays out, we see Kara struggling to juggle both of her lives. At CatCo, she is one of the top journalists. But as Supergirl, she has to save the world. She reaches new heights, however, all her responsibilities start to come with an extra set of hurdles.

When Rhea, Mon-El’s mother, comes to take her son back, Kara challenges her to a duel that has a disastrous condition. If Kara wins, the Daxamites go away. If she loses, Rhea gets to have her son and the Earth. The season finale finds Kara at a loss both as Supergirl and Kara. Mon-El’s pod gets sucked back into space, and Lillian takes it on himself for driving the Daxamites away. Also, Cadmus takes the right chance and tells the city how dangerous it is to have alien life. They do it just in time when the President was about to pass the alien amnesty act.

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Index Of Supergirl Season 3

index of supergirl series season 3

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Girl of SteelWatch It Now
Episode 2TriggersWatch It Now
Episode 3Far From The TreeWatch It Now
Episode 4The FaithfulWatch It Now
Episode 5DamageWatch It Now
Episode 6MidvaleWatch It Now
Episode 7Wake UpWatch It Now
Episode 8Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1Watch It Now
Episode 9ReignWatch It Now
Episode 10Legion of Super HeroesWatch It Now
Episode 11Fort RozzWatch It Now
Episode 12For GoodWatch It Now
Episode 13Both Sides NowWatch It Now
Episode 14Schott Through the HeartWatch It Now
Episode 15In Search of Lost TimeWatch It Now
Episode 16Of Two MindsWatch It Now
Episode 17TrinityWatch It Now
Episode 18Shelter from the StormWatch It Now
Episode 19The FanaticalWatch It Now
Episode 20Dark Side of the MoonWatch It Now
Episode 21Not KansasWatch It Now
Episode 22Make It ReignWatch It Now
Episode 23Battles Lost and WonWatch It Now
BonusSupergirl: Did You Know?Watch It Now

Season Recap: The season begins with Kara grieving that Mon-El had to leave Earth, and thus deciding to focus on her Kryptonian side. However, we meet Psi, who forces Kara to connect with her humane nature. On the other hand, Ruby puts herself into danger, trying to prove that her mother had superpowers.

We meet Thomas Coville who saved the Girl of Steel at the beginning of the series. He is seen to have opened a church where he worships her and preaches the teachings of Rao. However, his actions put the masses into danger, which leads to finding out a mysterious ship.

Elsewhere, J’onn, Winn, and Kara start to dig deeper into the incidents connected with the mysterious ship. They learn that it belonged to an older Mon-El and his wife, who was a Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes. 

The biggest climax of the season entails the battle of Reign, where Supergirl had to kill Worldkiller. However, it doesn’t end as expected. Reign defeats Supergirl, and put her into a state of coma for almost five weeks! Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5 have an action-packed sequence with Worldkiller, Samantha. 

In the finale, we are introduced to the second Worldkiller named Purity. It takes Mon-El, Supergirl, J’onn J’onzz, and Alex to join forces to even try to weaken Purity. But just as Alex was getting to Purity’s human side, Reign sweeps in and takes Purity away and begins her training. 

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Index Of Supergirl Season 4

index of supergirl series season 4

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1American AlienWatch It Now
Episode 2FalloutWatch It Now
Episode 3 Man of SteelWatch It Now
Episode 4AhimsaWatch It Now
Episode 5Parasite LostWatch It Now
Episode 6Call to ActionWatch It Now
Episode 7Rather the Fallen AngelWatch It Now
Episode 8Bunker HillWatch It Now
Episode 9Elseworlds: Part 3Watch It Now
Episode 10Suspicious MindsWatch It Now
Episode 11Blood MemoryWatch It Now
Episode 12MenagerieWatch It Now
Episode 13What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?Watch It Now
Episode 14Stand and DeliverWatch It Now
Episode 15O Brother, Where Art Thou?Watch It Now
Episode 16The House of LWatch It Now
Episode 17All About EveWatch It Now
Episode 18Crime and PunishmentWatch It Now
Episode 19American DreamerWatch It Now
Episode 20Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?Watch It Now
Episode 21Red DawnWatch It Now
Episode 22The Quest for PeaceWatch It Now

Season Recap: Probably this season’s most demoralizing villain, Ben Lockwood, was the highlight this time. He was a mere pawn in Lex Luthor’s mastermind plan but came off as more unnerving than most. Supergirl had to go beyond just superpowers to plotting, misinformation, and ignorance to get to him. Lex’s strategy successfully causes the demise of Red Daughter, Ben, and surprisingly Lex himself.

