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There have been so few epic web shows that lasted for so many years with massive viewership and lots of Emmy nominations. The Big Bang Theory is one such best web shows on Netflix that made almost every viewer laugh out loud for so many years. Released back in 2007, the show premiered for long 12 years and became an emotional part of every viewer’s life. It has been one of the most viewed and globally acclaimed web shows till now and by any chance, if you missed it, here is the complete Index of Big Bang Theory and a quick recap of its all seasons.

When we used to play with video games, The Big Bang Theory came up with the concept of geeky nerdiverse filled with humour. Revolves around the life of four socially-awkward physicists whose life takes an unexpected turn after the gorgeous & free-spirited Penny enters in their lives & apartment. The show gained incredible popularity and made us laugh and cry both at the same time.

If you haven’t watched it yet, then this is the best time to enjoy this addictive show on Netflix.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Developed By: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady
  • Available On: Netflix & Amazon Prime
  • Total Seasons: 12
  • Total Episodes: 279

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Cast & Characters of The Big Bang Theory

  • Kaley Cuoco as Penny

Kaley Cuoco as Penny

  • Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper

  • Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter

Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter

  • Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz

Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz

  • Kunal Nayyar as Raj Koothrappali

Kunal Nayyar as Raj Koothrappali

  • Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler

Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler

  • Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Now after looking at the emerging cast of The Big bang theory, here is the index of the series.

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Index of Big Bang Theory (Season 1 to Season 12)

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 1

the big bang theory series season 1

Number of Episodes: 17

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1PilotWatch Now
Episode 2The Big Bran HypothesisWatch Now
Episode 3The Fuzzyboots CorollaryWatch Now
Episode 4The Luminous Fish EffectWatch Now
Episode 5The Hamburger PostulateWatch Now
Episode 6The Middle Earth ParadigmWatch Now
Episode 7The Dumpling ParadoxWatch Now
Episode 8The Grasshopper ExperimentWatch Now
Episode 9The Cooper-Hofstadter PolarizationWatch Now
Episode 10The Loobenfeld DecayWatch Now
Episode 11The Pancake Batter AnomalyWatch Now
Episode 12The Jerusalem DualityWatch Now
Episode 13The Bat Jar ConjectureWatch Now
Episode 14The Nerdvana AnnihilationWatch Now
Episode 15The Pork Chop IndeterminacyWatch Now
Episode 16The Peanut ReactionWatch Now
Episode 17The Tangerine FactorWatch Now

Season Recap: The season begins with two nerdy physicists Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) who live only revolve around scientific experiments and their knowledge about physics. Both are socially awkward guys who don’t know how to socialize with people, especially girls. But their life gets upside down when a beautiful young aspiring actress Penny comes to life across their hall in their apartment.

After the arrival of Penny, Leonard feels attracted to her and finally ask her out for a date but learns that she is already dating someone. His best friend Sheldon, who has the bad habit of proving his supremacy everywhere hurts his boss’s ego and gets fired. Their colleague Raj finally learns that he can talk to the girls but only after some drinks. Penny struggles to make the lives of Leonard and Sheldon a little normal and happening, and her efforts keep her closer to the Leonard. Both finally go out for a date in the first season’s ending.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 2

the big bang theory series season 2

Number of Episodes: 23

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Bad Fish ParadigmWatch Now
Episode 2The Codpiece TopologyWatch Now
Episode 3The Barbarian SublimationWatch Now
Episode 4The Griffin EquivalencyWatch Now
Episode 5The Euclid AlternativeWatch Now
Episode 6The Cooper–Nowitzki TheoremWatch Now
Episode 7The Panty Piñata PolarizationWatch Now
Episode 8The Lizard–Spock ExpansionWatch Now
Episode 9The White Asparagus TriangulationWatch Now
Episode 10The Vartabedian ConundrumWatch Now
Episode 11The Bath Item Gift HypothesisWatch Now
Episode 12The Killer Robot InstabilityWatch Now
Episode 13The Friendship AlgorithmWatch Now
Episode 14The Financial PermeabilityWatch Now
Episode 15The Maternal CapacitanceWatch Now
Episode 16The Cushion SaturationWatch Now
Episode 17The Terminator DecouplingWatch Now
Episode 18The Work Song NanoclusterWatch Now
Episode 19The Dead Hooker JuxtapositionWatch Now
Episode 20The Hofstadter IsotopeWatch Now
Episode 21The Vegas RenormalizationWatch Now
Episode 22"The Classified Materials TurbulenceWatch Now
Episode 23The Monopolar ExpeditionWatch Now

Season Recap: Leonard’s and Penny’s relationship faces a hard time, and both try to get involved with other partners. Both feel jealous to see each other with other partners, and Sheldon’s friendship with Penny begins which somewhere bothers Leonard. Howard being a womanizer, keeps dating new girls and finally comes in a relationship with Leslie. Soon their relationship progresses into a stronger friendship than before, while Sheldon and Penny’s friendship slowly begins. 

Sheldon’s obsessive nature keeps growing, and Penny helps him to sort out his mess. On the other hand, Raj apologizes to Penny for his misbehavior. In the end, Penny shares her true feelings with Leonard. Another character Barry Kripke finally makes his first present in season’s ending.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 3

the big bang theory series season 3

Number of Episodes: 23

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Electric Can Opener FluctuationWatch Now
Episode 2The Jiminy ConjectureWatch Now
Episode 3The Gothowitz DeviationWatch Now
Episode 4The Pirate SolutionWatch Now
Episode 5The Creepy Candy Coating CorollaryWatch Now
Episode 6The Cornhusker VortexWatch Now
Episode 7The Guitarist AmplificationWatch Now
Episode 8The Adhesive Duck DeficiencyWatch Now
Episode 9The Vengeance FormulationWatch Now
Episode 10The Gorilla ExperimentWatch Now
Episode 11The Maternal CongruenceWatch Now
Episode 12The Psychic VortexWatch Now
Episode 13The Bozeman ReactionWatch Now
Episode 14The Einstein ApproximationWatch Now
Episode 15The Large Hadron CollisionWatch Now
Episode 16The Excelsior AcquisitionWatch Now
Episode 17The Precious FragmentationWatch Now
Episode 18The Pants AlternativeWatch Now
Episode 19The Wheaton RecurrenceWatch Now
Episode 20The Spaghetti CatalystWatch Now
Episode 21The Plimpton StimulationWatch Now
Episode 22The Staircase ImplementationWatch Now
Episode 23The Lunar ExcitationWatch Now

Season Recap: Leonard and Penny finally hooked up for the first time after he returned from his research at the North Pole, but the awkwardness begins after that between them. Meanwhile, Sheldon helps Raj to stay in India by asking him to work for him. Penny and Sheldon’s friendship starts growing more as they help each other learning new things like Sheldon helps her to learn physics, and she helps him with the baking in her baking factory. Sheldon comes out with a peacemaker between Leonard and Penny. To impress Penny’s friends, Leonard learns football from Sheldon.

Sheldon plans revenge against his arch-nemesis Barry Kripke. Bernadette shows an interest in physics and gets invited to watch Leonard’s experiment which makes Wolowitz jealous. Penny then asks Sheldon to teach her a little physics so she can understand Leonard’s work

Leonard’s mother gives them a surprise visit which bothers Leonard & Penny but delights Sheldon. Will-Wheaton appears as Sheldon’s arch-enemy, and Leonard comes closer with his girlfriend, Bernadette. After saying I love You to Penny, Leonard doesn’t get the desired response from her side, and they broke up. Sheldon tries to hide the fact from his friends that he had a friendly dinner with Penny after her breakup with Leonard. Penny learns that she cannot date dumb & normal guys after dating Leonard and ends up sleeping with him again.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 4