Meanwhile Lena and James’ relationship witnesses tensions and typical struggles. Lena’s job at DEO and James’ rising responsibilities at CatCo makes things extremely tough for the couple. Lena chooses the serum over her relationship, causing irreparable damage to her and James’ bond. Unfortunately, senses only knock back into her head when her brother, Lex betrays her. 

Another plot point of this season was J’onn’s split identity. He sets up a secret investigation agency of his own to inquire of the prejudice a few aliens were facing. On the other hand, he was trying to keep his demonic side at peace. He struggles to stay calm and composed, which entailed a whole different storyline altogether.

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Index Of Supergirl Season 5

index of supergirl series season 5

  • Number of Episodes: 19
  • Available On: Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Event HorizonWatch It Now
Episode 2Stranger Beside MeWatch It Now
Episode 3Blurred LinesWatch It Now
Episode 4In Plain SightWatch It Now
Episode 5Dangerous LiaisonsWatch It Now
Episode 6Confidence WomenWatch It Now
Episode 7TremorsWatch It Now
Episode 8The Wrath of Rama KhanWatch It Now
Episode 9Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 1Watch It Now
Episode 10The Bottle EpisodeWatch It Now
Episode 11Back from the Future - Part OneWatch It Now
Episode 12Back from the Future - Part TwoWatch It Now
Episode 13It's A Super LifeWatch It Now
Episode 14The BodyguardWatch It Now
Episode 15Reality BytesWatch It Now
Episode 16Alex in WonderlandWatch It Now
Episode 17Deus Lex MachinaWatch It Now
Episode 18The Missing LinkWatch It Now
Episode 19Immortal KombatWatch It Now
BonusSupergirl: 2019 Comic-Con SizzleWatch It Now

Season Recap: Lex finally finds a way to the mysterious ship, and Gemma provides him with a pin to keep himself safe. The ship’s radiations were harmful, from which Lex was bound to stay safe. Plus, Rama Khan got the chance to take his long-awaited revenge on Supergirl – and slaughter her for once and for all.

The final season sees Rama Khan and his comrades harm J’onn, while Alex and M’gann have a hard time during the face-off. Meanwhile, Kara and Lena successfully travel across town to work on the suit. William suddenly disappears, which puts Kara at a dilemma to either stay put or go help and this time, it had Eve involved!

Leviathans show up in the city and Supergirl needs to ask humans to log-off from the VR to fight. Meanwhile, Lex pitches the idea of killing Supergirl’s unprotected body to Gemma, with the help of an assassin, Andrea. A full-blown battle occurs, and Lena reaches in to protect Supergirl’s unprotected body too. Gemma turns into a robotic creature, and Lex is seen handing over the bottle to Lillian.

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FAQs About Index Of Supergirl Series [Season 1-5]

1. Will There Be Supergirl Series Season 6?

Yes, As per a few CW Official sources there will be Supergirl new season coming on TV in 2021. This is officially confirmed by the CW Network. CW TV network has recently said that they are ready for the new season and it should begin broadcasting in January 2021 if everything goes as per their expectations. Supergirl will continue to telecast as usual at dedicated timeslot.

2. Where to watch and download Supergirl Season 1 to 5 Online?

Supergirl is a popular Adventurous drama story with all five seasons available on Netflix Website and amazon prime to watch online anytime. you can watch Supergirl all seasons on Prime with the subtitles in Engish in HD Premium quality.

3. Is It Possible To Download all Supergirl Seasons Online?

Yes, you can download all seasons of Supergirl Online on Netflix app. Follow these steps for Supergirl to download on Netflix app:

  • Login to the Netflix app and search for “Supergirl” show in the search bar.
  • Click on the poster and select the season from the dropdown menu to watch online.
  • Download all the episodes using the “Download Now” option within the app and watch it anytime you want.

4. Is Supergirl Series worth Watching?

Yes. Supergirl series is definitely worth watching. as it is one of the popular Netflix And Amazon Prime show highlighting some Adventurous and drama scenes happens to the roles in the show. You can enjoy watching the actions scenes of supergirl character. DC Comics made the main character to entertain the audience in all possible ways. In case you didn’t watch on it already, then you must watch it because it has everything like action, drama and more.

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Wrapping It Up

You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, rejoicing, and cheering – all for Team Supergirl. The show establishes the fact that aliens have a heart too, and each person has a story to tell. Take a break from reality, and dive into the fantasy world of Supergirl. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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