the big bang theory series season 4

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Robotic ManipulationWatch Now
Episode 2The Cruciferous Vegetable AmplificationWatch Now
Episode 3The Zazzy SubstitutionWatch Now
Episode 4The Hot Troll DeviationWatch Now
Episode 5The Desperation EmanationWatch Now
Episode 6The Irish Pub FormulationWatch Now
Episode 7The Apology InsufficiencyWatch Now
Episode 8The 21-Second ExcitationWatch Now
Episode 9The Boyfriend ComplexityWatch Now
Episode 10The Alien Parasite HypothesisWatch Now
Episode 11The Justice League RecombinationWatch Now
Episode 12The Bus Pants UtilizationWatch Now
Episode 13The Love Car DisplacementWatch Now
Episode 14The Thespian CatalystWatch Now
Episode 15The Benefactor FactorWatch Now
Episode 16The Cohabitation FormulationWatch Now
Episode 17The Toast DerivationWatch Now
Episode 18The Prestidigitation ApproximationWatch Now
Episode 19The Zarnecki IncursionWatch Now
Episode 20The Herb Garden GerminationWatch Now
Episode 21The Agreement DissectionWatch Now
Episode 22The Wildebeest ImplementationWatch Now
Episode 23The Engagement ReactionWatch Now
Episode 24The Roommate TransmogrificationWatch Now

Season Recap: In the fourth season of The Big Bang Theory, all our main characters: Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj & Howard tries to find their right partners and end up dating several people. While dating many guys, Penny realizes her true feelings for Leonard. On the other hand, Leonard starts dating Raj’s sister Priya. Howard asks Bernadette for marriage. Sheldon finally dates a girl named Amy.

Leonard and Priya on the precipice of breaking up after he learned she’s planning on going back to India. Howard reeling from his fiancée Bernadette’s wild professional and financial success. Penny gets jealous of seeing Leonard and Priya’s relationship. She and Amy become friends, and she shares with Amy how much she regrets leaving Leonard and wants to be with him again.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 5

the big bang theory season 5


Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Skank Reflex AnalysisWatch Now
Episode 2The Infestation HypothesisWatch Now
Episode 3The Pulled Groin ExtrapolationWatch Now
Episode 4The Wiggly Finger CatalystWatch Now
Episode 5The Russian Rocket ReactionWatch Now
Episode 6The Rhinitis RevelationWatch Now
Episode 7The Good Guy FluctuationWatch Now
Episode 8The Isolation PermutationWatch Now
Episode 9The Ornithophobia DiffusionWatch Now
Episode 10The Flaming Spittoon AcquisitionWatch Now
Episode 11The Speckerman RecurrenceWatch Now
Episode 12The Shiny Trinket ManeuverWatch Now
Episode 13The Recombination HypothesisWatch Now
Episode 14The Beta Test InitiationWatch Now
Episode 15The Friendship ContractionWatch Now
Episode 16The Vacation SolutionWatch Now
Episode 17The Rothman DisintegrationWatch Now
Episode 18The Werewolf TransformationWatch Now
Episode 19The Weekend VortexWatch Now
Episode 20The Transporter MalfunctionWatch Now
Episode 21The Hawking ExcitationWatch Now
Episode 22The Stag ConvergenceWatch Now
Episode 23The Launch AccelerationWatch Now
Episode 24The Countdown ReflectionWatch Now

Season Recap: Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory mostly revolves around Howard and Bernadette’s marriage. Amy and Sheldon officially become Girlfriend-Boyfriend. Penny regrets sleeping with Raj, but they didn’t have sex. Howard goes into space for Space research.

Leonard’s long-distance relationship with Priya finally comes to an end. Penny and Leonard decide to date each other again and gives their relationship one more chance.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 6

the big bang theory season 6

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Date Night VariableWatch Now
Episode 2The Decoupling FluctuationWatch Now
Episode 3The Higgs Boson ObservationWatch Now
Episode 4The Re-Entry MinimizationWatch Now
Episode 5The Holographic ExcitationWatch Now
Episode 6The Extract ObliterationWatch Now
Episode 7The Habitation ConfigurationWatch Now
Episode 8The 43 PeculiarityWatch Now
Episode 9The Parking Spot EscalationWatch Now
Episode 10The Fish Guts DisplacementWatch Now
Episode 11The Santa SimulationWatch Now
Episode 12The Egg Salad EquivalencyWatch Now
Episode 13The Bakersfield ExpeditionWatch Now
Episode 14The Cooper/Kripke InversionWatch Now
Episode 15The Spoiler Alert SegmentationWatch Now
Episode 16The Tangible Affection ProofWatch Now
Episode 17The Monster IsolationWatch Now
Episode 18The Contractual Obligation ImplementationWatch Now
Episode 19The Closet ReconfigurationWatch Now
Episode 20he Tenure TurbulenceWatch Now
Episode 21The Closure AlternativeWatch Now
Episode 22The Proton ResurgenceWatch Now
Episode 23The Love Spell PotentialWatch Now
Episode 24The Bon Voyage ReactionWatch Now

Season Recap: After marriage, Howard struggles to make a balance between her mother and Bernadette’s wishes. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard involve more in their relationship, but Penny is still unsure about her feelings for Leonard. Amy and Sheldon also come closer to each other. Sheldon and Amy’s unique relationship continues to progress, though at a slower pace than Amy wants. Leonard and Penny’s relationship is business as usual, with Leonard once again proposing to Penny.

Raj gets attracted to a new girl Lucy, and she soon becomes part of the Gang. Leonard gets the chance to work with Stephan Hawkings but refuses to go leaving Penny alone for Four months. But Penny and Sheldon convince him, and he leaves for the North Sea to help Stephan. Lucy broke up with Raj, and for the first time, Raj talks to other girls about Lucy without getting drunk.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 7

the big bang theory season 7

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Hofstadter InsufficiencyWatch Now
Episode 2The Deception VerificationWatch Now
Episode 3The Scavenger VortexWatch Now
Episode 4The Raiders MinimizationWatch Now
Episode 5The Workplace ProximityWatch Now
Episode 6The Romance ResonanceWatch Now
Episode 7The Proton DisplacementWatch Now
Episode 8The Itchy Brain SimulationWatch Now
Episode 9The Thanksgiving DecouplingWatch Now
Episode 10The Discovery DissipationWatch Now
Episode 11The Cooper ExtractionWatch Now
Episode 12The Hesitation RamificationWatch Now
Episode 13The Occupation RecalibrationWatch Now
Episode 14The Convention ConundrumWatch Now
Episode 15The Locomotive ManipulationWatch Now
Episode 16The Table PolarizationWatch Now
Episode 17The Friendship TurbulenceWatch Now
Episode 18The Mommy ObservationWatch Now
Episode 19The Indecision AmalgamationWatch Now
Episode 20The Relationship DiremptionWatch Now
Episode 21The Anything Can Happen RecurrenceWatch Now
Episode 22The Proton TransmogrificationWatch Now
Episode 23The Gorilla DissolutionWatch Now
Episode 24The Status Quo CombustionWatch Now

Season Recap: Leonard returns from the North Sea and decides to give more beta-testing to his relationship with Penny. On the other hand, Penny gets a role in a low-budget horror show. Raj, after dealing with his breakup with Lucy, turns into a cool stud and starts dating two girls at a time. Sheldon gets more involved with his work, and Amy also gets a job as a Professor at the University. Both come closer and go to Napa Valley on Valentine’s Day.

Sheldon and Amy’s relationship takes a step forward, Penny makes big decisions in her professional and personal life, Raj tries to prosper in the dating world with his newfound ability to talk to women, and Howard treats Bernadette to a very special surprise for the anniversary of their first date.

Sheldon bothers to see her mother’s different chemistry with different men. Howard and Bernadette host Thanksgiving dinner for their Gang and Howard informs everyone that he is heading back to space.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 8

the big bang theory season 8

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Locomotion InterruptionWatch Now
Episode 2The Junior Professor SolutionWatch Now
Episode 3The First Pitch InsufficiencyWatch Now
Episode 4The Hook-Up ReverberationWatch Now
Episode 5The Focus AttenuationWatch Now
Episode 6The Expedition ApproximationWatch Now
Episode 7The Misinterpretation AgitationWatch Now
Episode 8The Prom EquivalencyWatch Now
Episode 9The Septum DeviationWatch Now
Episode 10The Champagne ReflectionWatch Now
Episode 11The Clean Room InfiltrationWatch Now
Episode 12The Space Probe DisintegrationWatch Now
Episode 13The Anxiety OptimizationWatch Now
Episode 14The Troll ManifestationWatch Now
Episode 15The Comic Book Store RegenerationWatch Now
Episode 16The Intimacy AccelerationWatch Now
Episode 17The Colonization ApplicationWatch Now
Episode 18The Leftover ThermalizationWatch Now
Episode 19The Skywalker IncursionWatch Now
Episode 20The Fortification ImplementationWatch Now
Episode 21The Communication DeteriorationWatch Now
Episode 22The Graduation TransmissionWatch Now
Episode 23The Maternal CombustionWatch Now
Episode 24The Commitment DeterminationWatch Now

Season Recap: Leonard and Penny decide to get engaged finally, and Leonard confesses that he accidentally kissed a girl two years back in the north sea, but Penny forgives him. Raj finally started liking a girl Emily and proposed her. Sheldon and Amy slowly make progress in their relationship, but Amy wants more. until Amy decides she needs a time out, Raj continues his most serious relationship yet with Emily, and Bernadette helps Howard come to terms with the death of his mother.

Howard and Bernadette face an awkward situation when Howard’s mother moves in their flat with her new partner Stuart. His mother visits Florida and Stuart opens a new comic book store using Howard’s mother’s furniture. Howard doesn’t like Stuart but learns that his mother is dead in Florida. The whole gang comes to comfort him and Bernadette.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 9

the big bang theory season 9

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Matrimonial MomentumWatch Now
Episode 2The Separation OscillationWatch Now
Episode 3The Bachelor Party CorrosionWatch Now
Episode 4The 2003 ApproximationWatch Now
Episode 5The Perspiration ImplementationWatch Now
Episode 6The Helium InsufficiencyWatch Now
Episode 7The Spock ResonanceWatch Now
Episode 8The Mystery Date ObservationWatch Now
Episode 9The Platonic PermutationWatch Now
Episode 10The Earworm ReverberationWatch Now
Episode 11the Opening Night ExcitationWatch Now
Episode 12The Sales Call SublimationWatch Now
Episode 13The Empathy OptimizationWatch Now
Episode 14The Meemaw MaterializationWatch Now
Episode 15The Valentino SubmergenceWatch Now
Episode 16The Positive Negative ReactionWatch Now
Episode 17he Celebration ExperimentationWatch Now
Episode 18The Application DeteriorationWatch Now
Episode 19The Solder Excursion DiversionWatch Now
Episode 20The Big Bear PrecipitationWatch Now
Episode 21The Viewing Party CombustionWatch Now
Episode 22The Fermentation BifurcationWatch Now
Episode 23The Line Substitution SolutionWatch Now
Episode 24The Convergence ConvergenceWatch Now

Season Recap: Wedding preparations of Leonard & Penny begins. The girls throw a bachelorette party for Penny and boys take Leonard to Mexico for fun. Sheldon gives the newlywed couple tickets to San Fransisco for honeymoon and looks for a new roommate. Sheldon and Amy decide to date other people and the boys help Amy to find a date for her. Amy dates Dave and Howard gets news from Bernadette that he is going to be a father soon.

Leonard & Penny cook thanksgiving dinner for all. Sheldon plans a surprise gift for Amy, but Amy dumps him. Amy visits Sheldon’s grandmother, and she reveals that Sheldon has a ring for her. Amy decides to give their relationship a second chance. Raj gets confused to choose one between Emily and Claire as both contacts him. The gang plans gifts for Leonard & Penny on their second anniversary.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 10

the big bang theory season 10

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Conjugal ConjectureWatch Now
Episode 2The Military MiniaturizationWatch Now
Episode 3The Dependence TranscendenceWatch Now
Episode 4The Cohabitation ExperimentationWatch Now
Episode 5The Hot Tub ContaminationWatch Now
Episode 6The Fetal Kick CatalystWatch Now
Episode 7The Veracity ElasticityWatch Now
Episode 8The Brain Bowl IncubationWatch Now
Episode 9The Geology ElevationWatch Now
Episode 10The Property Division CollisionWatch Now
Episode 11The Birthday SynchronicityWatch Now
Episode 12The Holiday SummationWatch Now
Episode 13The Romance RecalibrationWatch Now
Episode 14The Emotion Detection AutomationWatch Now
Episode 15The Locomotion ReverberationWatch Now
Episode 16The Allowance EvaporationWatch Now
Episode 17The Comic-Con ConundrumWatch Now
Episode 18The Escape Hatch IdentificationWatch Now
Episode 19The Collaboration FluctuationWatch Now
Episode 20The Recollection DissipationWatch Now
Episode 21The Separation AgitationWatch Now
Episode 22The Cognition RegenerationWatch Now
Episode 23The Gyroscopic CollapseWatch Now
Episode 24The Long Distance DissonanceWatch Now

Season Recap: The whole gang members and the family of Leonard & Penny assemble to watch their vow renewal, and all are worried about how the two families will meet & behave with each other. The air force wants to buy Howard & his gang’s invention and all start working on it a late-night which makes Sheldon upset. Raj takes care of pregnant Bernadette, and Howard plans with her to determine their baby’s gender. Amy moves in with Sheldon in his house as her house goes under maintenance.

Bernadette’s baby comes on the same day as Amy’s birthday. Sheldon and Amy have their first fight. Also, Leonard & Sheldon face a dispute between them due to the invention. Penny thinks Leonard is taking him for granted and spends more time with Amy. Raj stops receiving financial help from his father and to help him, Leonard & Penny offer him Sheldon’s old room.

Stuart again moves in with Howard & Bernadette. Bernadette gets frustrated as she joins office after her Maternity leaves and finds it difficult to leave baby Halley in daycare. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship strengthens when they move in together, only to be challenged by the reappearance of somebody from Sheldon’s past. Leonard and Penny have a second wedding ceremony and adjust to a new living situation when they finally live alone as husband and wife.

Raj reunites with his ex-girlfriends. Amy gets fellowship at Princetown, and the gang is worried about the arrival of Sheldon’s former admirer Ramona Nowitzki in the absence of Amy.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 11

the big bang theory season 11

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Proposal ProposalWatch Now
Episode 2The Retraction ReactionWatch Now
Episode 3The Relaxation IntegrationWatch Now
Episode 4The Explosion ImplosionWatch Now
Episode 5The Collaboration ContaminationWatch Now
Episode 6The Proton RegenerationWatch Now
Episode 7The Geology MethodologyWatch Now
Episode 8The Tesla RecoilWatch Now
Episode 9The Bitcoin EntanglementWatch Now
Episode 10The Confidence ErosionWatch Now
Episode 11The Celebration ReverberationWatch Now
Episode 12The Matrimonial MetricWatch Now
Episode 13The Solo OscillationWatch Now
Episode 14The Separation TriangulationWatch Now
Episode 15The Novelization CorrelationWatch Now
Episode 16The Neonatal NomenclatureWatch Now
Episode 17The Athenaeum AllocationWatch Now
Episode 18The Gates ExcitationWatch Now
Episode 19The Tenant DisassociationWatch Now
Episode 20The Reclusive PotentialWatch Now
Episode 21The Comet Polarization"Watch Now
Episode 22The Monetary InsufficiencyWatch Now
Episode 23The Sibling RealignmentWatch Now
Episode 24The Bow Tie AsymmetryWatch Now

Season Recap: The 11th season of The Big Bang Theory revolves majorly around Amy & Sheldon’s marriage preparations. Sheldon proposes Amy to marry him, and the gang starts preparing for it. On the other hand, Howard & Bernadette plan their second child & finds it difficult to decide who should stay at home with Halley and who should go to work. Raj thinks that his best friend Howard is hurting his confidence and both break up. Sheldon throws a birthday party for Amy, and they decide who will be the best men and bridesmaid in their marriage.

Penny realizes her true feelings for Amy and a seven-year-old video clip reveals the truth of Leonard & Penny’s relationship. Sheldon becomes the President of Tenants association and Leonard goes against him. The gang tries to help Bernadette when she struggles with her labor pain. Sheldon picks a venue for the marriage while Bernadette & Penny plans a bachelorette party for Amy. Raj struggles to find the wedding date. Families of Sheldon & Amy arrive for marriage, and everyone in the gang (except Sheldon & Amy) tries to make everything perfect in front of them.

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Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 12

the big bang theory season 12

Number of Episodes: 24

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Conjugal ConfigurationWatch Now
Episode 2The Wedding Gift WormholeWatch Now
Episode 3The Procreation CalculationWatch Now
Episode 4The Tam TurbulenceWatch Now
Episode 5The Planetarium CollisionWatch Now
Episode 6The Imitation PerturbationWatch Now
Episode 7The Grant Allocation DerivationWatch Now
Episode 8The Consummation DeviationWatch Now
Episode 9The Citation NegationWatch Now
Episode 10The VCR IlluminationWatch Now
Episode 11The Paintball ScatteringWatch Now
Episode 12The Propagation PropositionWatch Now
Episode 13The Confirmation PolarizationWatch Now
Episode 14The Meteorite ManifestationWatch Now
Episode 15The Donation OscillationWatch Now
Episode 16The D&D VortexWatch Now
Episode 17The Conference ValuationWatch Now
Episode 18The Laureate AccumulationWatch Now
Episode 19The Inspiration DeprivationWatch Now
Episode 20The Decision ReverberationWatch Now
Episode 21The Plagiarism SchismWatch Now
Episode 22The Maternal ConclusionWatch Now
Episode 23The Change ConstantWatch Now
Episode 24The Stockholm SyndromeWatch Now

Season Recap: The Season finale revolves around the madness & mess created by our main characters as always to make us laugh. The newlywed Coopers go to New York City for Honeymoon. Leonard & Penny gives them a strange wedding gift, and Raj demands his father to bring a wife for him. Sheldon asks Penny to work with him on research paper Super-Asymmetry. The Wolowitez are unhappy with Stuart’s behaviour of bringing his new girlfriends to home.

Leonard & Penny makes plans for Family Planning. Bernadette & Penny go out for dinner with Raj’s Fiance Anu. Howard & Raj are still not talking to each other, and Bernadette struggles to handle her kids. Leonard & Penny organize a paintball game where Raj catches Anu with her ex-boyfriend and tries to make things right again. Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack seeks Leonard’s help in sperm donation as Zack’s wife wants a baby, and he is not able to do that.

Fight for Nobel Prize nomination begins between Amy, Sheldon & Penny for their theories while Leonard is excluded from the scientific project. Bernadette decides to write a children’s book on the experiences of Howard’s in space. The season ends with all gang members being stick to their partners while handling their problems as usual as heading towards an unplanned future.

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FAQs related to The Big Bang Theory & Streaming Options

1. What is The Big Bang Theory show about?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the classic and most viewed tv show until now. Based on the physics experiments, a nerdiverse of physicists, and their encounter with life partners, The Big Bang theory is a humorous drama show to enjoy with your friends and family. The show is all about two physicists: Sheldon & Leonard who knows nothing but physics), their colleagues cum friends Raj & Howard, and their love life after the arrival of a young and beautiful girl Penny. The show depicts a great bond of friendship and love in a geeky way.

2. Where can I watch & download all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory online?

All 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory are currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video app. You can watch & download all the seasons & episodes of The Big Bang theory from any of these apps online. To watch or download the seasons/episodes, you have to either purchase the paid subscription of the app or can take a free one-month trial to enjoy for free.

3. Will there be 13th Season of The Big Bang Theory TV Show?

No, there will not be the 13th season of The Big Bang Theory as one of the main characters of the show: Jim Parsons (act as Sheldon Cooper) wanted to exit the show, so makers decide to end the show with its 12th season as the final season.

4. Why does this show called the Big Bang Theory?

All the episode names follow the same convention – it’s always a vaguely scientific-sounding name. and we guess the series creators wanted to outline that, it’s a show about geeks and their dynamics with the opposite sex. Also, The Big bang theory is the most widely accepted and famous theory in science, particularly physics, so, it makes more sense. we believe they may also be playing on a double meaning of the word “bang”, which Leonard wants to do to Penny.

5. Where can I find Index of The Big Bang Theory and quick season recap of all 12 seasons?

For a quick season recap and summary guide of The Big Bang Theory TV Show, we have shared its index with the cast and other details in the above article. Please refer to the same for your ease.

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